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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Womanhood! Motherhood! Sisterhood! The Order&Love! 10greatlines.com

When I saw each of my first&only Ones, forever!
On the dance floors! Round our world as a no
upfront fee. Talent Agent of no small measure.
Special delivery Big Tree! I knew the score
not seen. Nor understood many the Sexual Truth!
Beneath the women as female human beings, first!
1. Their sexual long lasting bedroom energy
2. Shameless in bedroom beds possibilities
3. They had the moves as bedroom WomenStrippers
4. Equal to any professional Strippers on any Stage
5. I saw many with a special Kind! BrickHouse Bodies
With Looks To Kill! If given the Chance&Opportunity.
Could become a rising up! Adult Film DVD Movie STAR!
I had arrived to each Club. By way of professional
Taxi drivers. Some female drvers gave me a special tip!
DingDong! KingKong! All night long at the end. Of their
long&dangerous. Work shifts when they called on the
phone. Asking me, first! What to bring in their over
night. Bags I suggested only their favorite. Sexy
hi-heel shoes leaving their expensive. Panties some
where in their castles. And bring their OMG size.
Favorite adult pleasure toy of joy! I could hear their
beats. Pounding with Stir It up Deep Sexual Excitations!

I watched my future! To become female TGL-Models, worldwide!
Virgin cherry popped twice. Good enough fo' life.
Online married naughty girls&secret wives. Respected
Mothers of our baby. Steps game plan on the dance floor!
One at a time! On different days I made my approach!
As a SexualGenie Coach. With each one without either. Of
us wasting our time. We looked into the windows of our
SexualSouls. Left each club hand-n-hand! Naturally!
Without speaking felt like a Couple. Together as one
we held each other's hands! We could feel the magic!
Between us and when they pointed their transportation.
To take us to their castles. As a gentlemen I led them.
To the driver's side door! To open the doors for my
ladies! Based on mutual Life&Death! Trusted between us
since they would be in the driver's! Control to their
castles not my HotelRoom. Once we were safe in side.
Their varies kinds of transportation! We took another
on just us! Without saying a word! Naked thighs became
wide-open like magic. Panties or not my long Strong!
Fingers accept the invitation. Slowly, not in a hurry!
To Greet&Meet their SecretGarden. Lips with up-n-down.
Hips of actions and motions. Shameless Moans&Groans.
For my Ears only! Personal&Private Lovers! Bonding
between a woman&female human being. And man&male
human being. Before their first&Eruption! We were
Minds&Hearts. Ready to enter an ExclusiveRelationship!
Do&Die when we took a chance on US! With Passion&Lust!
Began FrenchKIssing while my Fingers. GotBathed until
neither of them! Could come anymore for lucky me!
While they watched I LickedMyFingers. From my own Gurls!
Pleasure Muffin Honey which became mine! Even when it
became time. For humble me to return. To respected
Ceres, California U.S.A. With our own Internet address
location home. Tengreatlines.com. Having each other's
naked backs. No matter the distance of miles!

International moms Internet brides&wives
Legal get paid naked secret Wives&Queens
Goddesses of seduction online married, first!
Business women of reality&fantasy.
Our red book diary secret&special way.
Within our money for us relationship
online marriage. Mutual Internet karma
fate. Destiny to secret gardens mate.
While making red book diary history.
Under the same heavenly roof. Of the
stars, skies, moon and sun, above.
Roy Fennell-12/21/2017-8:16a.m.^6^&*$

My Ladies who were absolute Queens. Of their own castles!
Within their own bedrooms. As civilized human beings.
Together as one being a Lady&Gentlemen. TeamPlayers
undressed each other. Until each of us became Naked!
To save her water Bill. From rising higher we took
shower. Together drying each other off. Like we were
already Man&Wife! I watched while naked each one.Of
my first&only Ones, forever! Changed the sheets and
pillow cases. Just for us for me, first! To climb Naked
in the Beds. Of my own Every Day Valentines. Naked
wear nothing except their favorite. Sexy hi-heel shoes
TeasingMe. Shaking their Booty! Got my Attention
while they went in TheKitchen. To work Magic for something.
For us to Eat without me! Asking Sharing&Caring their
Food with lucky me! As a SexualMale Genie! I was Trusted
with their Money! All their Valuables out of Sight!
While they were in the Kitchen! Thinking about us and
our mutual financial. Mutual happiness/Security futures!
Anyway would could have each other's naked backs.
To our Graves and maybe become a Family of 3!

Lucky me of special delivery. Huge full-n-plump with
loads. Of financial seeds of website knowledge. Which
began to rise towards the ceilings. When my already
got virgin. Cherry popped twice good enough fo' life!
Goddesses of seduction. Businesses women of reality
and fantasy. Entered their own bedrooms bringing Food!
For us so lucky me! Could sample their cooking abilities!
Made me feel like a King! Each of them my Queens!
Within either of our castles! Free willing 3 circles/
both hands Tight! Naked&Wide-Open! Within any expensive
panties! No condoms! No birth control pills. In our way
to go beyond. G-spot pops depth of Milky. Way deep
secret gardens sexual Paradise. LoveTunnel secret road.
Towards no Man's Land. To release my financial seeds.
Of website knowledge. In the secret Highway direction.
TeamPlayer Valley under the protection. Of the Female
Sexual Warrior! Herself Goddess Of Seduction.
Within Naughty Girl who can only. Be seen by the GoodGirl.
Within the reflections of her own Full-Length Mirror!
Looking for a way out! Uncaged! To become wild-n-free!
The Sister of the GoodGirl! Who gives respected birth.
The unseen NaughtyGirl. Becomes the Respected Aunt.

After the delicious meals! Cooked like LegalWives!
As human beings, first! Not by text we began to
talk. Face-to-Face communicate up close. Looking
into each other's eyes. Study the expressions
on each other's faces! Feeling the warmth of
each other's. AS IS bodies while Spooning! Touching!
Kissings! Hugging! Loving&Feeling Special and Alive!
Human Not Robot&AvaTar! ZeroEmotionsEmptyLove!
Like a Walking Dead Zombie Undead Above Ground!

While still Naked on my Knees! Between their thighs
they needed a break! Unable to release any more of
my Pleasure Muffin Honey! For some for the 1st time!
In their lives 10 physical Big"O". Ka-boom-Boom!
Like a cannon BlastOrgasms. I shared my mind&heart!
Thoughts with them like BestFriends, to our Graves!
1. 24 hours in a single day. 7 days a week my love.
2.If a woman works on her job. 8 hours per Day
3.She has only 16 hours. Of her life for herself
4.If, she works 8 hours per Day. Commutes 1 hour to get
work. 1 hour to return after work. Is equal to 10 hours.
5. 10 hours minus 24 hours. Leaves 14 hours of her life.
For herself
6.If, she sleeps 8 hours per day. Subtracted from 14
hours. Leaves 6 hours for herself.

Not my opinion based on Facts&Numbers. Above female
human beings women! With a ton of Female Rising Higher.
Pride have lots of Energy. Some respectedMothers&Lovers.
Do Windows&Take Out the garbage, too! As SexualBedroom.
Genies the SameEnergy. In addition! Super horny-n-wet,daily!
Lustfully! Lava Hot SexualFuel! HighOctane Untamable!
SexualAnimalistic like a wild FemaleAnimal in the Jungle!
She is a Superwoman! Not on any TV. Nor Late Night Program!
She is as Real as a single heart beat! Must not earn
enough per year. To my knowledge to be on a box.
Cereal as a female human being Champion! To respected
Little Girl Princesses, Worldwide! Growing up risen
WomanhoodPride. As respected Mothers round our World!
On the prowl in Sexual heat. Seeking their own FamilyMan.
The respected Female Human Being Woman! May not physically
be Able! To fly in Reality. Wears her Cape&Costumes.
By the clothes she Wears to Work,Daily!
Roy Fennell-12/12/2017-12:51p.m.

The Time in Ceres is called a website widget.

Time in Ceres:

While taking a website break! I was searching for a song.
"Primitive" Love by Suzi Quatro. Found the song and by
chance. A caring&sharing opportunity. Of what is called
website popup. To play and listen to music. Cick on the
words listen to music.

Listen to Music

Amazing unique SonicHits booming benefits.
Not only can listen to/play music. free!
This opportunity allows us to discover.
The lyrics, song meaning ,video full
albums&bio of the respcted Artists.
Please give the link a click!
Please! Take care my Ten Great Lines.
Family Members, worldwide. Round our
world Happy New Year to all of us.
Roy Fennell-12/21/2017-5:38p.m.

Lucky me of Huge special delivery tree.
Here we be flying on auto-pilot. On
Ten Great Lines Airlines. In the
company of 2 MaterialOfficeGirls!
Dollar sign eyes the sparkle like
diamonds. In the NightSky! One
is a SingleGurl! The other a
respected Divorced Mom. A man
andMale human being like me.
A Gentleman who prefers the
live BodyHeat! Of nature born
women. Female Human Beings in
ourBeds&Bedrooms. Are Sexual Genies
Ladies in the Street! Amazing
between the Sheets! Shamelessly!
Daddy love! 12/21/2017-2017-6:18p.m.

Female bosses&co-pilots! Cockpit joystick riders!
Businesswoman sitting in chair w/feet on table
On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

Female bosses&co-pilots! Cockpit joystick riders!
Airplane Taking Off
On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

All of my first&only Ones, forever! Exactly! Like me
their own first&only one, forever!
Actions speak louder than words&MoneyTalks!
As respected Female Human Beings, first!
Nature born women must See&Feel! To the depth
of their SexualSouls, Daily! Minds&Hearts!
Those Powerful Naked Words "I love you"
To believe it be True. What they do not Say.
Is like 2 Sides of Coin. To be whole/complete.
1 Engagement Ring! 1 Wedding Ring!
To them with Fire in Their Eyes! "I Respect You"
Ever heard the Song? R-E-S-P-E-C-T by any Woman?
Who Walks/Did Walk on our Planet Earth?
Roy Fennell-12/21/2017-7:04p.m.MN^%$#@)_(*&^%$
How is it possible? To love a NaTure Born Woman?
Without respecting Her? And her respected Mother?
Her respected GrandMother? Her respected Aunts&Sisters?
As a woman&female Human being, first?

                           and White Wolves from AnimateIt.net

When each of my got virgin. Cherry popped twice nature.
Born Female Human Beings Women. First&only Ones, forever!
Called First&only one, forever! On my home telephone.
In respected Ceres, California U.S.A. To come his own
Yes! I do Ready! To become his Free Willing! Good
enough fo' life. Legal get paid Money Making Naked
secret Wives&Queens. Who like Me prefer live! Actions
and Motions in the Beds&Delivery. Not watching any Kind.
Of Adult Film DVD Movie. Creating our own Bed Soaked Sheets!

Faster than a fighter jet can fly! High in the Sky!
When I arrived one at a TimeNaked! Within their castle
BedRooms. Of my own Online Married, First! Female
TGL-Models round our world. They knew the Score! To be
for us Naked! In the Bow-wow postion SexualGenie.
Catcher's Baseball Positon to catch. All of my Special
Delivery. Financial seeds of website knowledge. Deeply!

Within either of our CastleBeds. Lucky Me of OMG size.
Big surprise special delivery Huge Tree. Shamelessly!
Wide-open naked without condoms. No birth controls pills!
Zero expensive panties in out way. Based on the unknown.
Know facts of their respected Family History Tree!
I received from my Fly Girls. First&only Ones, forever!
Some of the Best. Lava Hot-n-juicy M-E-O-W Secret.
Garden Tight&Drippin' Kitty! Nature born round our world.
Every Day Valentine's Sweet Treats. For can a Man? Begin
to love a female human being? Without understanding and respecting her?
Lustfully!As a Sexual Partner woman first, daily?
3 circles/both hands Tight? Free will selected for
Lucky me? I could Manhood Trust? With my own kind?
Of animalistic Lust&Sexual? Secret Fantasies 24/7?
365 days a year? Being my Own Bedroom Woman! Sexual
Genie based on costumes. A different Woman every
30 days. In the Bed Sex Machine Queen. Without saying
a word. A surprise Gift&Costume. Under her Pillow
where She Sleeps. By my Side Sooner or Later!

                           Family History from AnimateIt.net

Of our own mutual Internet. Karma fate destiny for us.
To secret garden mate. Our red book diary Secret&Special.
Way by Internet financially engaged&online Married!
International moms Internet Brides&Wives. Making history
becoming the respected Mothers&Lovers. Of our Baby Steps!
Creation game plan Within Our Kind. Of Money for us
Relationship. Online Marriage of Nature Magic! All meant
to be Showing. Will be their own Webcam&phone sex.
Working hours Schedules as Female Bosses online Married!
To the boss of Ten Great Lines. Who be their own secret.
Money making Lover&onlineHusband. Of no small Measure.
Delivered Deep beneath the Umbrellas. Secret Gardens
buried Treasure. All night long by their own Trusted.
Adult Pleasure castle bedrooms bank books Teacher!
Their own Kind of Greet&Meet Man! First&only one, forever!
Roy Fennell-12/23/2017-6:28p.m. Based on Minds&Hearts.
True love itself, first! Within our live Book of Love.

Not our faults round our World! At once we are unable!
To Turn Back the Hands. Of the Clock of Time. To make
All unhappy Ending Love Stories. Happy as the Proud
Parents. Of our own in the Beds. Creation bundles
of Joy! Unafraid to give us a chance. Together as one
with potential. To Bloom into Love. As a family 3, why?
So she does not need! To seek for Love another One!
And Her Precious Baby&Alone, too. Without a respected
Father Hero, daily!

Is it a complete lie. Or the undisputed truth! For many
Respected Sons. The only Heroes they have/had in their
own lives, daily! Can be Identified on TV&Movies!
Baseball&Football and Basketball Cards. Including Boxes of Cereal!
Could it be possible? Not impossible respected Every Day?
Respected Dads&Fathers. Doing the Best they can as Family?
Men and respected Male? Human being Role Models, daily?
Do not Earn enough Money per Year? For their Own Human
Faces? To Grace Boxes of Cereal? As Every day Working Dads?
Proud of their respected on The Jobs&Skills And Talent?
Roy Fennell-12/23/2017-7:01p.m.

Ever heard the Story? Of the Young Bull? And the Old Bull?
Both Bulls were on Top. Of a Hill looking down. At
multiple Female Cows. Grazing in the Meadow.

The Young Bull said to the Old Bull. Let us hurry down the
Hill! Quickly, to Bull One! The Old Bull said No! Let
us take our time. Down the hill to Bull them All!
Roy Fennell-12/23/2017-7:33p.m.

Shamelessly! Endlessly! Naturally! Secretly! Between
lucky me and each of my own Fly! Girls&first&only
Ones, forever! Who promised to carry what we did, nakedly!
In their castle beds. Lustfully! Untamable! Howling and
growling like wild! Animals in jungle twice! Unstoppable!
Unconditional! No regrets to our graves. Down the aisles
and roads, bi-ways and highways. Of our own lives, daily!
As naughty girls and secret Wives&Queens. Like the song
Radar Love. By Golden Earring. From the beginning to
neverending between us. Forever like Nature Magic born.
To become the respected Mothers. Of our own Creation.
Baby steps game plan. Together as one round our World.
Female Lovers of their own secret.
Money making Lover&online Husband.
Within our money for us relationship.
Online marriage under the same heavenly roof. On the skies,
stars, moon and sun above! Touched&Kissed by MotherLove.
Their own first&only one, forever! The Known not Unknown.
Daddy of our own Baby. Steps game plan Creation. Who lives
in respected Ceres, California U.S.A. lucky me.
Roy Fennell-12/25/2017-6:04a.m.MLO(*&KKNGtrt((*^ PM>/"{OU

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