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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Page 17.Ten Great Lines online shopping adventure travel! 10greatlines.com!


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Location address home www.10greatlines.com Is a bed soaked sheets! Wet dreams with hot! Steam coming true for material girls. With dollar sign eyes. Who have been waiting for their own! King Kong OMG size. Kind of meet man to come. Deep and stay in their lives. Unexpectedly! Even for material girls. Queen's served with love and respect ,first! Possible! Not impossible their dreams can come true. New beginnings and lives with unseen. Last names at work ,club ,grocery or retail stores. Roy Fennell-03/30/2020-1:48p.m. Safely! Secretly! Quickly! By Internet financially engaged! Online married diva women. Daddy's virgin cherry! Popped on their backs. Stomachs and knees! Naked twice gurls sex machine queens sexual genies! Round our world based on facts! With millions of websites online. Type into google search. Roy Fennell's online married sex. Machines queens sexual genies.

                           Ladies from AnimateIt.net

Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Wet dreams coming true opportunity. For committed bank
books material girls. For life legal get paid. Truly! In
multiple new ways naked! Money makers! Booty shakers!
Wet dreams makers! Being the no can touch it! Secret
gardens reasons the plastic money is spent! Untouchable!
International manhood teasers and juicy secret garden
pleasers! By Internet financially engaged&online
married! Safely! Secretly! Quickly! To thy own of no
small measure. Adult pleasure castle bedrooms bank
book teacher. Like nature magic within thy own castle
bedrooms. Came together as one. So we could become the
proud! Parents of our own delivered. Baby steps game
plan creation. Of our hot down below love affair, daily!
Protected within their minds&hearts. Safer than any bank
vault!Last names no regrets our secret to the grave.
Roy Fennell-06/24/2018-1:08p.m. The International
daddy who knew best! Not to be 1 minute late! To secret
gardens mate in their beds. With my own future secret
wives. Unseen queens of my physical castle. In respected
Ceres, California U.S.A.! Without strings 365 days a year.
In their own beds like nature magic! We became a Family of
3. At their individual secret most juicy ripe time.
Queens's served all night long sexual. Souls deep naked
twice special delivery. By lucky me of huge OMG size tree!

Sexy Lingerie

Safe-n-naked within their own castle bedrooms. Round
our world without saying a single word. My own waiting
for lucky me. Secretly! Amazing female sexual genies.
Obeyed the ancient mating call of nature. Lustfully!
Pulled down then took off for us. Their dripping
expensive panties! When I picked up the juicy scent!
Away I went to secret gardens mate with them. Faster
than a fighter jet! Can fly high in the sky! So we
together as one. No matter the distance of miles.
Became the howling and growling like werewolves!
In never ending sexual heat to meet-n-mate! Loud and
proud became the lucky parents. Of our own mutual
desired in their beds. Baby steps game plan creation.
Daddy&Mother delivery between us with lust, forever!
Roy Fennell-06/20/2018-5:10p.m.
Slowly, with rhythm at, first! Shamelessly! When we
began coming together as one, nonstop! Helplessly! Knew
we were unable to runaway! Escape our own Internet karma
fate. Destiny like nature magic to secret gardens mate.
Unstoppable! Our red book diary secret way. Untamable!

Of sexual cybersex fantasy bank books.
Growing more plump! Bigger in size reality!
Faster than a fighter jet can fly in the sky.
By Internet from respected Ceres,california.
With King Kong size.Love-n-respect,first!
All night long special delivery surprise.
Queen served each of my wide-open naked!
Virgin cherry popped twice.Good enough
fo'life.With pride female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
International moms Internet brides&wives.
Born to become in the present day DiVa women.
Legal get paid naked! Online married,first!
Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.
Money making/booty shaking never tell it girlfriends.
To their own respected webcam&phone sex.
Super horny like them secret admirers,daily!
Roy Fennell-11/04/2017-3:06p.m.

747 aircraft photo: 747 20100209205902416300x232.jpg

American&Overseas online married. Round our world.
Daddy's gurls diva women. With shopaholic feel
good spendthrift fever! Can keep more of their
respected everyday. Jobs paychecks in their
bank books! Enjoying an offline/online.
Shopping naked and sexual freedom paradise.
Creation of thy own occupations&careers.
While still above ground to enjoy the benefits!
Experience new lives as legal. Money making
and booty shaking naked! Secret wives and
queens. Of their own secret money. Making
lover&online husband. As no can touch it!
Goddesses of seduction. International manhood
teasers/secret garden pleasers! No can kiss it!
Secret girlfriends business women. Of reality
and fantasy delights! No! No! No! Never can
ever lick it! Collectors of credit card plastic
money. From their own respected women and men.
Hooked and seduced for life. Webcam and phone
sex respected secret admirers. Shamelessly!
To spoil and pamper themselves, deliriously!
Like born to be spoiled modern day women queens.
Within our safe-n-naked money. For us relationship
online marriage. Absolutely&truly no illusion.
Without walking out of their castle doors, worldwide.
With rising higher female pride and bank books, too!
Roy Fennell-04/18/2018-3:11p.m.
Seeing is believing&feeling it, first! Not a mirage.

Gourmet food & Gift baskets

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Formal Dining for Two

Are you a woman? One of the millions? Of unattached&available
women,worldwide? Dreaming of an opportunity? To runaway/escape?
Jailbreak out of your living from paycheck? To paycheck financial
limited income prison? Have a laptop/desktop with webcam?
Love to wide-eyed see? On the (TGL)-Models page 1? How we can
become by Internet? Financially engaged&online married? Our
red book diary secret way? Within our money for us relationship
online marriage? Female bosses&co-pilots on Ten Great Lines Airlines?
Seeing on the secret wives page,now? $4000.00,$10,000.00 even
$20,000.00? Like a monthly habit? From webcam&phone sex?
Employment is possible not impossible? Benefits of an online
shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise? If,all of the above answers!
Are yes I do ready,now! Safely! Time to type into google search,tengreatlines.com.
Secretly! Deeply! Nakedly! Shamelessly! To come wide-open! To greet&meet me!
All night long within our Internet address location home.Tengreatlines.com
In a naked hurry to create the first! 3 baby steps of our game plan future.
No upfront fee to see everything.At Ten Great Lines,free!
Roy Fennell-10/08/2017-4:53p.m.Lucky,lucky us! Safely! No condoms!
No birth pills! No expensive panties required of sexual cybersex fantasy!

Illustration: The Engagement

Are each of thee? Free willing,wide-open and yes? I do ready and able?
To begin thy new lives? As online married,first? Our red book diary
secret way? Legal get paid naked for us? Naughty girls&secret wives?
Financially enabled to spoil&pamper thyselves,deliriously? As modern
day women Queens? Without walking out thy castle doors,worldwide?
Professional training is provided by respected webcam&phone sex
employers,free! Real life not fake. Benefits of 2 sexy jobs at once:
1.One sex job for thy savings account
2.One sex job for thy checking account
3.Once earned camming&phone sexing hard amounts.Becomes
equal/greater! Than thy respected everyday paychecks! How can it be
a lie?
Elimination of what if,unexpected job loss fears situation
Elimination of what if,unexpected pink slip fears situation
Of sexual cybersex wide-open naked-n-juicy fantasy!
Making it grow bigger.Solid as a rock bank books reality.
Like nature magic without expensive panties! No glove/birth control pills.
Required to be in our way.Slowly! For a new beginnings&man.
Free willing to come in thy lives.Of no small measure delights.
King Kong OMG size! Sexual souls special delivery big surprise tree!
All night long held with both of my strong hands tell nobody!
Secret gardens buried treasure delivered beneath thy umbrellas.
Without a hint/whisper of pain.All at once minds,hearts and financial gain!
Roy Fennell-10/20/2017-6:41p.m.Not committed within any relationships.
Super horny-n-wet women,daily! Round our world tired of be broke!
Daddy,material and booty call girls! Loads of for the money women,too!
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Is a skintight!
Just right wall-to-wall fit! Bed soaked sheets wet dreams come true!
With female pride born! To become female (TGL)-Models,worldwide. 

While each of thee are still.Above ground to enjoy the benefits.Fruits of thy labor time.To be camming&phone sexing hard! Working to live happy,daily! To runaway/escape living to work unhappy,daily! Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide! Time for each of thee! To secret gardens mate with the soon.To be daddy of our baby.Steps game plan to jailbreak! Out thy financial income prisons.Time to uncage set wild-n-free! The goddess within each of thee not me! I have no such power to release her! Within either of our castles! Including our Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.For it be the power! Of nature born women,worldwide! Who have the secret key.To unlock the door! For the naughty girl! Goddess of seduction! To come out being wild-n-free! Unstoppable! Unconditional! Untamable! Roy Fennell-06/29/2017-10:04a.m.For she be a sexual heartbeating live wire! Like a machine with a powerful! Sex drive steaming hot! Like a locomotive steam engine,daily! Waiting to answer our silent! Animalistic sexual mating call!

Illustration: Be my valentine

Like nature magic! For secret garden reasons good girl! Naughty girl same woman.With do it urges,daily! In relationship to respected childbirth.If able by nature! Be a nature born woman,worldwide! A labor room superwoman&Mom! A female champion to my knowledge! Never seen/or showcase! Viewed on a box of cereal! With only 2 days a year celebration! Although being a respected Mom&Female Lover! In reality not fantasy,daily! Roy Fennell-06/29/2017-10:31a.m. 

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My soon to be International moms Internet brides&wives.Safely! Secretly! Nakedly!All the way no play.Are each of thee laptop,desktop with webcams? Yes,I do free will only ready? To pull them down with secret desire fire? Take them off with animalistic lust? For us to let go? Of all thy past relationships? Wearing only thy just us? Sexy hi-heels shoes to signup? For webcam&phone sex employment?Our red book diary special way? With naked thighs drippin' wide-open hot? For a new beginnings&man in thy lives? Of no small measure being the daddy? Of our baby steps game plan? By Internet becoming financially engaged&online married? Being in a naked hurry? With butterfly wings of fury? Within thy own castle bedrooms? To create the heart beats? Together as one giving birth? New lives to our baby steps game plan as parents? If,free will all thy answers are yes,I do! Time to become the female authors.Of chapter 1 within thy red book diaries!For your safety&privacy,first!Any/all(TGL)-Models applications for employment opportunities.Are online only at the source.Being the webcam/phone sex employers!I'm a talent agent.Recruiter for all of them,worldwide! Mouse click anywhere on this specific underlined paragraph!The(TGL)-Models page 1! Will open then scroll down the page.Until each of thee discover and see.1st choice,2nd choice,3rd choice etc.!13 camsites text links in a row! Using the words of the underlined paragraph.To be your guide! After the 13th camsite choice.Discover the outstanding phone sex employment opportunity! Click anywhere on the text link/banner! Like magic the window will open.All the way no play! Time to be living to enjoy the experience,daily! Of new lives as legal get paid.Naked role playing goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.Female(TGL)-Models online married!Naughty girls&secret wives! Of the boss of Ten Great Lines.Benefits to have professional webcam&phone sex!Training free at their expense! Of the respected webcam&phone sex employers.Documented by times,dates even year.Within thy red book diaries,worldwide! Each of thee being the complete package.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.From the beginning nothin' less!Roy Fennell-06/29/2017-9:19a.m. Time for each of thee.To have the no upfront fee opportunity! To become rising STARS!Fresh faces&voices of the global!Multi-million per year webcam&phone sex!Adult entertainment Industry as no can touch it!Female players&entertainers!Who be no longer waiting/hoping for a chance.To shine bright like a diamond in the night!Creating thy own legal get paid!Absolutely&truly!Money making naked occupation&career.Long lasting for years!Working to live happy,daily!Not living to work unhappy,daily! Without tears/fears of a lay-off! Store closure/job loss,etc.!

Once thy webcam&phone sex schedules.
Becomes online live gives birth reality.
To luxury&gangnam opportunity lifestyle.
Of DiVa women futures not a minds&hearts lie!
Once thy camming&phone sexing plastic money
amounts.Becomes equal/greater to thy everyday
jobs.Paychecks proven reality proof not fantasy.
Enjoyment of the sweet taste for each of thee.
Banging bodies or not.DiVa women experience.
Bank book seduction power sexual magic.
Female live wire heartbeating attraction magnets.
Safe&naked without any physical sex contact.
Legal get paid naked for us.Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of fantasy.Already online married.
To thy own secret money making lover&online husband.
Without walking out thy castle doors round our world.
Queen served all night long no glove daddy love.
Roy Fennell-11/02/2017-11:54a.m.Everyday private lives
benefits.Within our money for us relationship online
marriage.Thy last names never changes at all not a lie!
Not an illusion,mirage or fantasy.Right before thy eyes.
Legally! If,already married living within thy castles,daily!
Naked! Each of thee can see! What would be thy last names.
On our respected marriage license.Legal naked wives,daily!
If,nature able in the 1st year! Would be showing approx.9 months!
Nature born bun in the oven.Female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Expensive panties only worn outside of our castles,daily!
1 hour before the end of thy everyday jobs workshifts!
Our secret gardens reasons to slip away.Pull down/take off for us!(*_+)

Portrait of bride and groom

Unstoppable! Unconditional! Untamable! My soon to be International! All night long wide-open! Virgin cherry popped twice! Good enough fo'life.First&only Ones,forever! How can there ever be? Between you&me? For each of thee,worldwide? With female pride alive? Not dead above ground? As female human beings,first? Any more pillow tears/fears? Restless/sleepless nights? Of pink slips financial fright,daily? Pregnant or not? Savings/checking accounts amount? Already too low with complete? Bank book shock of what to do? Being alone/afraid in thy lives? Having rent/morgage soon due? Facing cutbacks in hours/pay,too? No matter the the size/amounts? Of financial obligations/debts? Loans and monthly utility bills? More stress like a sudden heart attack? OMG unexpected shift/days-off schedule changes? Respected baby sitter service? 24/7 available or not? With possible potential take to school? Bad mistake to be late? Pickup times of school rules? Schedules not of thy free will control? Possible as a single? Respected working mother possible nightmare? At a local day care center? Unable to take respected public transportation,alone? Trying to make it as a respected single Mom? Alone with a ton of female pride? Not looking forward at all? To seeking public assistance to help out? Doing for you what financially not possible? For you to do for yourself,alone? Do not even have a clue? The locations to go without hesitation? Of respected food banks to stay alive?

Falling Money
                           from AnimateIt.net

Near the bottom of the named pages.Employment,TGL-Models 2,3,4,5 and 6! Is a direct text link.Or underlined text paragraph! To mouse click to the TGL-Models page 1.The location for online applications.For webcam&phone sex employment opportunities.Located near the bottom! Of the TGL-Models page 1.Think of Ten Great LInes.As a free to our world.Financial information book.With multiple chapters identified by page.Name true titles located on the navagational bar.At the top of each page.To navagate and travel chapter to chapter.Mouse click it and the specific page/chapter.Like magic will appear right before thy eyes! Roy Fennell-03/19/2017-11:39p.m.International unattached super wet-n-horny women,daily! Who desire from life.What I desire for them first,not me.Unstoppable! Will be their actions and motions for us! Long-term for years untamable wild-n-free!

Money Falling
                           Into Wallet from AnimateIt.net

Without walking out thy castle doors,worldwide.Female pride rising and alive! Not dead above ground.Going up not to ever stay down.When 13 respected Ten Great LInes Family.Respected webcam employers with one! Respected outstanding phone sex employer.Both at no upfront fee.At their expense to invest! In each of thee,first! By proving professional training,free! Right now not to let go.Fire human beings like you&me! Instead always seeking to hire.For part-time/full-time employment opportunities.With an expected 25-30 hours per week! Labor which works in thy favor,first! Less need to tap into thy potential unemployment.Benefits which can run out! Quickly! These respected employers together.As one like a family on a mission! Have a collection of millions.Of respected webcam clients! Respected phone sex customers.Who have millions of respected family&friends.Respected human beings like you&me,too! Who have millions of electronic credit.Card plastic money in their wallets/purses.On the secret wives page.Facts and numbers how it! Is possible not impossible.$4000.00,$10,000.00 even $20,000.00! Like a monthly habit.Not being in a hurry! One respected webcam client.One respected phone sex customer.At a time to develope.A fo' life relationship of mutual benefits.For what goes around comes around.Like the circle of life.When taking care of them,first! Is a winning hand for financial success.Thy will take care of each of you! Like a family of human beings.From the beginning treat each person.Like a KIng&Queen invited guest! To adult play having civilized fun! Roy Fennell-07/29/2017-2:23a.m. 

Financially engaged&online married! Like nature magic without walking out thy castle doors,worldwide.For a safe new beginnings&man.In thy lives our red book diary special way.You&me family of 3.Online married,first! Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
For modern day women alone.In their lives with female pride! Living to survive round our world.Living in their homes,apartments and college dorms.Single moms or not! Resumes/profiles on adult dating/jobs websites or not.Begins with the first 3 baby steps:
1st baby step-webcam employment
2nd baby step-phone sex employment
3rd baby step-Online active working hours schedules
Internet moms Internet brides&wives.Female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Who live to enjoy the experience,daily! New lives camming&phone sexing hard legal.Get paid money making naked secret Wives&Queens.
Female bosses&co-pilots.On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Treatment like legal wives.Side-by-side in the cockpit! Online married to the boss of Ten Great Lines.We as the proud parents of our creation.Baby steps game plan.Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.Under the same heavenly roof.Of the skies,stars,moon and sun,above.Long overdue time for each of thee! To accept thy own Internet.Karma/fate destiny to secret gardens mate.Like nature magic within thy own castle bedrooms naked!
With thy own secret money making lover&online husband.
Full of financial seeds of website knowledge special delivery.
To grow the dollars&cents amounts.Of the savings/checking accounts.
Swell up making rise the size.Of thy bank books financial joy! To enjoy the benefits delights! Online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.
Having only one life to live! While still alive above ground.For thy happy hearts happiness,first! Working to live happy,daily! Seeking to touch,reach and kiss the unreachable star! Of thy own goals and dreams in life.Going in the direction.Seen on the Models-6&secret wives pages.Towards spending&financial freedom power.Butterfly love do as you please lives,daily! Luxury&gangnam lifestyles futures. Not living to work
 unhappy,daily! Beginning with to die for extremely expensive! Fabulous eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.
To begin our neverending financial honeymoon.Like a weekly habit.
Time to spoil&pamper thyselves,deliriously! As online married modern day women Queens.First&only Ones,forever! Daddy love! 09/07/2017-3:02p.m.

                           Dance - Green from AnimateIt.net

Falling Money
                           from AnimateIt.net

Of our own free will mutual.Internet karma/fate destiny.Of which neither of us.Can runaway or escape.All of my female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.With a ton of female pride.Are my legal money making naked! Secret Wives&Queens.First&only Ones,forever! International moms Internet brides&wives.Female bosses and side-by-side! Co-pilots on Ten Great Lines Airlines.Naughty girls&secret wives.Our red book diary special way.At the present time within their lives.Born to be online married,first! To the boss of Ten Great LInes.When they be ready not me! Webcam&phone sex rising STARS! No play all the way! Naked! Wearing fabulous extremely expensive! Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Climbing the ladder of financial success! Of the webcam&phone sex.Global adult entertainment Industry! Unstoppable! Unconditional! Untamable! They are do it themselves women! They just do when they are ready! Have a neverending sweet-tooth! For as much as possible! The finer things in life.Their born to be secret money.Making lover&online husband humble me! Roy Fennell-08/03/2017-12:51a.m.They do not care who is at the top! Of the financial food chain,now!

                           Dance from AnimateIt.net

On purpose on many club.
Dance floors round our world.
Many women dance to seduce.
Tease anyone of sexual fantasy.
Lucky chosen castle bedroom delights.
Heartbeating attraction magnets.A
sexual ritual between female&male.
Human beings by nature potential mates!
The unseen character is the true face.
Of a woman/man round our world!(*_*)
Many women minds&hearts fall victim.
To the powerful naked words "I love you"
When physical sex desserts comes,first!

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Not within any kind of committed just us relationships.
Super horny-n-wet, daily! Women who already earn
$100,000.00. Per year or more! Including bank books
wealthy women, too! Unstoppable! May be free willing
to stay. Wide-open all night! Long with their own
secret. Money making lover&online husband. Naked!
Wearing only their extremely expensive! Fabulous
eye candy to die! For sexy hi-heels shoes. Like wet cement
within our money. For us relationship online marriage, why?
1. For their happy hearts happiness, first!
2. Beyond a shadow of any minds&hearts doubt! They and their
respected Female&Male. Lawyers will know for a fact.
As a man&male human being. I have zero interest of a
single. Penny of their money/property or wealth.
3. As online married, first! Our red book diary secret
way. Naughty girls&secret wives. Without spending a
single penny. When camming&phone sexing as legal.
Get paid naked for us. Goddesses of seduction. Business
women of reality&fantasy. Based on their own free!
Wills can purchase loads of gold. Coins, vials and loose
diamond stones.Collect double benefits at once.
4.Increase their bank book sizes
5.Increase their wealth big picture value
6.Eliminate any boredom with increased safe excitement
7.All the above&more! Without walking out thy castle doors.
8.Female real estate brokers. Without spending a penny.
Of their money safe&naked! Can wide-eyed discover and see!
On the TGL-Models page. The underlined text paragraph.
Website links to Nationwide homes. Such as foreclosures,
rent-to-own ,etc!
9. Opportunity to create work/jobs. For professionals to
fix up. Homes to sell on the market. Available within
thy own specific areas.
10.Sweet deal opportunities once all repairs. Have been
signed off complete. Dual opportunity after purchase.
Like nature magic become the Owner&Landlord. For potential
renters to collect rent monthly. At a sugar sweet profit!
11. On the TGL-Models page. Is a specialized company.
Which provides detailed professional cleaning services.
12. Due to the fact. There are approx. 60 pages at Ten
Great Lines. There is a unique what may be one. Of a
kind website link. Opportunity to sell property.
On the Moon, itself! This is one of the reasons. I added
it to Tengreatlines.com. All about us not a lie.
My guess it is on the about page. Had tears in my eyes!
When I discovered the opportunity years ago, why?
Perfect show-n-tell for children in schools.
13. Also the above may have potential as a unique.
Seed gift for touching base. With past respected clients.
In addition to a welcome gift. To new home owners. A piece
of the Moon, too! As a matter of fact. Soon I intend to
collect a document, too! Roy Fennell-12/12/2017-10:34p.m.

Hello world! Great big news! I found it for us. The
Moon property opportunity. Is on the policies page.
Not the about page! You can bet your bottom dollar!
Over the weekend I'll get my share. In my opinion
what a wonderful gift. For a precious baby, why?
1. Gift of life-thank-you!
2.One day may have great financial value
3.Keeping this potential value-In the family
4. Back in the day! Wish I still had baseball.
Football and comic books. Today still unwrapped! Wonder what
I could discover? Worth big bucks in mint condition?
Roy Fennell-12/13/2017-6:30a.m.

Welcome,to page 17.Ten Great Lines online shopping adventure travel! No ticket required provided free! King&Queen friendly self-serve customer service! On Ten Great Lines Airlines,worldwide! Free round trip flights! Morning,noon or horny nights! Feeling lucky? For your online gambling excitement! See/click on the gaming page! Your friendly captain! Taking off towards money! Travel,adventure and excitement! Welcome aboard! Roy Fennell-08/15/2017-11:34p.m.

Are you a nature born woman? One of the millions of women?
Super horny-n-wet,daily? With female pride,worldwide?
Not within any kind of committed relationship? Married or not?
Having laptops/desktops with webcams available? True or not?
Have a resume/profile? On an adult dating/jobs website? Are
you tired of being broke? Unhappy about the direction?
Of thy life&future,too? Concerns about your long-term?
Financial happiness/security future? Are either of you,yes?
I do ready naked? Able for us to create,make and set? Thy
own webcam&phone sex schedules? Not me each of thee?
Being in the driver's seat control? Our red book diary way?
By Internet financially engaged&online married? Within
our money for us relationship online marriage?
Online married,first? Female (TGL)-Models?
International brides&wives? All the way no play?
Going in the direction? Towards thy own respected early?
Full retirement ages along the journey?
Benefits of 4 opportunities right before thy eyes:
2.Rich/wealthy women from free will purchases.
Of gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones
3.Luxury&gangnam DiVa women lifestyle futures
4.Online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise
All the above&more! Without any physical sex contact.
From thy own special ones.Hooked&seduced fo'life.
Respected webcam&phone sex secret admirers.
Within the safety,security and privacy! Of the own
homes.Apartments or college dorms round our world.
Creation of thy own legal get paid naked occupation&career.
Camming&phone sexing hard to collect unlimited.
Amounts of plastic money.Into thy own savings/checking
accounts.Making bigger the sizes of thy bank books.
Wet dreams coming true benefits for female shopaholics.
Who love&live to offline/online shop til' they drop!
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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

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