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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Community Service Page! 10greatlines.com!


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Time in Ceres:

How wonderful&amazing to humble me!
Ten Great Lines community positive
seeds.Minds&hearts sown.
In respected Ceres,california.
Right before our own eyes.
Has grown worldwide.
Based on the unseen power.
Of love&understanding of
other.Human beings round our world.
Without violence/crying respected Mothers.
Roy Fennell-11/06/2017-3:24p.m. 

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Ten Great Lines Airlines! Ten Great Lines!
Airplane Taking Off
Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money,and travel!

Hello! Are you searching for a "kick the habit" solution to unexpected and like a yo-yo,up-n-down gas prices? Are you a mom? Looking for a financial big way to send a message solution and cut down on pollution,too? What do I mean? Max,StaRT and Dial-A-Ride have a solution,to help you stomp rising gas prices,like a roach,on the kitchen floor!  Our  Public Transportation "Get There"solution! If you do not need to get here,there or anywhere in a big hurry,let their professional drivers,indirectly help you drop the hammer on rising gas prices soooo hard,they may be afraid to rise,again!

Hey Girl! Here is the word a worldwide,shout out!
It's Chatty Kathy!
Roy,needs the number of the Mystery person,with magic wand of rising retail and gas prices,asap!

Hello! Could you please,help me? I'm begging you to give me the exact address of the Mystery woman or Mystery man! Does anyone have his or her landline phone number? Why? This person unknown has the magic wand of rising retail and gas prices! Know what I am thinking? If I could only use it  to wave over my bank account,it is a sure bet, my bank balance will rise,too!The supervisor of The Ten Great Lines Airlines Flight Attendants,is doing a shout out to see if the Mystery person has a cellphone number! I'm even thinking of calling you know who,at the North Pole!(*_+)Roy-06/25/2014-10:49p.m.

Welcome! Ten great lines community service page.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great Lines.Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.No ticket required on me free.Unlimited round trip flights! On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Round the clock,nonstop! No reservation required come as you! Thank-you for fly with us,today! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain is happy! To serve free knowledge benefits! Which help someone who like me.Is another human being,too! Roy Fennell-03/23/2017-10:22p.m.Welcome home!

Weathered farm building

Are you a woman? Are you a man? Are you retired? Military? Looking for a way to stay busy,with a sense of purpose,serving your family,your community,and your country? Great News! Citizen Corps has a protect your community and America solution,waiting for you! Click-here!06/25/2014...9:18p.m.

Looking for a solution to rising gasoline prices? Great News! MAX,has a "get there" transportation solution and reduce pollution schedule for your review! Also, there is an Ace,Amtrak and Bart connection,too! Click-here!06/25/2014...9:30p.m.

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Live in Stanislaus county? Looking for a solution to rising gas prices? Great News!StaRT, has a"get there" transportation solution and reduce pollution schedule waiting for your review! There is a Medivan to the Bay Area connection,too!Click-here!...06/25/2014...9:47p.m.

Live in the Ceres community or the immediate surrounding unincorporated area? Have school age children? Married? In a relationship? Conflicting work shifts? Ceres Dial-A-Ride (CDAR)provides curb-to-curb service! Ceres Area Transit(CAT)provides point-to-point,drop off/pick-up service!Each provides a "get there" transportation and reduce pollution solution! Please call for specific details!Click-here!...06/25/2014...10:05p.m.

Are you a woman or a man? Need an inexpensive direct get you there,quickly? Public transportation service with less pollution solution? Examples,a job interview,doctors' appointment or monthly grocery shopping list? Please,consider giving United Cab a call! Taxi and Airport service available 24/7! Based on my actual recent experience! I discovered prompt,courteous and professional service! Serving the respected Communities of Modesto,Ceres,Salida,Turlock,Manteca and Oakdale! Unique 24 hour service is cheaper than a $10,000.00 DUI fine/ticket nightmare! 1.(209)888-8888 2.(209)222-2222 3.(209)523-3333 Roy Fennell-01/26/2016-10:10p.m.

Would you like to visit the city of cleveland,and surrounding communities,now? Want to visit the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame,too??? Click here,now!!!

Love to browse and explore a collection of some of the finest local Cleveland,Ohio art photography,memorabillia,unique jewelry,and art gifts,too? Are there reasons,to take full advantage of Ten Great Lines affiliate programs,to begin making money,asap? If you click,reclaimed cleveland,on this website,you will discover 15,000 homes or more are vacant,due to job losses,waiting to be demolished! Want to see how these wonderful peoples of Cleveland,refuse to allow the beauty of Cleveland,to die,or become abandoned,too!If,yes,please,click-here!***(*_*)&^*& 12/14/2012*** 4:47p.m.With love to all of Cleveland,Ohio!&&***Roy^&*^&*

With deep heart and soul felt human emotions,upon bended knee,with utmost pride and honor,I present to you,a great example,of how peoples,within The City of Cleveland,Ohio,shall never surrender their children and community,to those domestic or foreign,who directly or indirectly,seek to enslave them!There are not enough words in a dictionary to express how I feel for the people of Cleveland to make a stand,not just for themselves,but the precious children of Cleveland,Ohio!For what has happened there can happen in any City in America such as Detroit,too!Although it is a daily,battle victory belongs to those who never give up the fight!Maybe,sometime in the future it could be a great idea to bring back the Cleveland,Now Program! Please,click-here!***Roy Fennell*^*^{}*06/24/2014*&^5:00p.m.=+-_?/8\/*\

Did you know,for 1 in 6 people in our United States,hunger is a 24/7 very real struggle? Are you aware,millions of our fellow Americans,including children are at risk of starvation? Discover how to fight hunger! Get help&get involved! Take action and ways to give from your heart! Are you a fighter? Why,not fight,defeat and knockout hunger in our America,for good? )09/22/2014(*_*)10:38p.m.Hunger,enslaves a human being into a silent prison of starvation,pain and depression! Love freedom? Free them by your Proud to be an American,donation,today! Click-here!++=09/22/2014+++10:33p.m.

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Are you a woman or a man? Live in the respected City of Modesto or one of the respected surrounding communities? Got wintertime cabin fever? Did you know most all of the downtown restaurants are locally owned&hire local peoples? And Heavy Metal Music is pounding loud&proud in Ceres,too? Take a break and have a free review of what to see&do within our Central Valley Neighborhood Community! Click-here!*02/12/2015+8:33p.m.(*_+)

Are you a woman or a man? Live in the Great Bear State of California? Do you,loved ones or friends need assistance with disabilities to live a more independent life? Services such as housing referrals,peer counseling,independent living skills training and more is avaliable for you! You could become an advocate or volunteer,too! Why not see if your community is within their service area? No cost to look,right? Click-here! Roy Fennell-03/13/2015-9:52p.m.

Hello world! Greetings of human beings love.Joy and peace from humble me! In respected Ceres,california.Love to know a secret? I just discovered Champions for change! Respectfully! Funded by USDA SNAP,an equal opportunity provider&employer! Super bravo! A movement towards more water! Less/fewer sugary drinks! For a more healthier lifestyle not only for adults.What an all in the family concept Nationwide&Worldwide.I confess loved the fighting childhood.Obesity in our communities video! Hope each of you love it,too! For the respected children.Round our world are the future.Please,take a look! Click-here!Roy Fennell-10/12/2017-6:54p.m.(*_*)

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Are you a woman or a man? Who lives in the respected Cities? Of Modesto? Ceres? Turlock? Salida? Riverbank? Escalon? Oakdale? Waterford? For some respected human beings? Like me it may be possible? Not impossible using respected Taxi. Cab professional service may be cheaper! In thy own Pockets&Purses, daily! When going to and from your respected places. Of employment when using the Big Picture. Of, gas, oil and maintenance cost per week! Potential slight reduction of car. Insurance monthly premiums, why? Less risk of having an accident. Being at fault or not! Opportunity to experience feeling like Kings. Queens having thy own private/personal drivers. In addition with potential for saving money, too! Student&Airport transportation potential benefits, too! Love to gamble without spending a single penny, first? Take a look please click-here! Roy Fennell-12/23/2017-8:27p.m. Please! Be safe the life! You save may be your own life!

Hello ,World! While taking a walk. For benefits of exercise and fresh air! Within the respected Community of Ceres ,California. I noticed one of the respected Church's. Has a website to provide. Knowledge and streaming worship services ,too! If you would love to take. A look please click-here! Or anywhere on this underlined text link paragraph. Roy Fennell-04/14/2020-4:43p.m.


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