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Red Rose, Spinning

Respectfully,upon bended knee,If,I,Roy Lee Fennell III,must stand,alone,to defend and protect,100 yards,surrounding,the precious soil,of the tomb,of the Unknown Soldier,god is my witness,so be it,why? I know his name,it,be,my brother!&&&?/\-(21+Roy+06/12/2014***4:21p.m.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


Respectfully,let it,be thee,known,I,of earthly,birth,my name,is Roy ^^,of the DEWARS' HIGHLANDER CLAN,I say,dare not,harm,an inch,of such,sacred ground,of my brother,for send me,of blood, I single Scottish Piper, and I,a man,shall defend,my fallen,brother,alone,thee,be it said,it is done,and shall be written,on such sacred ground,from my blood,as a free man,may god,bear witness,to what lies,within my heart! &&&***Roy Lee Fennell 111 &%^^2^^^=*06/12/2014*** 4:22p.m.


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In my opinion,on any battlefield,past,present or future,there is and shall always be only 2 rules of engagement that is absolute,based on facts! Live or die! Anything less of any degree is armchair quarterback warefare! Void of the pain or fear of being hit! Made my high school football team without summer practice,defensive end! Got my playbook yet never played in a game! Got word of a job,only to discover,someone based on inside info got the job position,before me! Went to work for A&P! Do I still love them today,including my favorite,manager,too? I do! Roy Lee Fennell III &^*Knowledge,recon,tunnel rats,zebra,delta,TC,Big Red ONE_-100yrds,Merrills' Marauders! Thank-you,for serving our Country! Taps,sleep-and rest in peace! Ever wonder why,he,not I? Somebody had to tell the story! Somebody had to tell his mother,who better comforting to her,but you? &%(*&06/12/2014 ~~~4:49p.m.


Chinese proverb: Be bold,brave and forthright and the bold,the brave and forthright will gather round you.

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

Hello! Are you a woman? Are you a man? Married? Have a family? Ten Great Lines Online Shopping&Vendors Network! Regardless,of the above,would you love to see,some,truly,enchanting gifts,today? While you are thinking about it,love to know a secret? If a mom,anywhere,in the world,did not have the money,to purchase a gift,for her child,she can always,give the 2 gifts,which are priceless! Her love and a hug! If,you are ready,please,click-here!***(*_*)Roy***11/25/2015***10:13a.m.


Are you a woman,oh my gosh,is that my alien friend,I see standing,behind you,now? Wow,did not mean to disturb,both of you!Ten Great Lines Shopping Network! Once you wake up,in the morning,,without stress,if you would love,make-up,which brings out the inner you,I think you will be happy with these enchanting products! Skintreats! Silky eye pen kit! Nails! Fragrances and more to keep beautiful you looking more beautiful!Click-here! 06/28/2014*** 2:26p.m.


Are you a woman? Are you a man? Got love of Scottish bagpipes? Love and enjoy celtic and irish folk music? Prefer celtic rock? Enjoy the sounds of the drums,too? Huge fan of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards? Hear the Angels calling when you hear their heavenly version of Amazing Grace? Love to give a listen,now? Click-here!*_*Roy Fennell_09/13/2014-6:41p.m.

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Castle by the Ocean from AnimateIt.net

                           Dancing Irish Jig from AnimateIt.net

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                           Trooper Car from AnimateIt.net

Are you a woman or a man? Member of the thin blue line for life? Could use some spiritual inspiration? Introducing THE WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE PIPE BAND! Click-here!09/24/2014*^12:19a.m.Question,in the future in America,will Police Officers be required to carry a little black book? Even during a routine traffic stop! The phrase May I see your license,please? In every respected language other than English? In the United States? If true,would you encourage a son or daughter,to follow in your footsteps? Roy Fennell+_)()09/24/2014*&^%$-12:20a.m.

                           Car Rollin' from AnimateIt.net


Police Cruiser
                           Lights from AnimateIt.net

Hello&congrats! Heard the word of your promotion to respected Chief of Police! Want to help create a culture of Officer safety,health,and wellness by supporting this Associations' efforts that prevent Officer injury? Provide access to assistance for Officers,too? Played football? YesorNo? Yes,good understand a trap-block? A specific call may be fake,a trap! Terror tactic! To bring lots of Officers away from planned event! What you think is a routine traffic stop,may be the plan! Free advice from me,stay alive!Click-here! The International Association of Police Chiefs)(*09/23/2014(*&=11:59p.m.




Chinese proverb : Emotion hinders your true self. 

Chinese proverb: Always a valley before a hill.

Chinese proverb:Failure is the path of lease persistence.


                           Scene from AnimateIt.net

Did you know this could be your lucky day,why? You are not far away from Ten Great Lines pleasure avenue road! Awsome! Why,not navigate to a secret friend.who would love,to meet you,maybe,now? Not interested? No problem! Have a wonderful life! Bye-bye! 

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!
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