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Not a secret between us! On purpose within our secret.Meeting place&Internet home.Like wild jungle animals! Doing it by silent mutual agreement.Without birth control pills/condoms! As nature intended between the lucky Ones! From the beginning between female&male human beings! For if of her own free will? She face-to-face says to the lucky one? She is willing to commit to being faithful? And loyal to an exclusive? Just us relationship to explore? If meant to be potential a marriage? Future once pumped&bumped twice? Why,not only her being the only One? If,not from the beginning with words? Only an adult pleasure game? To get as much as possible,free? No matter the cost? Of minds,hearts and souls pain? Roy Fennell-03/08/2017-11:34p.m.Could this be the reasons? So many of the real life? Professional Street Players Mack Daddies? Are unsatisfied with the sizes of their bank books? Unable to provide raises for their stables? Big city street corner&bars working hard girls? Maybe,a webcam studio all weather? Direction with monetary affection may do? As a potential financial dollars&cents perscription? Within the real life not fake? Street membership Players Club Worldwide?

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Secret Garden
Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

Globally ever heard the word of any respected hosipitals? Which require their respected maternity rooms? To be seperated,labeled and divided for respected Mothers? As being straight only? Gay only? Lesbian only? Bi-sexual only? Even if,possible how expensive would be the cost? In addition,would it be required? For only respected Doctors? Licensed by above labels be qualified for special bundle of joy delivery? Roy Fennell-07/13/2016-10:01p.m.

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In regards to any sexual fantasy! Does not matter who it! May be,me or respected! Movie,Music,WWE,Sports,Rock bands,etc. The only bottom-line is the bank book! Legally and safely,why not get paid? Naked with bank account benefits! Enjoying go girl get it? Ka-boom,boom multiple physical orgasms eruptions? The type which cause you to plant your feet? To like a springboard go higher! Roy Fennell-07/14/2016-4:51p.m.

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Come closer my loves! Back in the day! In Cleveland,Ohio the respected City of Cleveland! Employed men for a specific difficult task! Of manual labor collecting trash/garbage! Contained in steel garbage cans! Every week like clock work! The respected boss! Drove the specialized garbage truck! Down the respected City street! The crews worked both sides! Of a single street at once! It was them who went into each backyard! To retrieve full steel garbage cans! When they were emptied and left on the curb! I even enjoyed watching these strong physical respected laborers! Team working down the street! Even thought about such a job,myself! As a great way to get paid! To enjoy working outdoors! Getting paid to excercise! Get paid to stay fit! In shape and get paid! From benefits of physically becoming stronger! Every single day get paid to enjoy benefits! Do not recall my age! At that time needed expert advice! With an opinion! I turned to my respected Mom! She said even if you desire! To become a garbage man! Be the best at it! Stayed/stuck in my mind! Like cement every single place of employment! It became a habit be the best at it! Do I still love&respect my Mom,today? Absolutely&Truly,I do! For had it not been for my respected Mom? Who was the special one? To carry me for specific months,alone? No matter how she felt she did it,alone! Who was the special one! In charge of the physical task! Of labor room suffering/pain! Of my childbirth therefore if not for my respected Mother? How could it be possible? For me to freely give/share? Love with&for their daughters? Of other special ones? Respected mothers&moms worldwide? Roy Fennell-CEO-Ten Great LInes-07/16/2016-1:41a.m.What goes around comes around! Unseen or not!

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Ever wonder like me? Out of minds&hearts concerns/fears? Of potential physical,emotional&spiritual? Abuse/pain behind closed doors? In secret unseen within our world? From some men which may cause some women? To have fear of other men? Like an unseen ripple of tossing a pebble? Into the center of a pond? Ever wonder what could happen like me? If,sperm banks became Big Business? Loads of big time Investors? Experts who can pickup the scent of potential money? Like a shark moving in swiftly? Like a bullet moving in for the kill? Ever wonder like me? What would it take to entice? A woman banging body or not? To actually have physical sex? With a man or even consider saying legally,I do? Would sales of adult film DVD's? Begin to swell up? Slowing rising towards a King Kong size financial erection? Roy Fennell-07/16/2016-2:54a.m. With today's modern communication! Technology fast or faster than a lightning bolt! Ever wonder like me? A single woman who shares her pain? From a single man? With 10 other women? Who share with 10 other woman? Any way they can about a man danger? At the end of 30 days? What would be the total amount of women,worldwide? Including their respected daughters? No matter the age? Who would become aware of the same painful story? Right before your eyes! Is the power of a single woman! Banging bodies or not! Without walking out their Castles doors! Can financially make/break any business like a twig! 

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Coming soon 2 more of my poems(copyrighted) like Passionate Desires on dating page! They are some where round our world! Public/college libraries&other places! Of specific volumes! Think one was called,Hearts on Fire! These 3 can be copied shared free they be:
True title-In Search of Love-Feb.4,1986
True title- Fantasy of You-Feb.4,1986
Roy Fennell-0/02/2016-6:08a.m.
Respectfully,due to the limited screen size! Of iphones/smartphones! To see and wider screen size explore! Our online shared website! Ten Great Lines and double financial advantage! Of webcam/phone sex part-time! Full-time employment! Laptop/desktop computers with webcam is a must! For a new beginnings within our money! For us relationship online marriage! Which becomes the first! Baby step towards a pull them! Take them off for us future! Safely,first,within your own Castle homes,apartment or college dorms! Roy Fennell-07/15/2016-12:09a.m. How do I know this to be a fact? Recently,I purchased a no contract! No monthly subscription Android Smartphone! Not for talk for the money! To see for myself,Ten Great Lines! Ever heard one of my favorite songs? Walk a mile in my shoes,by Joe South? Love to know a secret? Such poems were created/inspired? By real life women of my past! Do not ask! I'll never tell our secrets! Nor share any memories! Except these 3 poems! With our world,free! You would be surprised! How many respected parents! Need to know and understand the man! Unseen behind Ten Great Lines who have respected daughters! Why,the character even a business man! Is the unseen true face! Of a woman/man be they on Planet Earth! Or breaking ground unseen in outer space! Or under oceans/seas in submarines,worldwide!

In Search of Love-Feb.4,1986
Love is like a shining star
So near but yet so far
Love flies on invisible wings
Oh,what passions it brings
Love can burn like red-hot coals
and bring pain or joy
Love can heal the wounds of hate
Or it can destroy
Like the winds of ancient times
Or the calm before a storm
Love is like a rainbow
Full of mystery,beauty and warm
Love can be felt but yet not touched
It's strength can make the heart go blind
I've looked high and I've searched low
But love I could not find

Lighthouse from

Red Rose, Growing

Red Rose, Growing

Fantasy of You- Feb.4,1986
With eyes that twinkle like a star
And lips just made to kiss
A love like yours is all I need
That is what I wish
Hand in hand we walk the mile
To the edge of a sandy shore
Believe for sure in this my love
No one loves you more
Your hands are gentle,soft and warm
Your beauty is beyond compare
A woman like you is hard to find
in this life or anywhere
In this world of material things
I have so little to give
No cars,diamonds,furs,or pearls
Just my love as long as we live  

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Our minds&hearts together as one,first! For us like a freshly poured concrete! Foundation for a new home/palace! Together,as one becomes our mutual free will! Relationship online marriage solid ground! Created/built to last for years! Not fall down/crumble into rubble! Without walking out of either of our Castle doors! Based on legal bank books! Free will booty shorts magic facts! On Models-6 page! Each be/stay our STARS of attractions! Outside of their Castles! With dollar sign eyes which shine/sparkle! Like diamonds into the night! Brighter shining&sparkling in daylight! Legally,in the drivers' seat! Of our money for us,relationship! Money making booty shaking businesswomen! Each with attitudes as being my legal! Out of respected town/U.S.A./Countries wives! As their own Travel Agents! Booking their own flights! Using huge commission savings fees! As bank account spending joy! For expensive off/online shopping experiences! No matter the price! Not required to call/ask for permission,first! To spend $1000.00 or more! For some to die for eye candy! Expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! Free will taking care of our business! In,regards to our mutual financial survival,daily! Our mutual financial happiness/security futures! Unseen,together as one! Going down the roads,bi-ways,and highways! Individually,within our personal/private lives! Like a GPS roadmap in the dollars&cents! Bank books direction and course! Of a Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! Which by bank account statements! Unseen,together as one! For our money team work! Mutual do as we please life,daily! Which all began and financially played! Being a winning hand! From mutual free will choices/decision!  From our beginning without either way strings! This is the financial power! Of Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! Online married,first! Minds&hearts true love,first! Goddesses of Seduction being the center of attention! Within our website! Only shining STARS within each of their Castle bedrooms! To stay in the unseen spotlight! Within our live website story,Book of Love! Their secret money making lover&online husband!-07/15/2016-This is their peace of mind! Palace of Sisterhood&Womanhood! Not mine for they be my Internet brides,wives and Queens! Real life they be the female webcam/phone sex! Naked money making Bosses! Like legal wives in charge/control! Of the money flow based on their own schedules! No matter their paycheck amount size! Recieve a Queens' share,and get paid,first! Without questions of how they spend! A single penny of their hard earned! Legal bed soaked sheets labor/work! Do I mean it? Absoultely&truly I do!-12:50a.m.

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