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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

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Hello World! Love,joy&peace to all!
Love to know a secret about me?
Soon I'll be playing the CD album!
Legend! By Bob Marley&the Wailers!
Many years ago loved my visit.
With friends to Nassau,Bahamas!
Roy Fennell-11/06/2017-2:09p.m.

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A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Ten Great Lines!
Airplane Taking Off
Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money,and travel!

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Welcome! Ten great lines public service page.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great LInes.Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.No ticket required on me free! Unlimited round trip flights! Morning,noon or stary nights! On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Global silent powerful Internet search engines.Are eco-friendly with zero noise pollution! Thank-you for flying with us,anytime! Wishing each of you! Respected families&friends peace,love&joy! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain is happy! To provide public service knowledge,free! Roy Fennell-03/23/2017-10:20p.m. Welcome home! 


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Are you a woman? Did you know millions suffer from domestic violence every year? If you or someone you know needs assistance or information the worse you can do,is be silent! Graves are full of women who had nobody to turn to for help! No names! No fees! No judgement! Have the courage to help yourself or someone you love not tommorrow,but now? Please,click here!!!""""{*_*}""""06/07/2014""""1:09p.m.

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Are you a woman? Ever seen or heard the TV popular series by name of BAYWATCH? The world known actress,Ms. Pamela Anderson is a strong supporter of the National Domestic Violence Hotline! In addition,to other Voices for Justice,some listed at her foundation! Bravo! Click-here!(*>10:40p.m.-09/21/2014 Props.,to Ms.Pamela Anderson-Courage has many rewards!!!

Great News! The safe at work coalition is ready,able and willing to serve you! Help you be safe on and off the job! Issues such as workplace policy,domestic violence,family violence,statistics and more! Please,click here! Roy Fennell*07/04/2014***8:39p.m.

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Are you a woman,with deep dark secrets,from your childhood,which causes you,to self-medicate,your emotional pain,from too much alcohol? Did you know,online help,by email,audio and forums meetings,is available,for you,now? Take a look! Click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/04/2014***8:43p.m.God bless these peoples for caring about others,more than the ones in the reflections of their mirrors!

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Respectfully,are you a woman? May i ask you something? Are you,a loved one or a friend suffering from depression,right now? Please,seek help,why not,today?National depression screening day! National alcohol screening day! National eating disorder screening programs!Military pathways!Please,click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/04/2014***8:50p.m.

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Are you a woman? Are you a man? Be informed! Be prepared! Know the risks of tornadoes,hurricanes,wildfires and floods! Plan for and protect your business! Fun and games for children! Great tools for educators and parents,too! More details? Please,click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/04/2014***10:57p.m.

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Where can you,find and experience,the worlds'most powerful meta search engine,that respects your search privacy?Does not record your IP address!Top-ten page results from a powerful meta search engine! Fasten your seatbelt! Just for you,here it is,at Ten Great Lines!Please,click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/04/2014***9:31p.m.Love it,why? Provides a more higher ranking of search results! Less sheephead or carp information! I do miss the perch and white bass of Lake Erie! Great catfish,too!

Are most of your telephone calls unwanted solicitations? The Federal Trade Commission would love to help you stomp telemarketing calls like a roach on the bedroom floor! 1.Register a phone number 2.Verify a registration 3.Submit a complaint! Details? Please,click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/04/2014***9:57p.m.

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Are you or a loved one a resident of the Great Bear State of California? Have difficulty hearing,seeing,or speaking? Have an existing residential telephone service? Why?The wonderful peoples of The Public Utilities Commission would love to provide a peace of mind experience! There is a Deaf and Diabled Telecommunications Program available if living in California only! Live expert operators do speak your language! They are beautiful looking telephones! Please,give them a call! Click-here!***Roy Fennell***07/08/2014***12:43a.m. Thank-you!

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Are you a woman? Are you a man? Have a child or children?In dire need of expert medical speciality care and love? The Shriners hospitals are willing to help you and your precious child(s)! The Shriners to the best of my memory have always provided unselfish love and care for children worldwide! They have a history of placing love and care before dollars and cents! For more details and to make a small donation take a look! Please!Click-here!(*_*)&^%$Roy Fennell*&^07/08/2014^^^9:09p.m.

Are you a woman? Who lives in the respected U.S.A. like me? Sadly, did you know there is a rising? Number of your sisters? Respected women veterans becoming homeless? Some are respected Mothers, too? Are you free willing ready? Able to stand up to help them? The respected super woman founder veteran. Who believed in herself, first! Claimed victory within her own private life, first! Love to discover and see more? Please click-here for us. Roy Fennell-05/02/2018-10:38a.m. Rising higher female pride with power! Refusing to stay down on the ground! Helplessly! Fearlessly! Daring to take flight! Soaring higher to heights. Mighty Eagles dare not go!

Question,with any book of knowledge,If,I,you,we,did not actually write the words of the  book,beyond a shadow of a doubt,how can we be absolutely and exactly sure of the true meaning of the intent of the written documentations?+++Roy Fennell_)*&+07/15/2014_)+(&7:22p.m.

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Come closer! Love to know secrets between us,forever? Just because we are human beings! Truly,who may not have all knowledge of unknown knowledge! Beyond any shadows of doubts! Do we know of absolute facts? Unknown to us knowledge? Actually does not truly exist? Before,until&even beyond our graves? Questions,for which came or existed,first? Ancient history itself or written documentation? Of revealed becoming known understood or not historical facts? For how can any book of knowledge? Truly,be written before/without a story,first? All books have a beginning and ending be it known to us or not! Roy Fennell-02/27/2016-2:15p.m.

Are you a person of the catholic faith? Are you a person with a desire to learn about the catholic faith? Please,click here!!!

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Are you,a woman looking for an organization which helps to provide children around world with healthcare,better nutrition,clean water,and more??? Remember,the children are the future,worldwide! Those without love and proper care,now,may grow-up to become future terrorists,domestic or international,tommorrow!Please,take action,today,tommorrow,may be,too late,why? If true,the land on Earth is approximately,75%,covered in water,how much dry land,is available,for all of us,worldwide? Please,see if you can help!Unicef needs you!Click-here!Roy Fennell-07/08/2014-8:47p.m. Let affiliate programs of Ten Great Lines be your source of income for your Unicef mission! Change the world without using your own survival income! This is the power of a woman in action!

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LARC Thrift Shop* Operated by, Ladies Aid for Retarded Citizens-Mon.thru Fri. 10:00a.m.-3:00p.m.,Sat. 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m.* All proceeds benefit retarded children of stanislaus county!!! Donations welcome, plus good used clothing,household items,and small appliances,too!!! They are no longer at the above location! They were wonderful peoples,I shopped there often,this paragraph,is in memory of them!*** (*_*)***4:11p.m.***08/21/2012 *** God bless them,all!*** 

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Are you a woman? Are you a man? Got future adults in high school? Love to make sure they are around positive friends and role models? Get in on the action! Over 100 action teams all over the world! 50,000 strong and growing in communities! Join Major League baseball players and the Volunteers of America in helping to make neighborhoods and communities a safer place for the children of our world! Take action! Click-here!(*_*)Roy Fennell{*_*}07/08/2014<>V8:40p.m.

Are you a woman? Are you a man? Live in the U.S.A.? Have no car? Public transportation is your only "get there" solution? Want,need or desire to find another apartment? Great news! A nationwide solution is here for you! Relocation expert guidance with moving sources and tip! Off- campus housing! Corporate short term rentals! Even senior living housing,too! Mobile phone friendly apps and web site! Love the mobile phone video music! Check it out! Click-here!{+}Roy Fennell)*(07/08/2014?><8:25p.m.

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Are you a woman? A single mom and dealing with many issues,alone?Did you know there are more sexual assault crimes committed against women in the U.S. than in a respected Country such as Afghanistan? This is a great resouce of many topics! My inspiration to add this link comes from a female,friend! She is special to me and so are you! Click-here!Roy Fennell(*_+)6:35p.m.&&&10/01/2014 Got love for that girl and you,too!

Are you a woman? Live in respected America,only? Are you a mom with great kids? Suffering in silence from financial hardship,alone? Earn too much for this program? Do not qualify for that program? Quietly,soak your pillow from tears cause all you can do is hope? Hope has come today to put a smile on your face! Click-here! Roy Fennell_T$@10/01/2014&^%$6:50p.m.

Are you the proud parents of 2-4 wonderful children? Are they proud of themselves by recieving high scores in all school classes? There is an organization which has been providing hope for 30 years to other parents like you! Could you take a look to see if you,could grief rescue another parent or parents,who are suffering 24/7 with only hope! Click-here!^7:57p.m.&^01/08/2016

Hello! Wish there was a connection opportunity for the worlds' brightest low-income students to Americas' best Universities and opportunities? Are you a parent or parents who would love to benefit from more details? Click-here!{}10/19/2014{}10:13p.m. Best wishes with your help quest!

Are you a parent or parents of youths between ages 11-18? Have negative destructive behavoir issues or characteristics of depression? Defiance,anger or truancy? Love to see facts of an organization which may be able to help? Click-here!(*_*)10/20/2014{*_*)12:04a.m.

Are you a woman? Champion of just causes worldwide? Would it make you feel good helping women in war-torn regions? Using get paid surveys on my website to make a difference,asap! Click-here!&10/25/2014&2:03a.m. If you don't help,who will?

Are you a woman? Are you a man? Looking for some helpful information to pay for school? Hoping Ten Great Lines has a potential solution which may reduce your stress level? Scholarships,colleges,Internships,sweeps&promos,Military,financial aid,student loans and more!!Take a look and allow them to search for you!Click-here!01/16/2015-11:18a.m.Helping you prevents me from ever having a greater than thou attitude in life!Roy Fennell

Are you a woman or a man? Looking for a job in the land of downunder Australia? Or do you happen to live or have family&friends in one of these other respected Countries as U.K,Brazil,Canada,Germany,France,India,Netherlands,Poland,Russia or South Africa? At Ten Great Lines all of you are family,too! Due to this worldwide economy helping you take care of your precious children,too! Click-here!{*_*}Roy Fennell+01/16/2015+11:40a.m.

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Are you a woman or a man? Got wonderful kids and live within our respected Country of America? Love to have some healthcare concerns guidance? Did you know there are peoples willing to help you choose a doctor based on knowledge not chance? Help you choose the right doctor,right hospital and even the right care,too! How can you put a price on peace of mind with healthcare for yourself or precious children? Maybe,you could use their help&expertise,today,or in the future? Take a look see what you can discover! Click-here! Roy Fennell-01/16/2015-11:57a.m.

Are you a woman or a man? Sometimes enjoy giving your brain a workout or hate the idea of calculating problems? Great news,either way you can benefit from this unique highly specialized brainy engine of knowledge! Mobile apps friendly,business solutions,for developers with resources&tools,too!Looking for a tireless challenge or solution to problems,how can you lose? Click-here! This wolf is a smart engine! Roy Fennell-01/16/2015-12:14p.m.

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Are you a woman? Love the idea&concept of supporting women who based on actions of results make a positive difference in the world? Got love for sports&games? Would it make you feel good soul,deeply,helpling others who could inspire you,by their mighty accomplishments in life? Why not see,if you could be a help with love! Click-here! Roy Fennell-03/13/2015-4:17p.m. Actually,shed tears when I first,saw their commercial,why? A runner fell down! Someone came back and offered a hand to get up! Everybody,ran and crossed the finish line,together! Priceless,unselfish value!

Are you a woman or a man? Have a financial complaint? Need governmental assistance,guidance and information to help you make smart decisions about home morgages,credit cards or student loans? Just in case,whistle blower protection,too? Click-here! 03/13/2015-4:24p.m.

Are you a woman or a man? Believe knowledge is power? Love to have trusted information about sexual health&knowledge,worldwide,without being in a public library? Click-here! *_*)03/13/2015-4:44p.m.

Are you a woman or a man? Did you know the mission? Of United Cerebral Palsy is to advance the independence? Productivity and respected full citizenship of persons with disabilities? UCP of respected Stanislaus&Tuolumne Counties! Has been providing advocacy,programs and services! To respected persons with disabilities for over 30 years! For yourself,family or friends if you seek more information! Respectfully,please click-here! Roy Fennell-02/13/2016-3:24p.m.

Are you a woman or a man? May I ask would you enjoy? Our world to become cleaner? Today and the future? Than it was yesterday and the past? Love to see how you? Could lend a hand? To make our world? A cleaner place to live&work? Not just for us but our world's? Future generation of children,too? In addition to the above! Did you know a career opportunity? May be waiting for you? Need a mission in life? On a global volunteer experience? Knowledge is power! How knowledge is used is the true value! Suppose every single person on Planet Earth! Sent a single $1.00 dollar! To your address/respected home,apartment or college dorm! How much money would flow? Into your bank book,quickly? Bottom-line a single person! Based on his/her free will! Choices/decisions of motions and actions! Can make a positive/negative difference,worldwide! Take a look,please! Click-here! Roy Fennell-10/30/2016-5:43p.m.

Are you a woman? Love to help girls around the world? Rise up towards their full potential to transform societies? Did you know educating girls can break cycles? Of poverty in just one generation? Love to discover and learn more? Of the value and importance of girls education? If,your answer is yes! For us,could you please,click-here! Roy Fennell-04/26/2016-11:21p.m. In my opinion,poverty is a form of unchained/unseen slavery! Which may cause some human beings to feel helpless in life! Becoming victims of certain types!Of sign on the dotted-line predators!

Are you a woman or a man? Did you know the Saint Joseph's Indian School? For over 80 years? Has been making dreams come true? On the plains of South Dakota? Providing the gift of hope? To many of the respected Lakota boys&girls? I loved the video to see and hear.To voices of the children from their hearts!Living proof the power of education! Lifting them up to reach higher! In their precious lives! Please,click-here! Roy Fennell-10/20/2017-5:23p.m.When hope is lost? What does a person have left except despair?

Are you a woman or a man? Love to make 2018 a great year? For your own National Parks, too? Consider joining the respected N.P.C.A. (National Parks Conservation Association). Protecting parks for present&future generations. Proving opportunities to explore and experience. To great outdoors family adventure! With a lifetime of memories for all ages. Be informed by News&resources. Become a united voice team player! Love to see how to become involved, now? If, yes, please click-here! Roy Fennell-01/02/2018-10:53p.m. Happy New Year to all!

Love to know a secret world-class truth? Globally! TGL-Models female bosses online married, first! To the boss of Ten Great Lines. Can enjoy minds&hearts benefits. Of a lifetime sense of purpose, daily! If, desired some without walking out their castle doors. Empowering other female human beings women. Can bring change to respected poor communities, worldwide. They can join the fight! To stomp like a roach on the kitchen floor! Fighting Poverty&Worldwide Hunger! Did you know hundreds? Of thousands in silence respected children experience? Even witness acts of sexual assaults? And other respected gender-based violence? Did you know 81 million human beings? Like you&me are in dire need of emergency food assistance? Love to learn and have the opportunity? To become without violence a partner for change? Hunger is stalking the globe! Like an unseen hungry giant anaconda. With an endless appetite for the helpless, first! Without the respected children what is the future? Ready to care more? If, yes, please click-here! With love to the rescue! Online married Fly Gurls! Roy Fennell-01/02/2018-11:24p.m. Of Womanhood! Motherhood! Sisterhood! What goes around comes around. Being the wind beneath their wings! A female human beings mission of love! Unstoppable! Unconditional! Untamable!

Are you a woman? Love to have a global mission? In life making a difference? Helping to save lives? Round our world and if! Your answer is yes! Please click-here! To take a look! Roy Fennell-05/03/2020-12:27p.m.

Are you a woman? Did you know 17,700,000 million? Women have reported a sexual assault since 1998? Out of unknown fear it is not known. The actual true count of silent voices. Love to join the movement? To help create a better/safer society? To support survivors and end sexual violence? Ms.Tarana Burke is a Super Woman of Courage. A female human being Warrior for Justice. Without violence standing up! For Womanhood! Motherhood! Sisterhood! Being the wind beneath the broken wings. Of her Sisters including the respected present. Future little girl princesses&daughters. Real life not fake the Power of a woman! Love to discover and learn more? If, yes please click-here! Roy Fennell-01/08/2018-8:54a.m.

Are you a respected woman or a man? Did you know the respected second? Harvest food bank helps over? 35,000 individual human beings like you&me? In need each month? In respected San Joaquin&Stanislaus Counties? They partner with over 90 non profit agencies! Various community centers and many schools. Helping them like team players. To distribute approx. 16 million pounds. Of food per year helping others. Do you or respected loved ones/friends? Need help or able to donate? Of would love to volunteer? Take a look please click-here! Roy Fennell-03/12/2018-11:04a.m.Back in the day when I needed help! I re-call they guided humble me. To a specific respected comminity center. Without questions I recieved food help! Including the respected seventh-day adventist local church, too!


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Find HIV/AIDS Prevention & Service Providers

Enter your address, city and state, or ZIP Code:

For more information on this widget, please visit AIDS.gov.

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Chinese proverb: An upset is an opportunity to see the truth.
Chinese proverb: Everybody loves progress but nobody likes change.
Chinese proverb: How you look depends on where you go.


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Andromeda Galaxy

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

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A Ten Great Lines Airlines! 10greatlines.com

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