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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Global Online Married,first! Internet Wives&Naughty Girls! 10greatlines.com

 Coachella Style

Round our world my International loves!

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American&Overseas online married. Round our world.
Daddy's gurls diva women. With shopaholic feel
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Without walking out of their castle doors, worldwide.
With rising higher female pride and bank books, too!
Roy Fennell-04/18/2018-3:11p.m.
Seeing is believing&feeling it, first! Not a mirage.

Safely! Secretly! Shamelessly! Naturally! Nakedly! Deeply! From the beginning each as the complete.Nature born complete package.Lucky big surprise lucky me! Made me feel special as their King! Each of my virgin cherry popped twice.Good enough fo'life.International moms Internet brides&wives.Within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide.With a ton of female pride.Worked&jerked me! All night long as 3 circles good girls.And naughty girls at once.Lucky special delivery me! With secret desire fire.Were free will wide-open.To down below let go of past relationship.To shake-n-climb my big tree.Came like a river nonstop! Bed soaking and washing 3 loads soaked sheets.To become my legal money.Making naked secret Wives&Queens.To create the heartbeats.Bringing to life our baby steps game plan.For our financial happiness/security futures.Like nature magic they become special.Goddesses of seduction.Role playing women of fantasy.Female human beings business women! Who live and are alone.Living to enjoy the experience,daily! Part-time/full-time working to live happy,daily! Not living to work unhappy,daily! Until one foot in the grave.With a ton of female pride! Rising still alive not dead above ground.To stay rooted like just planted trees! Growing for their happy hears happiness,first! Not 2nd,3rd,4th or last place.In pursuit like champion track stars.Who shine like diamonds in the night.Going in their desired direction of life.Towards their own individual dreams and goals.Along the journey of excitement! Benefits of an online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise! Red carpet opportunity treatment.To spoil&pamper themselves,deliriously! As modern day women absolute Queens.Creating their own legal money.Making naked occupation&career.Financially&sexually satisfied at once,daily! Without walking out their castle doors! Singing their favorite songs "My way"&"Can't touch this" Telling the truth not a lie! Sooner or later of our own acceptance.Internet karma/fate destiny to secret garden mate.Rising female webcam&phone sex STARS! To reign on top of the global! Webcam&phone sex adult entertainment! Industry seduction game being the secret! Garden reasons electronic plastic money is spent! To help them pay all their rent! Like a naked monthy habit! Whle wearing extremely to die for expensive! Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Money talks and makes their booty! Clap-n-shake when they step and walk! Your very friendly captain of no small measure! Daddy of our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-07/27/2017-7:18p.m.

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online marriage. Impossible! To the grave to ever be
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Financially engaged&online married. Secretly! Before
we began coming together as one. Neither of my own got
virgin. Cherry popped naked twice. Online married daddy's
gurls diva women. Shamelessly! Lustfully! While holding
it up close with both hot hands tight! Had no respected
engagement and wedding rings. On their soft fingers, first!
Roy Fennell-06/23/2018-2:55p.m.
My amazing female sexual genies came, first! Like a raging
river! With their permission, first! For 1 hour I dined
at their "Y"s. Like a feast then my turn lucky me!

Naked&hi-heel shoes! Each of thee got picked up!
Airplane Flying
On Ten Great Lines Airlines! Swept off thy feet! Like magic within thy castle bedrooms!

Silhouette kneeling sexy woman photo: sexy silhouette silhouette.jpg

Can it be proven? Told or by smartphone snap picture? We are on our way? To be cybersexing bucking each other? Without birth contol pills/condoms? Like wild animals,nonstop? Within our Internet address location home? Tengreatlines.com.Online married female (TGL)-Models! For their happy hearts happiness,first! Require their own just for them! Money for us relationship online marriage! Not in conflict within their private/personal lives,24/7! With potential unknown risks.Behind closed/locked doors.Why should super horny-n-wet,daily? Women who live alone in their lives,daily? Who own laptops,desktops with webcams?
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Helping to pay thy rent,bills and utilities! Without physical sex contact.Giving up nothing to recieve everything.As female players&entertainers of the seduction game,itself! Daddy love! Loves his cherries! 08/13/2017-3:24p.m.

Naturally! Unseen face-to-face or not.Based on the unseen power.Of minds&hearts true love! Within our mutual Internet karma/fate destiny! Together as one! Unstoppable! Like wild animals within their castle bedrooms,worldwide.Untamable! To bring to life! Our baby steps game plan as parents.Unconditional! Without lies,games or strings! Truly! Only unseen minds&hearts.Money love rings within our one.Of a kind unique.Relationship online marriage custom created for modern women of today! Who are real life not fake.Concerned about their safety&privacy,first,24/7!

Real life not fake.New beginnings&special love.Cannot erase from thy memories.Past minds,hearts and soul deep pain.But in time will help to heal the scars! From negative past relationships!

Wedding cake

Due to the facts.Love itself has no human face.Each of thee as female human beings.Are more than physical sex.Objects to me as nature born women,worldwide.Love ain't sex&sex ain't love.Based on the facts.Of the unseen minds&hearts! Power of true love itself.Physically,which cannot be seen or touched.
Time to free will get connected by Internet.Safely,financially engaged&online married! To thy own secret money.Making lover&online husband.Who without strings got thy backs.With 2 sexy jobs opportunities.For thy own survival protection backup.To thy own everyday jobs,first! Got thy backs without strings.Treatment like a legal husband.Living within thy castles,daily! Within our money for us relationship online marriage.With our baby steps game plan.Which provides long-term for years.Financial happiness/security peace of mind future.One baby step at a time.Together as one going in the direction.With benefits of financial&sexual satisfaction! At once without strings.Towards online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.Which includes on the gaming page! Online gambling adult excitations.When camming&phone sexing hard! Opportunity to spoil&pamper.Thyselves like modern day women Queens.Who take financial bank book.Advantage of the webcam&phone sex.Global adult entertainment Industry.Itself to free will purchase gold coins.Vials and loose diamond stones rich/wealthy women! Legal get paid naked for us.Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.On purpose online married! Hot wet-n-juicy wide-open! Within their own castle! Bedrooms got secret gardens mated deep! To the boss of Ten Great Lines.They free will chose! To cybersex buck twice! Like naked wives in a hurry! Within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide! To give birth creating the heartbeats.New lives to our baby steps game plan.International moms Internet brides&wives! Roy Fennell-05/16/2017-5:21p.m.Based on our own mutual! Internet karma/fate destiny.No matter the distance of miles,unstoppable! As the power of true love,itself! Not too late to runaway.From the flames of secret desire fire!

Silhouette kneeling sexy woman photo: Silhouette _356.jpg

Lucky,lucky,me! Within each of their castle bedrooms,worldwide! The naughty girl goddess within the depth! Of their secret garden womanhood! Most trusted no man's land zone! Became set wild-n-free! Uncaged! Made me feel like a King! While I held it with both of my big hands! While each of my born! To become legal money! Making naked online married,first! Secret Wives&Queens! No play all the way! Naturally! Worked me all night,nonstop! Until I became a daddy as a parent! Lucky,lucky me! Like a wedding cake! Truly! Between us minds,hearts and spirits! Unseen true love came,first! What they gave me twice! Was the icing of the complete package! Softly! Tenderly! Sweetly! Upon unseen bended knee! To each of thee thank-you! My first&only Ones,forever! Absolutely! International moms Internet brides&wives.We are making history! Proving love itself is a universal language! Has not any borders,corrals or fences! For this be our mutual Internet! Karma/fate destiny to prove the power! Of a woman alone in her life! Can be happy with financial success,daily! Without being under the same roof! Of any man on Planet Earth! Remember these words from the daddy! Of our baby steps game plan! When financially able to take a 30 day vacation! Every 4 months like yearly clockwork! Wearing outside thy castles! Extremely expensive to die for eye! Candy sexy hi-heel shoes! Staying in an expensive resort! Near the pool to attract a lucky one stud hunk! Doing him like a jackhammer! Blame it all on me! 07/08/2017-3:37p.m.Possible not impossible! In the unknown future! Riding a lucky one! Up in the sky in a business jet! Never tell perfect girlfriend delight! Treatment like a Queen! Even secret garden down below! Like a hungry cat drinking milk! M-e-o-www!

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When least expected ever dream? A man with King Kong size? Love and respect for nature born women,worldwide? Would have in his mind&heart? Secret desire fire no glove? No birth control pills? With your permission,first? To come&go deep within thy lives? With a 3 baby steps? Red book secret diary way? To give birth/new lives? To our heartbeating baby? Steps game plan? Within our money for us relationship online marriage? Yes,I do laptop? Desktop with webcam ready,now? To secret garden mate? With the soon to be daddy? Of thy own working hours schedules? As soon to be Moms? Born to become legal? Get paid naked for us? Camming&phone sexing Goddesses? Of seduction business women? Of fantasy female bosses? Co-pilots on Ten Great Lines Airlines? Online married to the boss? Of Ten Great Lines? Like cement naughty girls&secret wives? 

Portrait of bride and groom

Time to see with thy own eyes! Secret garden reasons how it.Is possible not impossible.Each of thee can create&build thy own DiVa Women Empires.Naked without walking out thy castle doors! Scroll down near the bottom.Of the business&employment pages.To check out the special website links for us! Roy Fennell-05/10/2017-3:26p.m.Not a lie each of thee.Are in the spotlight.Center of attention at Ten Great Lines.Like naked Wives&Queens! Without strings nor walking out thy castle doors! The seed money for business websites! Business cards for promotion,etc.! Comes from webcam&phone sex employment,first! Without spending a penny.Of thy everyday net paychecks,period!

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sex positions photo: Sex tumblr_mpv1bvWDsD1rsjfe1o8_250_zps259d84fd1.gif

All the way no play! Minds&hearts sexual souls deep.Wide-open to recieve love,again! From thy own secret money.Making lover&online husband.When there be zero fear.Truly! Of the unknown behind closed/locked doors,24/7! 365 days a year.Impossible! Between us for either of thee.To ever experience the neverending minds! Hearts soul deep pain.Raining tears caused from domestic violence! Or face-to-face verbal abuse.Safely! There can be only tears of joy.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Based on our mutual free will.Acceptance of Internet karma/fate destiny.Based on the unseen minds&hearts.Power of true love itself,first! Absolutely&truly zero risk! Without walking out thy castle doors! Moving forward in thy lives.Being in a naked hurry! Towards happy hearts happiness,first! Without lies,false promises,games or strings! Like unseen thick-n-creamy splatter! Like pancake batter! Safely! Long overdue time to secret garden mate.With the soon to be daddy.Of our baby steps game plan.Special delivery of webcam&phone sex! Employment opportunities to get ahead in life! Delivers financial protection from potential everyday jobs! Unexpected stress from pink slips,store closures,job loss,cut in hours,etc.! Time for each of thee.To be my wide-open Yes,I do! International moms Internet brides&wives! Female bosses online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines.Our red book diary secret way! Roy Fennell-06/15/2017-10:59a.m.

May I please,ask of thee? Unseen upon bended knee? Nakedly! As a nature born woman? Who is not committed within any kind? Type of just us relationship? Secretly? Unknown to respected family,friends and co-workers? Are you an unhappy woman? To the depth of thy soul? Safely! In dire need from the inside/out? Of a new direction of thy life&future? With you not me? In the driver's seat control? Every step of the way? Sooner or later seeing yourself? As a happy new&differnet woman? Naked within the reflections? Of thy own full-length mirror? Exploring the depth of your own womanhood sexuality? All the above first? Then jailbreaking out of your limited? Income financial prison with opportunity? To give yourself be they weekly? Monthly or yearly unlimited raises to increase? The size and spending power of your bank book? Thy own no upfront fee! Talent agent&soon to be secret? Money making lover&online husband! Of no small measure special delivery! Roy Fennell-06/19/2017-6:49p.m. I promise not a whisper/hint of pain.Only savings/checking account amounts gain.Based on your own magic! Within the webcam&phone sex seduction game! Camming&phone sexing helps to make a woman.Feel special about herself such as self-esteem! Give her reasons to wear her.Makeup to perfection and recieve attention! Even have a sense of purpose in her life.With reasons to look&feel her best,daily! Safely! Add spice-n-excitement in her life! Elimination of mild/extreme boredom! Experience enjoyment making other human beings happy! Other than living day by day.Sad,lonely,unhappy and bored,too! In addition to be broke! Full of worry and deep concerns about her future.Or will she still have her everyday job.Tommorrow,next month or next year.Nobody having her back without strings! Not an illusion or mirage many women! On respected everyday jobs.Do not believe&feel! They are being paid their worth! In addition,of not recieving automatic! Yearly! Cost of living raises based on years.Of respected employment service,why? Prices of many things rising except their paychecks! Out of financial desperation! Some women may take the chance.Risks of stranger/danger dates to pay bills.Then silently suffer-n-sink! Slowly! In the quicksand of shame and guilt!

Illustration: The Engagement

American&Overseas got online married. Daddy's gurls diva
women round our world. Like sexual nature magic between
us. Without ever saying a single word. Always wide-open
by them never lucky me. With a never slip away deep.
Wall-to-wall hot dripping skin! Tight fit working it
fit! Banging and coming hard nonstop! Round the clock
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Delivery from their own first&only one, forever! To
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their own live! Online webcam and phone sex working
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Safe-n-naked goddesses of seduction. World-class
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The sizes of their bank books. Like a King Kong OMG!
Size financial erection only for them, first not me!
Benefit loads of spending&shopping joyful affection.
My fly girls first&only Ones, forever! Answered our
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My every day live heart beating Valentines, 24/7!
Roy Fennell-07/11/2018-7:32p.m.
International daddy super lucky and humble me.

My International soon to be loves&Queens.Time to be in a hurry! To sign up for webcam&phone sex employment.Our red book diary secret way,today! Wearing thy just us sexy hi-heel shoes! To let go of thy past relationships.Being wide-open for a new beginnings&man! To come&stay deep in thy lives.Mouse click anywhere on this underlined text paragraph.The (TGL)-Models page 1.Will open like magic! Then for us scroll down until each of thee.See 1st choice,2nd choice,3rd choice,etc.! As female bosses each of thee have 13 camsite choices.Seek-n-explore your favorite(s)! Get all the facts and details with questions.Answered from customer service person.After the 13th camsite choice! Discover the outstanding phone sex employment opportunity! Click the text link/banner the window will open.To what is called the landing page.Real life not fake.Safely! Secretly! Quickly! This is how we can get connected.By Internet financially engaged&online married,worldwide! Based on our acceptance.Mutual Internet karma/fate destiny.Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.Unstoppable!To secret gardens mate.With thy own secret money making lover&online husband!As born to become online married,first!Camming&phone sexing hard naughty girls&secret wives.In a hurry to create for themselves!Their own money making naked occupation&career!As legal get paid naked for us!Role playing Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.Manhood teasers&secret garden pleasers!Seducing men&women with plastic card money.To legal adult pay to play.With their no can touch it.Like gold secret gardens!Eruptions of like hot liquid gold!Pleasure muffin honey to pay!For all their purchased gold coins!Vials and loose diamond stones!All expensive merchandise shipped to their castle!Doors/specific exact mailing addresses,worldwide!Sooner or later their rent,utilities and food on their tables,too! Roy Fennell-06/15/2017-11:27p.m.

Illustration: Be my valentine

Round our world.Naked within thy own castle beds.Naked within my castle bed.Within thy bank books! Everything of our online! Sharing&caring about us first,website! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Each of thee come,first not me! Which ends the past.Of always being the Ones! Doing most/all the giving which has drained your love! A true love,first! Relationship is about a balance! Of mutual giving and recieving love's benefits! Roy Fennell-05/09/2017-11:32p.m. From the beginning no playing wit it! No glove daddy love! Zero birth control pills! To prevent us from creating the heartbeats.Giving birth/new lives! To our baby steps game plan as parents! Due to the fact.Love ain't sex&sex ain't love.Without strings all the above! And more without physical sex.Is the financial power! Of unseen minds&hearts true love! Which has no human face!

                           Heart from AnimateIt.net

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Diary from AnimateIt.net

Secretly! Chapter 1 within thy red book diaries.New beginnings&man in thy lives.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Minds,hearts and bank books! At once reality not fantasy.All the way no play.On the journey towards early.Full retirement ages saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Giving thyselves monetary raises.In addition to camming&phone sexing benefits! Financially coming&making plastic card money.Born to have a secret garden.Never tell it no! Let go tight grip! Of thy own secret money! Making lover&online husband! Benefits of our neverending financial honeymoon.International Internet brides&wives! Who use their OMG size.Manhood toy joysticks to make wet! Keep their secret gardens.Snap finger tight with pleasure! Muffins having powerful make it pop! In a hurry special grip! Born to become online married,first! Female pole-it up-n-down hard! Heart pounding sex machine.Castle bedroom in bed expert Queens.Who never play wit it! Instead own/train it to obey! When allowed to enter their milky way!

sparks of passion mariegif photo:  desejo-sensual_large.jpg

Selfishly! Lustfully,time for each of you.To create thy own red book story.From the beginning between us! All the way no play.No birth control pills/comdoms to get in our way.Being in a hurry to create the first! 3 baby steps bringing to life! Our baby steps game plan as parents! Who got online married,first! Financially engaged within our money.For us relationship online marriage.Our red book diary special way.Unlike all of thy past relationships,combined.Each of you may be unable to find within thy future! Without fear of the unknown behind closed/locked doors! Without a hint of domestic violence between us! Without strings nor surrendering a single! Drop even cup of secret garden pleasure muffin honey unto me! Daddy love will teach each of you! Savings/checking account special! Castle bedrooms delivery lessons.Within the school of life benefits! Of free will wide-open naked Wives&Queens! Within thy own castles born! To become legal get paid naked! For us Goddesses of seduction! Money making in multiple ways.Business women of fantasy as female bosses! Co-pilots on Ten Great LInes Airlines.Online married to the boss! Of Ten Great LInes milky way! Cherry popped twice beyond G-spot pops! International world-class Internet brides&wives! Roy Fennell-03/31/2017-7:09p.m. Not too late to run away,quickly!

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Do each of you? Think it could be a mistake? Of our Internet karma/fate destiny? About us online married,first? Then baby steps game plan? With the baby steps 1,2 and 3? In addition to named pages? Relationships&secret garden? Goddesses of seduction? Naughty girls&secret wives? Without physical sex between us? Based on the free will? Power of unseen minds&hearts true love? Are you a my kind of woman? One of the millions of unattached women,worldwide? Laptop,desktop with available webcams? Yes,I do ready? Quickly! No play all the way,safely? On Ten Great LInes Airlines? See on the (TGL)-Models page 1? How we can by Internet? Get connected financially engaged&online married? Our red book secret way? As legal get paid naked for us? Camming&phone sexing thy heavenly assets? As goddesses of seduction manhood teasers? International business women of fantasy? Secret garden no can touch it? Pleasers going in the direction? On the Models-6 page? Of rich/wealthy women futures? Opportunity to free will purchase gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones? If,yes I do ready? To come wide-open to greet&meet me! To secret garden butterfly wings fury mate. Within our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet address home.Tengreatlines.com Type into google search,tengreatlines.com Welcome aboard.Your friendly captain of no small measure.Solid as a rock,24/7! Roy Fennell-05/09/2017-5:19a.m.Welcome home!

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Our long lasting for years! Baby steps game plan.Ain't no secret the named site pages.Relationships&Secret garden! Goddesses of seduction! Naughty girls&secret wives! Celebration without doubts or hesitation.Of our unseen minds&hearts true love.Each of my International naughty girls&secret wives.Have no can touch it.Secret gardens like gold! Money in the bank.Flames with secret desire fire.Pleasure muffins hot like liquid gold.Thick honey to produce bed soaking sheets.When camming&phone sexing hard.Making their loads of webcam.Phone sex electronic credit card plastic money! Slowly! Steady drippin'&flowing in the direction! With monetary affection financial joy! Into their deep bank book wells.On purpose to increase the sizes.Swelling up like a plump erection.The amounts of their savings and checking accounts.While going in an unstoppable! Direction towards rich/wealthy women futures.Even on my birthday today! Thinking of each of thee not just me! Roy Fennell-05/10/2017-5:00p.m.

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Are each of thee? Free willing,wide-open and yes? I do ready and able?
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secret way? Legal get paid naked for us? Naughty girls&secret wives?
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Elimination of what if,unexpected job loss fears situation
Elimination of what if,unexpected pink slip fears situation
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Making it grow bigger.Solid as a rock bank books reality.
Like nature magic without expensive panties! No glove/birth control pills.
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Of the millions of women who cheat,worldwide! Ever wonder like me? How many would never cheat? If,face-to-face within an exclusive relationship? Under the same roof or not? Once arriving after work or not,safely? From the beginning being told once? Behind closed/locked door? Be the lucky ones home first,or not? Like animated picture below? They be the only ones? Being in the spotlight&center of attention? With a dine at the Y? Until weak in their knees,hello? Thank-you for choosing lucky me? Roy Fennell-01/13/2017-8:27a.m. Thank-you for helping us? Pay our rent,utilities and food on our tables? My every day sugar sweet treats? Queen of our castles? Thank-you for having our backs? No matter the size of your income? Together,as one we are team players? For our mutual financial survival,daily? As my equal partner in life? You are all the company! I need behind closed/locked doors daily,why? Nobody else coming in with bags of groceries! Paying our rent&utility bills! Which is the only bottom-line dollars&cents,daily! Questions,my International loves! Would there be time for face-to-face non texting communication,privately? Such as how was your day at work? Have any on the job concerns/fears? Not an oops,accident or mistake! Some real life bad boys&girls! Once they deliver special below attention! Become great listeners by phone/text,too! They do it for long-term 3 circles! Bed soaked sheets excitement,free! As NSA specialists on many adult  online dating websites! Waiting/prowling for heartbeating adult pleasure sexual feasts! Free willing wide-open to give/recieve! Honestly! How do you blame a woman/women? Starving/hungry for special attention? To make her/them feel alive? Not sexually dead above ground,unburied?

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Paw Tracks
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Ten Great Lines
Image by Cool Text: Free Logos and Buttons - Create An Image Just Like This

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Horizontal Divider 28

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Click anywhere on the above.Underlined text link paragraph.
To arrive at the (TGL)-Models 1 page.Each of the 3 underlined
paragraphs.On this page go to the (TGL)-Models page 1!
Either way so we can become a family of 3.Based on our own
free wills.Acceptance to secret garden mate.Of our own mutual Internet karma/fate destiny.For not even I can explain.
Why I created 3 such links on this specific web page.
Roy Fennell-08/13/2017-7:02p.m.


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