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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines 10 naked steps of the financial power of a woman! 10greatlines.com!


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American&Overseas online married. Round our world.
Daddy's gurls diva women. With shopaholic feel
good spendthrift fever! Can keep more of their
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Shopping naked and sexual freedom paradise.
Creation of thy own occupations&careers.
While still above ground to enjoy the benefits!
Experience new lives as legal. Money making
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Goddesses of seduction. International manhood
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Secret girlfriends business women. Of reality
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Like born to be spoiled modern day women queens.
Within our safe-n-naked money. For us relationship
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Without walking out of their castle doors, worldwide.
With rising higher female pride and bank books, too!
Roy Fennell-04/18/2018-3:11p.m.
Seeing is believing&feeling it, first! Not a mirage.

Beginning with 25-30 hours per week. Yes I do wide-open!
Free will ready for us! To become legal get paid!
Money making naked secret Wives&Queens.

Of thy own secret money making lover&online husband.
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Can see how their lives&futures. Can be now and later.
With them not me. In the driver's seat control.
By Internet once financially engaged&online married.
Our red book secret diary way. Safely! Secretly!
Quickly! Online married DiVa women benefits.
Luxury&gangnam lifestyle futures. Towards their own
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Opportunity to become rich/wealthy. Goddesses of
seduction. Business women of reality&fantasy.
From free will purchases. Of gold coins, vials and
loose diamond stones. Provided from their own
hooked! Seduced fo' life respected webcam.
Phone sex secret admirer's plastic money.
Roy Fennell-01/21/2018-9:54a.m.

Time for my soon to be unattached&available! Laptop/desktop with webcams.Yes,I do ready! International virgin milky way! Cherry popped twice Internet brides&wives.To type into google search,tengreatlines.com.Quickly,to come to our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet home.Tengreatlines.com.So we can with butterfly.Wings of fury become mated! Being in a hurry! To create the heartbeats! Giving birth/new lives together as one! To our heartbeating baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-05/05/2017-1:27p.m. As legal get paid naked.Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines.Naughty girls&secret wives,worldwide! Manhood teasers&secret garden pleasers! No longer waiting/standing at the altars of thy lives,alone! When having thy own secret! Money making lover&online husband! No matter the distance of miles! With King Kong size.Love and respect for each of thee! As nature born women.Seeking to eliminate thy financial. Struggles to survive and make ends meet,daily! See on the Models-6 page.How each of thee not me! Can be in the driver's seat! Control of the direction of thy lives&futures! Based on the unseen power.Of minds&hearts no strings true love!

Like a woman with a long handle. Wooden spoon stirring a mixture of ingredients! Round-n-round in a kitchen mixing bowl! Sexually,the physical act! Itself with manhood penetration! Of actions and motions! Stirring deep within her! Secret garden honeypot bowl of delight! Creation seeds of life.Creating mixed&blended! Hot thick-n-creamy splatter like pancake batter.Excitations of sexual soul deep secret.Desire fire excitement within mind&heart! With new life baby joy!

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Time in Delhi:

More than just an act.With a single purpose.Of quick sex satisfaction relief.


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Within every nature born woman,worldwide! There is a Goddess! For secret garden reasons of respected childbirth! Good girl/Naughty girl same woman.Heartbeating wonder of nature! She can be a respected Mother! Then like magic for the lucky One! A heartbeating sex machine Queen! In a heart beat! Super woman in the labor room! Without special kind of lifting weights! Training or skills can carry for 9 months! Some more should be on a breakfast cereal box! As a champion to respected little girls! Who sooner or later! Growup to become full grown women! Who within their own full-length mirror! Reflections the Goddesses of seduction.Are the Ones looking back! At them waiting to escape! Come to life within their expensive! Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes! Real life not fake! Got the do you want me? Without speaking a word.Which can make some men! Pull off their rings to be close! To her to ask for a date! Or at least get her number! Like a female human being.Mind reader already got his number! Of what is really on his mind! She could use her finger.To touch it making it rise even pop! Once uncaged camming&phone sexing benefits! Safely! Is a great way a woman.Can take control of the direction! Of her powerful do it urges,daily! With benefits of financial&sexual satisfaction! At once while increasing the savings/checking accounts! Amounts flowing into her deep bank! Book well no longer near bone dry empty! Benefits of online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise! Without walking out their castle doors! Some single Moms can get paid! To become their own babysitters.Who no longer require 3 part-time jobs! To equal 40-45 hours paychecks! Time for unattached bank book.Dance floor love to party girls! Round our world! Wide-open drippin' good desire to be bad! FWB-NSA super wet-n-horny sex! Addicted to money&finer things! In life to seek savings/checking accounts! Ownership of the webcam&phone sex.Adult entertainment Industry worldwide! To make sure their deep bank book wells! To the graves will never ever become bone dry! Like their own kind of man! Already knows from special castle bedrooms delivery! How they down below love it! Wall-to-wall filled up to stay! Be their wet dreams secret garden! Reasons for bed soaked expensive sheets! Be their minds&hearts! Creamy reasons for sudden body jerks at work! When thinking about us! Creating thick splatter like pancake batter! Naked within their own castle bedrooms! Like wild animals within the wilderness!

Do each of thee promise me? To our graves neither of you? Will never tell what we were with lust? In a naked hurry? To do without glove? Without birth control pills? Like wild animals within thy own castle bedrooms? From the beginning sexual souls deep? 3 inch depth of secret garden womanhood? Without a hint/whisper of pain? Although more than once.My naked back was bounced against the wall! Took us all night long we became parents! Daddy love takes the blame.Each of thee were too busy! Doing me up-n-down.Coming like a river with secret! Garden butterfly wings of fury.To answer thy smart phones.Or let go to answer knocks! On thy windows/or at castle doors! When it was time for me.To back it up.Pull out I heard a pop! Each of thee were still tight! Thank-you,my First&only Ones!

Even if we go down.In a ball of flames.We shall not cry.Knowing we will die.Our tears be of joy.Having known we lived.To enjoy and experience! The Exlusive Butterfly of Love.Knowing for a fact.Love&desire themselves.Can never ever die! And there would be time! For our last kiss good-bye!


First&only Ones.Female bosses&co-pilots!
Airplane Taking Off
On Ten Great LInes Airlines.Parents of our baby steps game plan.Together as one!

There may be a loud pop! With eruptions from the excitement!
 Discovered within the Woman-1 to Woman-4 pages.Of the legal $1,000,000.00 financial game plan.Benefits of affiliate programs! Having thy own business websites.Promoted by thy own designed business cards,too! As discovered on the Models-6 page.Not a lie great unlimited income opportunities.When online married! To thy own upfront show! Each of thee all the money! All the gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones,first! Special kind of castle bedrooms do you! Money right man secret! Money making lover&online husband,too!

Time for each of thee,worldwide! To wide-eyed see naked! On the secret wives page.How it be possible.$4000.00,$10,000.00 even $20,000.00! Like a monthly habit! One respected webcam client.Phone sex customer at a time.Camming&phone sexing hard as female bosses.Of thy own webcam&phone sex businesses.Who create,make and set! Thy own working hours schedules.Absolutely! Creating thy own legal get paid! Money making naked occupation&career.Born to become online married! Naughty girls&secret wives! Of the boss of Ten Great Lines.Soon to be daddy.Of our baby steps game plan.Nakedly! Our red book diary special way! With thy own secret money.Making lover&online husband! Safely! Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Unstoppable! Truly! Be our mutual free will acceptance.Of our Internet karma/fate destiny! Which neither of us can runaway/escape! Roy Fennell-06/20/2017-8:27a.m.Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.Under the same heavenly roof.Of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above.

Chinese proverb: The only way to have a friend is to be one.
Chinese proverb: Good things are coming to you in due course
of time.
Chinese proverb: Your original ideas will get you well-deserved recognition.
Chinese proverb: Watch your relations with other people
carefully reserved.
Chinese proverb: Good health will be yours for a long time.

Naked! With wide-open thighs&eyes.That sparkle like diamonds.In the night and it be time.For each of thee to see.Discover on the relationships page.The truth about us.Going down the roads,bi-ways and highways.Of our lives towards Millionairess&Millionaire status.Side by side in the cockpit! Female bosses&co-pilots.On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Your friendly captain of no small measure! Roy Fennell-06/20/2017-8:44a.m.

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Do each of thee? Promise me not to ever tell? The documentation within thy red? Book diaries reveal our secret? Special time of the month? We got connected by Internet? Financially engaged&online married? Being in a hurry? To give birth create the heartbeats? Bringing to life of our baby? Steps game plan within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide? Benefits of heart pounding excitement? Even at work thinking about baby? Names for thy own business websites? With the on purpose? Known daddy who lives in Ceres,california? Being each of your own secret? Money making lover&online husband? With King Kong size? Love and respect for each of thee? As nature born women,worldwide? Who pulled them down? Took them off with lust? For us to wide-open recieve special? Deep delivery financial seeds of website knowledge? With secret desired fire like magic? Creation seeds of life? Of 3 inch depth of secret garden womanhood?

Once financially engaged&online married,first! Our red book diary way.
Begins thy new lives.As legal get paid naked for us.
Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy seductive delights!
International money making naughty girls&secret wives.Queens unseen
of my physical castle.Female bosses of thy own webcam&phone sex.
Businesses to end thy financial.Struggles to make ends meet,alone.
No longer left waiting/standing at the altars.Of thy lives for prince
charming.Ms/Mr.Right when for thyselves.Have thy own secret money.
Making lover&online husband.Within our money for us relationship
online marriage.Without walking out thy castle doors,worldwide.
To bring the complete package.To the daddy of our baby!
Steps game plan who by Internet.Special delivery from respected
Ceres,california.Faster than a fighter jet! Deeper than G-spot pops!
All night long came to wide-open.With thy permission,first!
Queens served/got it,nonstop! In a naked hurry secret gardens.
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International moms Internet brides&wives.Each of my born.
To become of sexual cybersex fantasy.Bank books reality.
Lava hot 3 circles juicy-n-tight all night! Female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Without guilt or shame.Became virgin milky way.Cherry popped twice
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At once the good girls&naughty girls,24/7! 365 days a year.
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Love-n-respect for each of thee,first! As nature born women with female
pride,worldwide.Daddy love! Roy Fennell-10/03/2017-4:55p.m.
While tree climbin'/shakin' my big.Surprise beneath their umbrellas.
Each one promised to their graves.To no condoms/birth control pills.
Never ever tell on us.What we did in their castle beds of nature magic!
On purpose bringing to life our creation.Like a mild earthquake!
Made their beds shake! With 3 washloads of bed soaked sheets.
Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Shamelessly! Naturally! Rapidly! Lucky me!
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Minds&hearts excitations love affair experience,daily!
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Unattached laptop,desktop with webcams available.Good girls round our world.Burning up consumed by the flames! From head-to-toes and drippin' down below.Roasting hot with submissive women fever! Secretly! Quickly! Within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide! Deeply! Privately! Nakedly! Can secret gardens mate.With the boss of Ten Great Lines.Real life not fake.Can live to enjoy the experience,daily! Having new lives while still above ground! As money making naughty girls&secret wives.Camming&phone sexing hard! Online married team players.Legally! Being paid naked twice.To bed soak their sheets for us.Having their own webcam&phone sex businesses.Creating for themselves not me.As female bosses a financial backup.To their everyday jobs paychecks.Benefits of peace of mind.For their survival,daily! Including financial happiness/security futures.Not being broke when reaching their respected early! Full retirement ages in life.Sooner or later 1 hour! Before the end of their everyday! Workshifts some may discover down below.Excitement eruptions when thinking about their just us! Favorite sexy hi-heel shoes! Like cement at/near the main.Entrance/exit castle door having special! Meaning if unhappy about the direction! Of their lives and futures.The exact same is true for women.Howling-n-prowling on adult dating websites.The exact same is true for women! Absolutely! Looking,waiting and seeking adult.Submissive woman employment opportunities.On adult jobs websites! When their secret gardens mate.With their own secret money.Making lover&online husband! Their actual resumes become a bank book asset! Not a savings/checking accounts liability! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Minds,hearts and bank book benefits at once! Roy Fennell-06/22/2017-5:36p.m. Safely! Truly! Without strings with zero risks of the unknown behind.Closed/locked doors even when asleep,24/7!  

Real life not fake.Living to enjoy the experience,daily!
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Born to become naughty girls&secret wives.
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First&only Ones,forever! By thy own first&only one,forever!
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measure.Prince charming! Ms/Mr.Right should have come sooner! To end thy yes I'm ready wait.At the altars of thy lives,alone!

Absolutely&truly! Beyond a shadow of doubt.How can a man? Even begin to love a woman? If,he does not understand her? As a female human being,first? Having the potential of becoming his only One? Legally married or not? Got his back 24/7? Even out of sight morning,noon or night? Behind closed/locked doors? Based on costumes any woman? Of all his sexual fantasy dreams? Be free willing to become the Mother? Of his baby son/daughter,too? Roy Fennell-04/19/2017-2:07p.m. Between us no raining tears of pain only joy! Safely! Within thy castle bedrooms,worldwide.Time to pull them down.Take them off with sexual lust for us! Understanding my financial seeds.Of website knowledge is an exact reflection.With secret desire fire between us.Creation seeds of life as online married! Naughty girls&secret wives.Legal get paid naked Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy with our own kind! Of baby steps game plan.On purpose not an oops,accident or mistake! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Unseen face-to-face! Unstoppable! Still got thy backs from respected Ceres,California! Time to back it up hard! From thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide! To cybersex work it! As my unseen face-to-face,daily! Unseen 3 circles naked Wives&Queens! 


Who do each of thee see? Except the Goddess within the reflections? Of thy own full-length mirrors! Awaken and came out to answer! The ancient call of nature.To become wide-open secret! Garden mated fo' life to her! Own kind of mate as a naughty girl&secret wife! Legal get paid naked! Goddess of seduction.Business woman of fantasy.So we can create the heart beat! Being in a hurry! Giving birth/new life.To our heartbeating baby steps game plan.Our red book love diary secret way! The naughty girl within requires her own kind! Of secret money making lover&online husband! Not me only the good girl.Within each of thee.Can uncage her to run wild-n-free! Into a safe direction of webcam&phone sex employment! Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

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2.Naughty girl legal get paid naked! Goddess of seduction.Business woman of fantasy! Having thy own secret money making lover&online husband! Never up in thy faces.In thy business/bank accounts! Or personal places/spaces.Nor like an un-invited rooster.Pecking/knocking on thy castle doors! Not like a physical lover! Without bags full of groceries,first! Before entering thy castle door! Being the only One on Planet Earth! Due to the fact birth control pills.Cannot protect her,first! From a STD when there be no glove! With or without an engagement&wedding ring! On her finger the exact same risks! Without mutual trust&lust lockdown control! Roy Fennell-06/21/2017-2:55p.m.

International women who live alone,daily! In their homes,apartments and college dorms,daily! Female pride is alive.Not dead above ground.Rising up online married,first! To their own secret money making lover&online husband.To become a family of 3.Our red book diary special way.By Internet financially engaged&online married! International moms Internet brides&wives.Camming&phone sexing hard legal.Money making naked secret Wives&Queens.Safely! Bed soaking their sheets.Creating their own money making naked occupation&career.No can touch it! No can kiss it! Never can lick it! Role-playing goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.Manhood teasers pleasure muffin! Shaking secret gardens pleasers.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Of our own mutual Internet karma/fate destiny.Working to live happy daily! Not living to work unhappy,daily! Without walking out their doors financial success! Naked&dancing in the moonlight! Singing their favorite songs."My way"&"can't touch this"! Not our fault some of past relationships! Took their love&hearts! For granted then tossed away! Like a used diaper and soaking their pillows! With broken hearts&tears.Even today have nightmares.As survivors of domestic violence.Of which Might was considered Right.No matter Right or Wrong! Based on physical power! Not the unseen minds&hearts.Power of true love itself,first! Roy Fennell-07/18/2017-3:11a.m.

Naked! Time for us to become a family of 3.
Portrait of bride and groom
Our red book love story way! Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

Are you a woman? One of the millions? Of unattached and available women,worldwide? Dreaming to runaway escape? Jailbreak out of their living paycheck? To paycheck financial income prison? Naked! With hi-heels over heads lava hot? Excitement with flames of secret desire fire? Within a money for us relationship? Safe online marriage for a new? Beginnings&man with King Kong? Size love and respect for each of thee? As nature born women of childbirth,worldwide? If,yes I do ready! To come wide-open wet! To fly&be with me.On Ten Great LInes Airlines.Nonstop,to our secret meet&mating place.Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.Pack thy travel bag.Light within our 747 Jumbo Jet cockpit flight! Bring only thy favorite.Eye candy pump-n-bump you! Like a wild animal! Expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! Time to type into bing/ixquick! Yahoo/google search,tengreatlines.com.Welcome aboard! Your friendly daddy love captain.Of no small measure joystick! Roy Fennell-04/03/2017-9:58a.m.Solid plump with financially juicy! Bank books monetary seeds of website knowledge.Welcome home for deeper than G-spot! Special delivery Queens treatment! All the way no play! No birth control pills! No glove daddy love! All natural between us as nature! Intended from the beginning between a woman&man.Secret garden reasons if able of childbirth! Bundle of joy celebration as respected parents!

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Who do each of thee see? Except thyselves when alone! Within thy castles in the mood or after work.Wide-open bringing it locked by Internet! To thy own online husband&daddy! Of our baby steps game plan.As a legal get paid naked! For us Goddess of seduction.Business woman of fantasy! Who of thy own free will.Answered yes,I do! To our kind of animalistic.Howling&growling sexual mating call! No longer chasing the Elusive butterfly of Love.By Internet came on the wings of butterflies.

Welcome! Ten Great Lines 10 naked steps. Of the financial power! Of a woman page.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great Lines.Internet location of our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet address home.Tengreatlines.com.No ticket required on me free! Unlimited round trip flights! Globally,round the clock nonstop! On Ten Great LInes Airlines.Eco-friendly powerful Internet search engines! Zero not even a whisper of noise/air pollution! Round our word in seconds! Amazing&blazing speed our competitors! Of the transportation Industry! We believe respectfully they cannot match! In addition,to our low cost! No fee free fares,too! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain! Roy Fennell-08/20/2017-10:50a.m. Thank-you,for flying Ten Great LInes Airlines.Welcome home!

We be doing it like wild in the jungle animals!
Airplane Flying
From thy castle bedrooms,worldwide! To our Internet location address home,nonstop.Tengreatlines.com

Time to come naked wide-open hot! Wet-n-drippin' in the direction.Of thy soon to be secret.Money making lover&online husband! Of no small measure.Solid as a rock,24/7! Waiting for you to greet&meet me! To yes,I do! Answer our kind of animalistic mating call! To see on the TGL-Models page 1! How we can get connected hooked up! Financially engaged&online married! Like wild animals financially coming&making money! Like just got married bedroom lovers! To begin our neverending financial honeymoon! Creating the heartbeats to give birth! New lives to our heartbeating baby! Steps game plan once online married,first! Taking the first 3 steps going in the direction! On Models-6 page.Towards rich/wealthy women futures! From free will purchased gold coins.Vials and loose diamond stones! Time to type into bing,search,tengreatlines.com On Ten Great Lines Airlines.No ticket required on me free.Unlimited round trip flights! Round the clock,nonstop! Welcome aboard! Your friendly captain of no small measure! Roy Fennell-03/17/2017-6:17p.m.Welcome home! Our neverending natural secret garden mating place.Minds&hearts naked wives&Queens.Legally,who get paid naked for us.As goddesses of seduction! Business women of fantasy! Online married to the boss .Of Ten Great Lines naughty girls&secret wives! Female bosses&co-pilots.Who are red book diary! International milky way drippin'to stay! First&only Ones cherry popped twice! Internet brides&wives like cement.Unseen Queens of my physical castle.Until each of their repected legal wedding days!

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While still alive with female pride above ground!
Time is long overdue for NSA-FWB bank book.
Daddy,material and booty call girls!
With laptops,desktop with webcams.Round our world.
Not committted within any type of relationship.
To take a wide-open naked flight!
Towards spending&financial freedom power.
To bathe&shower themselves! Within the waters of the
finer things in life.Luxury&gangnam lifestyle futures.
Butterfly love do as they please lives,daily!
For their happy hearts happiness,first!
Based on costumes role playing legal.Get paid naked for us!
No can touch it! No can kiss it! No! No! No! Never can lick it!
Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy.
Camming&phone sexing hard money.Makin'/booty shakin'
wet dreams makers.Recieving as much as possible then more!
Financial joy electronic plastic card money.Zero physical sex contact.
Without surrendering a single drop! Of buried down below treasure.
Like liquid gold lava hot! Nature born female secret garden.
Pleasure muffin sugar sweet honey.Without walking out their castle doors.
Benefits of an online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.
Within the school of life.The seduction game is of the highest degree!
Possible for nature born women,worldwide.Rising up with female pride.
To fly and soar higher in life.Where mighty Eagles dare not go!
Staying up until touching down.On the financial success runway!
To touch,reach and kiss.The unreachable star of their own
individual goals and dreams.AS IS female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.
Virgin cherry popped twice.Snap finger kitty m-e-o-www tight!
International moms Internet brides&wives.
First&only Ones,forever! Of their own adult pleasure.
Of no small measure.Castle bedrooms bank books teacher!
Special delivery daddy of our baby! Steps game plan secret money.
Making lover&online husband.The boss of Ten Great Lines.
Who takes the blame.Each of thee swan dived naked!
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Being our own free wills to secret gardens mate.
Unable to runaway/escape. Our mutual Internet karma/fate destiny.
Roy Fennell-09/01/2017-5:46p.m.Beyond a shadow of doubt!
Making plans for 2018&our financial happiness/security futures.
Within our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked!
24/7 secret meeting&mating place.Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com

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As per our one of kind special unique! Red book diary secret way.Except for thy just us favorite.Eye candy expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! To keep at/near the entrance.Exit castle door like cement for us! Time each of you! To pull them down for us! Take them down to free will! Signup for webcam/phone sex employment! Minds&hearts benefits of red book diary way! To undress/let go of all! Negative past relationships to live! Enjoy&experience a real life! New beginnings&unseen face-to-face! Man in thy life not under your castle roof! Benefits between us as individual human beings You&Me***I do! Zero fear of minds,hearts or physical pain! Zero flashbacks of past deja vu! What if,questions,doubts with haunting memories! Between us happy hearts happiness futures! Roy Fennell-02/05/2017-12:25a.m. 

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The unseen Goddess within a woman/women worldwide! Is a true Fierce Female Warrior! In a heart beat! Fight to the Death! To protect&defend her precious baby! Proof of being fit for battle! Courage can be found in blood! Within labor rooms and sometimes! Other places or spaces! Of life battle tested many do! Not run away/abandon their precious helpless! Defenseless baby boy&girl like a miracle! To somehow make it on their own,alone! She be an Huntress! Based on proven facts! Man by her side! In her life or not! She would starve so her child can eat! Only recognized of the Power! Of her love 1 day a year! Even as a precious Mother! Roy Fennell-07/19/2016-11:12p.m.BMJJ*&^^&+nGrWqM:"{}{P)9BVVCSK:NNRT*7q1 +She be a being specially connected To Nature release! Based on these questions? Is it a woman/man with a secret garden? Experiences reflected on a monthly calendar? In blood magic moment? Of her respected time of Month&Period?

What is the point for a woman/women? To roll the dice of their lives? And future with her mind&heart? Love&body and bank book? If she has not a clue? What may really be the truth? Behind closed doors,daily? Once and after she free will? Says Yes,I do? Til' death do us part?

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Unexpected store closures,cuts in hours and pay.
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Everyday jobs fears&pink slip tears!
Which based on facts.Respected everyday jobs.
Are not of thy own control.Nor work hours schedules!
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Based on the above opportunity facts.When having thy own
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Other men/women and as absolute Queens.
Of thy castles due to HIV virus.Concerns be in control.
No glove/no love due to the facts.Birth control pills nor
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Which is not prejudice has no pity or mercy!
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Individually,who do each of you see? Secretly,except yourselves! Within your own Castle bedroom beds! Who of your own free will naked! Said yes pulling them down for us! Free will took them off for us! Drippin' or not free will naked! For us with wide-open thighs! On purpose naked except wearing your favorite! Expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! For us our financial engagement! Is your Yes actions and motions on purpose! Naked when you signup! To webcam/phone sex! Once hired,first,online married! This is our secret way/get connected to do it! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Individually,who do you see? Except you&me*** I do saying it Face-to-Face! In your Castle bed based of perfect! Timing by you on purpose! Mutually agreed not on birth control pills! Me on purpose no condom! Bumping&pumping like nature! Intended it to be between a Woman&Man! Powerful and in manhood&pleasure muffin heat! Of from mutual sexual souls! Depths of burning honeymoon night! Being the beginning of creation of life! By a lucky man to help his legal wife! Let go from bed soaked sheets! Past bad/negative relationships! Some still haunting her mind&heart! Giving her reasons to live&breathe,daily! Within her mind while coming like river! She is thinking exactly where to place! The cradle for her baby! As a Mom&Mother,ain't nobody child in bed! She be a full grown woman! Lady in the street! In a heart beat! Hi-heels or not when pushing her baby carriage! Like a SuperWoman leap in front of her baby! If she saw in the distance! King Kong himself knockin' down! Buildings she will not run! She be planning&thinking to his shock! That big monkey is going down and die! As a Female Warrior! Parts of King Kong will end! Up on her kitchen table super tender! Her dogs will jump over their dog house! Mommy coming with drippin' fresh meat! The rest of King King will end up in her freezer! Her girlfriends be coming like bullets! Who always got hungry kids! Poor King Kong done met his match! From a woman who had added a single stick of dynamite! Right in the area of his erection! What ever it took not to run! To protect her baby! You need not tell me Face-to-Face what you! Would do to protect our baby from harm! You need not tell me! Face-to-Face I could expect! Exactly the same thing if we be! Naked,together as one! With your legs wrapped like a respected Mummy! Tightly,around my body! Giving it like no other! Made you pour it all out! Within my Castle living room bed! For us i found a  solution! Just for you when free will visit! Naked,wearing only your favorite! Expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! Wide-open thighs for us! In my direction being any pictures! Of actions and motions or not! Unidentified by first,last or stage names! Which provides virtual reality sexual fantasy! With a hint of intimacy! Within their minds&hearts! Only Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! Understand beyond physical sex with a man! Subject to unlocked/no control lust! Never dying pains of the Minds&Hearts risks! Non physical sex within our online marriage! Is based on minds&hearts true love! If unseen love itself was a butterfly! On a kitchen ceiling could it be harmed/swatted? Like a fly on the wall? Or stomped like a roach on the kitchen floor? Millions of women read romance novels! Within their minds&hearts! Unseen climb/jump naked into story! For some of them! This is a real life! True love story live! Which gives them secret garden! Horny sexy drippin' secret reasons! To pull them down take them off! Get connected by webcam/phone sex employment! Once hired,first,jump naked! Into the story to live&experience! Like the icing on a wedding cake! Seize bank book financial joy! Bed soaking sheets working hard! Making their money rain! In the direction of bank accounts! Using their like gold pleasure muffins'! Liquid gold honey the way! I love it which helps them! Naked get paid,first! Financially able to help themselves purchase! Gold coins/loose diamond stones! At discounted prices towards rich! Not broke wealthy women futures! Their love them naked! Secret lover&online husband! To our graves! 07/19/2016-12:54a.m.

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break! Luxury&Gangnam lifestyle futures. Untouchable!
Safe-n-naked goddesses of seduction. World-class
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Fantasy secret girlfriends with bed soaked sheets.
Making unlimited amounts of plastic money. Rain down
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The sizes of their bank books. Like a King Kong OMG!
Size financial erection only for them, first not me!
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My every day live heart beating Valentines, 24/7!
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International daddy super lucky and humble me.

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Individually,who do each of you see? Except yourselves of see no tell it secret! Within either of our Castles! Unidentified by first,last or stage name! With your hand with nothing to do! Except in your 3 adult pleasures circles! Like a female sexual voyeur! Within our Internet home! Right before eyes free willing to allow me! Go G-spot deep treasure! Into like gold pleasure muffins! And special secret never pain other places! Get connected on purpose! So your secret do Money Right man! Can be the Master to the last drop! In secret of all your physical orgasms! Even in your wet dreams sleep! Secret reasons for unexpected body jerks! Even at work eruptions! Warm when you be juicy for your secret! Daddy adult pleasure toy! To relieve your sexual stress/tension! Like a habit,daily! For get paid reasons or not! Your secret collections are your webcam/phone sex! Money makers without manhood penetration! Which becomes 2 facts not lies! A woman does not require any man! Including me:1.To&experience a single/multiple orgasms! 2. Purchase a new car! Paid for before leaving the show room dealer! Parking lot panties or not! Wearing extremely expensive! Eyes poppin' candy sexy! Look at me hi-heel shoes! As a Goddess of Seduction! Live woman of Fantasy! May make 3-4 potential bank book hits! When hit on first, from some Salesmen/Women! Who may have potential refferal webcam/phone sex! Respected clients/customers! Who tell their secret adult pleasure friends! When money ready! With her own custom! Designed business cards which promotes,free! Her/their business websites! Which grows her/their Diva Woman/Women Empire(s)! Your do you Money Right man&online husband! 07/18/2016-8:01p.m.   

Liquid Gold
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Like no other women on our Planet Earth. Like nature
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Ten Great Lines
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Time for nature born.Desire to be wild-n-free.Financially&sexually unhappy and unsatisfied,daily! Unattached wide-open available women,worldwide.Who are Internet/money ready,now! To begin the end! of their financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! Once hired for webcam/phone sex.Employment for us,first! Safely! Secretly! Each of you by Internet! Become financially engaged&online married at once! Quickly,to the boss of Ten Great Lines! As soon to be legal get paid naked! Naughty girls&secret wives! To experience real lives.As role playing/money makin' Goddesses of seduction! International booty shakin' business women of fantasy. Free will like cement for years! Even for life within our money.For us relationship online marriage! Without walking out their castle doors! Going down the roads.Bi-ways and highways of thy lives! With free will opportunities! From purchased gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones! Towards rich/wealthy women early/full retirement age futures! Roy Fennell-12/23/2016p.m.

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3 no tell it secret garden! Benefits and reasons within our money! For us relationship online marriage! To wide-open stay like cement:
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2. Once safe at thy Castles for us! Drop everything you are wearing near exit/entrance door! Purpose symbolic to letting go! Of bad/negative relationships! New beginnings bathing within our love! For emotional/spiritual healing thy pain! Cannot erase sad memories! May help with comfort to heal scars from verbal minds&hearts abuse.
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Childs Block Rotating
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Individually,who do each of you see? Right before thy eyes? You&Me,online married,first? Naturally,without birth control pills/condom? On purpose mutually the way? Nature intended it to be between a female? Human being and lucky One? Male human being together? As one Hearts on Fire? Yearning&burning in the flames? Of hot sex bun in the oven? To create life deep within thy bellies? Like naked man&wife with intent? Being for life and to our graves? Making our love rain upon bed soaked sheets,daily? 

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Like a coin with 2 sides for true! Value a woman has 2 sides! Respected Motherhood of if possible! Childbirth and related FemaleHumanBeing! Raising of her respected baby! Then within herself of Womanhood! As a Goddess of Seduction! Lustful Naughty Girl of adult pleasure delights! Same woman lady in the streets! Sex machine between the sheeets,why? Within a committed relationship! Legally married or not mutual physical sex! Is possible without stepping outside their relationship! When the female human being! Is not recieving zero! Too little,not enough her body! Becomes sex starved&hungry! At once and in my opinion! Due to her do it urges,daily! Of which she cannot control! Expects/requires her mate the male! Human being to satisfy/pacify! Her sexually by physical sex performance,daily! As her do it to me! Urges demand&command of Nature! Which attracted them to each other! As a woman&man such as the courtship! Of dating time frame before the mating of marriage! Or committed relationship without respected marriage license! In my opinion a single reason some of the millions! Of women who cheat are sex starved and seeking the Elusive Butterfly of Love! Which they minds&hearts believe and feel! Has escaped their relationships! In my opinion 69 adult pleasure! Can provide her emotional needs of being desired as a woman! In addition,to feeding her Naughty Girl lust,daily! 

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Warrior Girl
                           from AnimateIt.net

In my opinion,within the natural nature control! Order of childbirth nature connection! To female human beings! Past,present and future on our Planet Earth! Some of the true original naughty girls! Who walked on the ground/rode horses! Believed in equal rights of equality! Life&Death one rule of engagement! On the battlefield live or die! Female human beings who fought! Male human beings with swords,shields and spears! In my opinion,these special women! Of real life and death war games! Bathed in blood may be female! Distant cousins of Sisterhood&Womanhood! In warfare dressed up-n-down! To kill with a kiss of death not love! Not seen on TV shows or Movies! Secret garden legends to some females! In respected prisons worldwide! Right or wrong put some men! Down below the ground for unknown/known! Secret reasons which may not have been! Under their full control for some in defense! Of their lives took deadly actions! And motions as being a Female Warrior! On a battlefield and in the heat! Of the moment anger/rage! In my opinion,exactly what a respected female! Male soldier in hand-to-hand combat! Is trained to do sudden and quickly! Without thinking or hesitation one second! May be to late! To walk away see another day! Or write a letter of love to Mom! Secret reasons should they be carried home! Unable to physically see their Special Mothers&Beautiful Faces! The special One who cries! Be inside/outside like a new born baby! The task of sending a letter! To reveal the painful truth! To their SpecialMothers! Unable to tell them she knew the Truth! When they fell to the ground! Their Brothers&Sisters in arms! Have a Special kind of pall bearers deadman walk! Special kind of secret meaning even in death! Not alone above/below ground! They be sleeping/resting in Peace with FamilyXXX_+UYTREWQ-Long ago ancient battlefields! When the battle was over Natures' winged,creatures&beasts who had no mighty weapons! Nor did they understand the meaning of the word! Discrimination when it was time! To feast a highly skill special! Kind of cleanup&Specialists! Never seen in the TV,Lateshow movies! Like magic did not discrimate with female/male human beings! On any battlefield they did those kind of wars! Dirty work these special Female Warrior Race! Had a unique&deadly point of view! Of a man/men conquered on the battlefield! Their purpose was to serve! As a sexual reproduction live sex machine! Roy Fennell-07/22/2016-1:32a.m. 

True credits:(picture-photobucket.com-youtube.com-PBS.org) History's first mention of a race of warrior women! Is found in Homer's ILIAD an account! Of the Trojan War,probaly written in the 8th or 7th century B.C. Homer's Amazon,a race of fierce women! Who mated with vanquished male foes! And kept only the female children! They bore,were believed to occupy! The area around the Black Sea!
Amazon in Eurasia:
The first direct evidence for warrior women! Of high status on the steppes! Of southern Russia comes from excavation! Of burial sites of the Sauromatian culture! Dating from the 6th to the 4th century B.C.
Youtube-Rare HD/WS of the gladiatrix fights! In the 1960's Italian sword&sandal classic-La Gladiatrici! Also,known as Women Gladiators! Or Thor and the Amazon Women!
Respectfully,as a man&male human being! Got lots of love&respect! For ever single one of them! As they sleep within their graves/burial! Places&spaces known/unknown may they rest in peace! Do I mean it? Absolutely&truly I do! Roy Fennell-07/21/2016-8:07p.m.

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Red Rose, Spinning

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                           Desk from AnimateIt.net

Based on facts and history! As a modern day woman/women on our Planet Earth! No matter her respected age in life! By nature she/they be Sisterhood&Womanhood daughters! Unknown to her/they could be possible! Not impossible of royalty bloodline! Within the depth/surface of their respected family! How long does it a man? Within a respected relationship marriage? To surrender childbirth seeds? Which help her create life? Within natures' naturally Mastercrafted? Skilled prepared/created cradle womb? Protected by a unique housing enclosure? Could it be possible? Not impossible like the reflection? Within a mirror a special kind? Type of natural shock absorber? How long does it take a man to release? 1 hour or maybe 3 hours? 8 hours of labor or more? If,this is true? Does it mean a woman? Can expect the indential hours? During physical sex adult pleasure,daily? Like a habit with the same furious? Give it to her full throttle bucking power? Like a rodeo wild bronco champion rodeo star? No matter the time of actions? And motions the man can fall asleep or walk away? Could it be possilbe not impossible? A nature sure roll of dice bet! It be the woman! Left to go girl physically suffer! And like a miracle! Be the special one who endures! The hard work labor pain! Question,how many hours! Does an all natural Super Woman? Nature born Goddess of Seduction? Endure to the end? Live or Die? Roy Fennell-07/17/2016-12:12a.m. As a woman&female warrior? Does she run away? Like being on a sinking ship? With only a single lifeboat? Thinking of only herself,first? Not the life of her precious baby? Knowing for a fact? As a Super Woman&Mother? Her helpless/defenseless boy/girl baby? Had little chance without her! Doing the best she could do even if she be,alone! Ever wonder like me? If some mens' respected Mothers'? Ran away to escape the potential labor pain? Would they be alive? To walk on the ground? Of our Planet Earth,daily? To delivery abuse/pain? Not love&respect towards another woman? For maybe making a mistake? Like dropping an egg on the kitchen floor? Not moving fast enough to clean it up? It is a sure bet! What goes around comes around! Sooner or later we all Live and Die! Under the heavenly roof! Of the heavenly skies,stars,moon and sun,above! Of unknown wonders&mysteries! Of unknown Natures' heavenly knowledge&secrets!  Roy Fennell-07/17/2016-2:49a.m.   

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Could it be possible not impossible? Some of the millions of women? Worldwide who cheat did not have the will power? To control/defeat Nature itself as a female sexual? Human being with a woman? In bed secret garden sexual appetite? Like a female wolf in constant heat? Picked up the scent and call of the wild? From within herself Goddess naughty girl? Could it be possible not impossible? Some of the millions of women worldwide? Who cheat discovered within their minds,hearts and heavenly bodies? They were not born to live a corral/unseen roped? And spirit-tied relationship which does not allow them? To explore sexual dreams&secret fantasies? With a trusted male human being sexual partner? Beyond reproductive reasons? Instead discovered happy hearts happiness? Running wild without a corral,borders and limits? Boundaries and control they remember back in the day? When they felt born free? To do as they pleased having fun,daily? Not working their lives away? For a pie in the sky dream? Their hard days of work ends? Once they reach early retirement ages? How is that real life possible? Without a respected employer? HR benefits&health package? At the end of the rainbow? As the financial foundation? Of their dreams themselves? Where is the loyalty and commitment? To them as fellow human beings? Unlike computer chips have human being? Feelings,emotions,dreams and financial obligations? 

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