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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Airlines Travel - Vacation Adventure Network! 10greatlines.com!



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Discounted Sea World Orlando Tickets

No ticket/baggage required! All round trip flights
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Ten Great Lines Airlines
Worlds of online adventure travels.
At Ten Great Lines.Possible!
Not impossible without walking
out thy castle doors,worldwide.
Your always friendly Captain.
Roy Fennell-11/01/2017-4:26p.m.
Each of you my co-pilots,too!
Enjoy your out of this world journey!
Welcome aboard! (*_*)
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Golden Tours

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adventure travel photo: Adventure Travel adventuretravel_zps5d073b29.jpg

Are you a woman? Are you a man? With ready to travel fever? Require a places to go? Flight destination? Without hesitation reveal some knowledge! Okay,let's deal! Love the opportunity? To benefit of a free gift? Shhh,of secret respected European villages guide? 12 undiscovered gems you may fall! In love with again&again! With your special someone! Lucky you and Lucky them! Love to discover pack your travel bag? Reasons with a peek-a-boo free look,now? Deal! Could you please click-here!Roy Fennell-01/28/2017-8:46p.m.Please have a wonderful happy life! And safe vacation round trip flight travel journey!{*maeieurt.:{})(*&


Welcome aboard.Ten Great LInes Airlines.
Airplane Flying
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Close Flying
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Kings&Queens absolute on demand/command! To travel our world right,now! Not just online even become your own travel agent! Real life booking all travel vacation packages! For thyselves,respected family&friends,too! Before I forgot is any afraid? Of werewolves or a female vampire? I confess there is a family of Twilight! Werewolves sometimes lurking howling&prowling aboard! Somewhere one of my special girlfriends! Is a female vampire with a heartbeat! Can live in daylight! Must be the power of love! She got a special girlfriend! By name of Elvira both are expensive! Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes freaks.Promise not to tell it? Sometimes they come visit me! In the cockpit I'll let you know if the turbulence is not us! Thank-you for flying On Ten Great LInes Airlines! Your friendly captain,Roy Fennell-03/18/2017-9:20p.m. 

Welcome! To ten great lines airlines travel vacation adventure network.Of the non brick-n-mortar.Worldwide online business of Ten Great LInes.Internet location of our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting place&Internet address home.10greatlines.com.Kings&Queens self-serve first-class treatment.Benefits without strings no upfront fee.To explore&see everything! Within the more than 50 pages,free!
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Did you know between the Woman-1 and Woman-4 pages? You can discover and see? How you can become your own travel agent,free? Including seeing the $1,000,000.00 million? Dollars legal financial plan,too? As part of the introduction? Benefits of saving money? Making money affiliate programs? Opportunities at Ten Great Lines? No upfront fee! To see everything free.Great opportunity to learn based on knowledge,first! How to create,build and promote! Your own Empire,worldwide! Discover and see the text based links! On the employment&business pages,too! Do it all your way! Without walking out your castle door as bosses! In the driver's seat control! Of the desired direction! Of your own lives&futures.Down the roads,bi-ways and highways! Of life towards early/full retirement ages! Saving money/making money along the journey! Having a financial solution to unexpected up! Down rising prices hen pecking thy everyday! Jobs net paychecks without automatic! 10-25% percent yearly raises! No matter the respected occupation! Roy Fennell-05/19/2017-9:02a.m.

Time in Ceres:


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Ten Great Lines Airlines! Can be your virtual no upfront fee! Travel agency informational source opportunity! To escape high travel/vacation commission costs! When you can become your own independent Travel Agent,free! Book all flights for yourself,family and friends,too! No upfront fee&see everything at Ten Great Lines,free! No ticket required for your round trip flight,worldwide! Book a flight,today and every day! Without walking out your Castle door at 10greatlines.com! Roy Fennell-05/02/2016-12:58p.m. A no air pollution solution! Do it yourself helping to save the environment,too!

Are you a woman? Looking for adventure travel? Prowling the Internet seeking budget? Low air travel fares and cheap ticket prices? Savings/checking account amounts? Running low with bank bank near empty? Love to experience an out? Of this world travel adventure? Hungry like a female wolf in heat? To greet&meet online for a new? Beginnings&man in thy life? Of no small measure? To be the wind beneath thy wings without strings? Love to see all benefits? Together as one within our money? For us relationship online marriage? Could benefit your mind,heart and bank book,too? Free willing wide-open to see? On the TGL-Models page 1? How we can get connected by Internet? Financially engaged&online married? Our red book diary special way? With loads of benefits? Without walking out your door? Opportunity treatment like a modern day Queen? When camming&phone sexing for us? While being loved&respected as a woman&legal wife? If,all thy answers! Are yes I do,ready! No ticket required on me free.Unlimited round trip flights! Morning,noon or super horny-wet drippin'hot nights!  With repeat come and get it flights! Time to type into google search,10greatlines.com.Quickly! Naked wide-open to come greet&meet me! To stay like just got married! Bedroom lovers cement.Come fly&be with me! In the cockpit wearing only thy favorite! Eye candy expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! On a nonstop flight course. Quickly! To our secret meeting place&Internet address home.10greatlines.com.Your friendy joystick captain.Roy Fennell-03/19/2017-12:31a.m.

Gold & Silver Coins

Chinese proverb:Be a winner.

Man on moon

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Ten Great Lines Airlines,Ten Great Lines!
Airplane Taking Off
Taking -off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money and great vacation travel!Tengreatlines.com!

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Vision=$+-Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos Moon World! ***(*> $ ?*** Concept,end results,of concept dream! Under doom,hotels,motels,casinos! Elite:$ Women&Men,by written contract agreement,adult pleasure servers,on demand,to clients,(high rollers) who,by legal agreement ,purchase, a yearly membership package to become a exclusive, member,of the Ultra Elite King&Queen, L.V. Hotels & Casinos Moon World Club Membership Society! Card,actual gold,sprinked,gently with diamonds,embeded into card,then sealed,once client name,etc.has been included! Delivery,of card,personal,direct to client(s) door! Paper trail,for in receipt,of card,1. copy for customer 2.  copy for the books! 3. copy for IRS,absolute,if by law,an expected,legal requirement! Elite: Beginning requirement,for pleasure servers,fluent,in no less than 5 languages! Also,3 help desk,of other languages,in principle,having the 24/7 language help ability,globally! :Visualization-end result=$ 24/7 live shows! Slots,etc.,no currency or coins required! Payout? Recalculate,computers,to increase the odds of the house winning,yet,when there,is a Jackpot winner,payout,is in Las Vegas,from Casino owner,same 1,2,3 paper trail,above! Each Ultra elite suite,will have an on-off switch,for Zero gravity pleasure,on demand! Like 69 pleasure experience,out-of-this world,entertainment! In my opinion,legal peoples,could gather,to chat,about,requirements,to legally,with advice,from IRS,to do what? Create ,a by paperwork,future investment holding(cloud) corporation! Questions,such as, could it be considered a tax write-off,if,so,what would be,the tax code,bottom-line,legally,their governmental cut,okay! Think of a football stadium,with an in principle Las Vegas city,beneath the dome,allowing peoples,to walk around,as though actually,on Earth! Question? If determined,feasable,how many jobs,could be created,worldwide,based on mutual profits,sharing of non-classified,to each respected government? Question,how much money,based on the exact percentage,per financial investment,would they have,for their respected peoples',and their respected governmental bodies? **()()()$$$#===++7:40p.m.^^^&&&^^^06/26/2014=Roy+(*>       

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Society Hill


Question,are you a huge money "Shareholder&Investor",of an International Level,dream,of sky high profits,love to discover,how,to shut-down,your financial huge worldwide losses,like the powerful engines,of a 747 Airliner,at the gate,and just for you,calculate,and or determine,if a specific company,upstart,large or small is a potential great return on your Investment,or not,love,to limit your test the stock potential waters,risk factor,to only $1000.00,over a 30 day cycle,even if you only have 50 million dollars,to Invest? The information,is free,by,paperwork,I am not a financial advisor,but I have an opinion,also,by internet website document documentation,my opinion,reflects,the no upfront fee,in regards,to affilliate programs! A man is a man,all that is important,is his character,as a man,rich or poor! In my past,a single hint,of a lie,suppression of truth,misdirect of the absolute truth,misleading,indirect,directly,even,causing with intent,would create "unfriendly",results,for me! Bottomline! "TRUST"!!!***/(-&^%$!@_+(*>?  Roy==+W***77^76548){}{}{}$(*>   8:08p.m.  07/16/2014 (*>.,vV:'?_==+

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1. In my opinion,the stock market,is like the human body,what gives it life,is the flow of money!
2.In my opinion,within a relationship,between,a woman and a man,actions,such as verbal,even touch,excites,a rise,in body temperature,once,end results,happen,temperature,returns to normal
3. If I had $1000.00 or $50 million to invest,the 30 day,24/7 watch cycle,would not change,absolutely!
4.I would find a company I like,purchase,only $1000.00 worth of stock
5. I would use the Journal,then daily,monitor,the specific company stock,for exactly 30 days
6. At the end of 30 days,I do my numbers,to exactly,determine,profit or loss pulse factor measurement! In other words,for 30 days,did my investment earn,minimum, 1 penny,or did I lose 1 penny!
7. Why? Do the math,starting with 1penny,double it,each day,for 30 days,discover exactly to total amount,after 30 days
8. Now,suppose,Ten Great Lines,had shares on the market,an Investor,loved my Annual,then,purchased 1 millon shares,question,by law,what would prevent me,by action of authority,to financially,excite,this Investor,to not only purchase more shares of stock in Ten Great Lines,but also cause him or her,to tip,family and friends,too? How? Purchase,air time,on tv,indirectly,financially,exciting the stock market,to present,stock in Ten Great Lines,is a buy,when Ten Great Lines,just released a new product,example,a toy 747 airplane,that can fly,soar,land,taxi,take-off,No batteries,required!
9. Now,if I used that way,of doing business,10 times,in 1 year,with cashed in stock options,could I purchase a wonderful home,and sleep,peacefully,at night,get up in the morning,look in the mirror,smiling,then thinking myself,to be an honest man? I could not! Here is a fact,no man,can hide the truth,from the reflection,of the man,is his mirror! %%*7!@-=?(*>$MlkP_&&&***Roy Fennell***/06/26/2014***7:33p.m.
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Train in the Woods

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Are you a woman? Travel junkie? Love to become your own travel agent? Love to online shop? Love to wide-eye see a $1,000,000.00 legal financial plan? 10greatlines.com Roy Fennell-01/17/2016-9:32p.m.



If,by air,sea,land,car,train,bus,rail,roads,and highways,you can travel the world,for a less expensive price,when you book,your free flight,on Ten Great Lines Airlines! Globally,it is a sure bet,with your hard earned money,Ten Great Lines,is ready,able,and willing to connect you&wonderful family,to the world! Love to know a secret? Maybe,in the future,Ten Great Lines,can connect you,to the moon,too!***5:44p.m.$$&&%%$$***06/26/2014^^*^^ {}{}{} (*>          Roy===***=+ (*>



Are you a woman or a man? Have children? Thinking of planning a vacation of travel in the future? Out of the U.S.? Yes&No? Yes,okay if you are expecting to benefit with a lifetime of memories,all of London is waiting for you and family! Themed bus and celebrity bus tours! Sightseeing and walking tours! Attractions,stonehedge and much more! If you are not busy why not take a look! Why? To get verbal feedback from your family! Maybe,at dinner time! Respectfully,make sense? Yes&No? Yes,as you wish! click-here!***Roy***10:35p.m.&&*(*> 10/17/2014 {*_*} No matter where you and or family decide to take your travel vacation,wishing all of you a safe journey! Roy Fennell(*_

Are you a woman,or a man who is planning a vacation,to Mexico? What about a college break? It is said,knowledge,is power! Will you be driving your own vehicle? It may be in your best interest,to have Insurance coverage!1.uno-Enter your info 2.dos-Confirm&pay 3.tres-Print your policy! Get your insurance protection fast! Tourist info and videos! Claim center! Great to have friends to look out for you,in their world! Let them help you,please! Click-here!!! ***06/26/2014***10:24p.m.

Find the Best tours, Excursions & Activities with City Discovery

Are you a woman? Are you and your husband thinking about cashing in some Stocks,then travel when he retires next year? Are both you looking for a see the world travel vacation experience you would love to tell family and friends upon your safe return home? Here it is for you! North America! Europe! Asia! Australia! Cruises and more! Seeing is believing,click-here!***8:23p.m.***06/26/2014'''

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Are you a woman,or a man who has always dreamed of taking a vacation,to a place,of ancient heritage,in Mexico? Were you born in America,and of Mexican heritage? Yes&No? Yes,okay if you feel you need,want or desire a spiritual connection,to your past,so you may move forward in your future,vacation travel to Cancun,Riviera Maya and Yucatan!It will be a heavenly, magical,great adventure experience into the past of unwritten history!Respectfully,click-here!***9:10p.m.*_*|||***06/26/2014 Know what I'm thinking? Your 1st journey will not be the last for generations! Take lots of pictures,why? To capure your past,have blown up for wall pictures,why? The past will become visable and help keep your spirit in touch with your Heritage!<M ^&%$#Roy FennellM&&%$~^^^

Xplor Fuego Park at night everything gets better enjoy zip lines, amphibious, rafts &amp; underwater rivers,
                           buffet meal included. Cancun, Playa del Carmen.

Are you a woman? Seeking a great travel or vacation experience for yourself,family or friends? What about a European vacation adventure? Book your flight to Europe as your own Affiliate Travel Agent,then take the train from London to Paris! Meet and make new European friends,along the way! Enjoy an exciting great adventure vacation and travel experience with a lifetime of memories!See how as your own Travel Agent you can connect yourself to Europe in the future! Where might you go? Take a look! Click-here,right now!!!With,love,joy,and peace,to all of you in Europe!^&*)#&&Roy***(*..>?///***\\\8:25p.m.@!03/22/2015 Travel the world as your own travel agent!

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Are you a woman or man? Married? Have children,and a loved one(s),serving our country,overseas? Is the weather,cold,where you call,home? Will your loved one(s),be home,soon? Why? I was thinking,your family,would love,to plan some love and family,time,in Florida,with Mickey,and friends! Interested? Can't wait,to go,if,yes,pretty please,click-here!&*&{*_+}*12:13a.m.*=*09/16/2014*Have a wonderful vacation!

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Hello! Are you a woman or a man? Are you or a loved one in a wheelchair? A veteran? Have a desire to see the world? Your limitations need not detour your dream of travel enjoyment! All you need is the right info and guidance! Meet them waiting for you,now! Click-here!10/17/2014(*_*)1:54a.m.Read their story! It proves even in a wheelchair,if you got love,you have everything of eternal value! A $1000.00 bill in a swimming pool!Sooner or later will have zero value!

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Are a woman or a man? Live,work and play across the pond in London? Great news! Lucky you,for Montenegro Airlines has affordable holiday fares for you! The Monenegrin coast! Paris! Rome! Moscow! Vienna and more packages deals! Book a flight and spend some time with European neighbors! Click-here!(*_*)2:40a.m-10/17/2014

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Are you a woman or a man living in respected America? Proud&loud about your respected Scotish heritage? Listen closely,hear the songs of the bagpipes,a-calling you? Castles,history,food and Scotish soil and more waits for you on your next travel vacation! Respectfully,please,be advised to enhance your Internet experience,this website does have cookies! Love to journey to this ancient land,now? Click-here! Roy Fennell-03/13/2015-7:33p.m.

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Are you a woman or a man? Ever dream of a Star Trek,galactic space adventure travel journey? Love to join,like minds,future astronauts of a new&global group of space explorers? The worlds' first,commercial spaceline,is waiting for you! Interested? Click-here!(*_*)03/13/2015-7:44p.m.

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Are you a woman or a man? Of respected Irish heritage? Hear the call for a vacation travel? Journey to the ancient lands of respected Ireland? Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! From the Giant's Causeway in the North! To Bantry Bay in the South West! Direct access from 13 respected U.S. gateways! To jump into respected Ireland. In respected Ireland's ancient east. Be amazed to capture pictures of 5,000 years of history! Questions? Without modern day equipment&technology? What kind or type of Master? Craftmanship&Skills made it possible? For certain Buildings&Castle structures? To be standing tall even today? Love to jump into Ireland right, now? Please, click-here! Roy Fennell-01/02/2018-5:09a.m.

Are you a woman? One of the millions? Of women online
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Roy Fennell-01/27/2018-2:12p.m.

Are you a woman or a man? Serious Internet traveller or net surfer? Not a big fan of leaving trackable footprints? Have knowledge of metasearch engines? Looking for lots more websurfing privacy? Great news! The worlds' most private search engine is here at Ten Great Lines! When I need specialized searches with high quality search results,quickly,this one is a winner! See for yourself,what this meta search engine can do for you! Click the link below,and away you go privately! Roy Fennell-01/22/2015-8:22p.m.

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                           from AnimateIt.net

Chinese proverb : A person of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

Chinese proverb: If your friend wants to learn to drive,don't stand in the way. 

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Chinese proverb: A clean conscience is a good pillow.

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

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