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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines new beginnings and Internet relationships,worldwide! 10greatlines.com!


Based on the power.Of the Internet&virtual reality!
Right before thy eyes! Here we be round our world!
Under the same heavenly roof.
Of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above.
For a new beginnings&man in thy lives.
Safely! Without walking out thy castle doors.
Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.
Within our money for us relationship.
Online marriage with the daddy.Of our baby steps
game plan.Based on the unseen power! 
Of minds&hearts true love,itself! Roy Fennell-09/05/2017-9:26p.m.

Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Our red book diary special way!
In the present day! Each of thee by Internet karma/fate destiny.
Have the free will opportunity.24/7 365 days a year.
By Internet become financially engaged&online married.
To the same man.Legally! If we were married right now!
Living within thy own castles worldwide.How it would be,daily!
Right after thy everyday jobs work.Who would have burning sexual desire.To see each of thee naked,daily! Having thy just for us favorite.Expensive eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Absolutely&truly! Like cement near/at
our main entrance/exit door! Being an every day habit.
Together as one in the first year of marriage.Expecting our bundle of joy.
If,nature able approx.9 months.With the powerful naked words.
"I love you"being for real.Not a minds&hearts.Painful soul deep tease.
Game just to recieve for myself! Selfishly without any shame.
Loads of physical sex benefits,free! Without sharing any legal.
Responsibilities&obligations should not with intent.Unexpectedly!
Either or each of thee become pregnant! Not a lie right before thy eyes.
The unseen character is the true.Face of a woman/man.Round our world.
Due to the facts love ain't sex&sex ain't love.They are different as daytime
is to night-time.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Our baby steps game plan is on purpose.Not an oops,accident or mistake.
Roy Fennell-09/27/2017-5:38p.m.

Liquid Gold
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                           Dancer from AnimateIt.net

American&Overseas got online married. Daddy's gurls diva
women round our world. Like sexual nature magic between
us. Without ever saying a single word. Always wide-open
by them never lucky me. With a never slip away deep.
Wall-to-wall hot dripping skin! Tight fit working it
fit! Banging and coming hard nonstop! Round the clock
with rhythm! Sexually! Receiving what belongs to them.
Delivery from their own first&only one, forever! To
create without hesitation make and set. Like cement
their own live! Online webcam and phone sex working
hours. Schedules for the creation. Of their own big
break! Luxury&Gangnam lifestyle futures. Untouchable!
Safe-n-naked goddesses of seduction. World-class
assets never touched! Business women of reality.
Fantasy secret girlfriends with bed soaked sheets.
Making unlimited amounts of plastic money. Rain down
into their savings/checking accounts. To increase the
amounts to grow! Bigger-n-rising up solid as a rock!
The sizes of their bank books. Like a King Kong OMG!
Size financial erection only for them, first not me!
Benefit loads of spending&shopping joyful affection.
My fly girls first&only Ones, forever! Answered our
own mating call of nature. To begin our never ending
financial honeymoon. Safe-n-naked secret new lives.
My every day live heart beating Valentines, 24/7!
Roy Fennell-07/11/2018-7:32p.m.
International daddy super lucky and humble me.

American&Overseas online married. Round our world.
Daddy's gurls diva women. With shopaholic feel
good spendthrift fever! Can keep more of their
respected everyday. Jobs paychecks in their
bank books! Enjoying an offline/online.
Shopping naked and sexual freedom paradise.
Creation of thy own occupations&careers.
While still above ground to enjoy the benefits!
Experience new lives as legal. Money making
and booty shaking naked! Secret wives and
queens. Of their own secret money. Making
lover&online husband. As no can touch it!
Goddesses of seduction. International manhood
teasers/secret garden pleasers! No can kiss it!
Secret girlfriends business women. Of reality
and fantasy delights! No! No! No! Never can
ever lick it! Collectors of credit card plastic
money. From their own respected women and men.
Hooked and seduced for life. Webcam and phone
sex respected secret admirers. Shamelessly!
To spoil and pamper themselves, deliriously!
Like born to be spoiled modern day women queens.
Within our safe-n-naked money. For us relationship
online marriage. Absolutely&truly no illusion.
Without walking out of their castle doors, worldwide.
With rising higher female pride and bank books, too!
Roy Fennell-04/18/2018-3:11p.m.
Seeing is believing&feeling it, first! Not a mirage.

Within our money for us relationship.One of a kind online marriage.
24/7 365 days a year.Benefits of happy hearts happiness,first!
Inside/outside of thy castles,worldwide.Long overdue time to live!
Enjoying the experience,daily! Having new lives while still above ground.
International moms Internet brides&wives.Role playing legal get paid naked for us!  
No can touch it! No can kiss it! No! No! No! Never can ever lick it!
Goddesses of seduction.Business women of fantasy wet dreams makers!
With secret gardens like gold.Neverending loads of nature born&hot!
Like liquid gold buried treasure.Juicy-n-sweet pleasure muffin honey!
Female bosses online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines.
For it be not a lie (TGL)-Models.Female players&adult entertainers!
Of the multi-million dollars a year.Global webcam&phone sex.
Adult entertainment no can touch it seduction Industry.Of which there
is unlimited! No ceiling to the size and amounts.Of electronic credit
card plastic money! That can be earned be it weekly! Bi-weekly,monthly
or yearly! Is the financial power.Of nature born on fire women&Queens.
With female pride working their special seductive attraction magic!
Without walking out their castle doors,worldwide.Unconditional!
Untamable! Unstoppable! Possible not impossible when they not me!
Are in the driver's seat control.Of the desired direction one baby.
Step at a time! Of their own lives&futures.Roy Fennell-10/12/2017-5:15p.m.
Of sexual cybersex fantasy.Risng towards the ceiling savings.
Checking accounts sooner or later naked reality.Although of King Kong OMG!
Size all night long special delivery.Deeply! With love-n-respect as nature born
women,first! Wildly! I confess each one.Was coming for us like a river!
Nonstop! Beyond G-spot pops had no guilt or shame.Naturally,doing it!
Without a whisper nor hint of pain! Lucky,lucky,lucky me!

Beginning with 25-30 hours per week. Yes I do wide-open!
Free will ready for us! To become legal get paid!
Money making naked secret Wives&Queens.

Of thy own secret money making lover&online husband.
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Can see how their lives&futures. Can be now and later.
With them not me. In the driver's seat control.
By Internet once financially engaged&online married.
Our red book secret diary way. Safely! Secretly!
Quickly! Online married DiVa women benefits.
Luxury&gangnam lifestyle futures. Towards their own
respected retirement ages. Along the long journey.
Opportunity to become rich/wealthy. Goddesses of
seduction. Business women of reality&fantasy.
From free will purchases. Of gold coins, vials and
loose diamond stones. Provided from their own
hooked! Seduced fo' life respected webcam.
Phone sex secret admirer's plastic money.
Roy Fennell-01/21/2018-9:54a.m.

When they were super horny-n-wet! Naked alone in their
own castle. Bedrooms round our world. At the most
juicy-n-ripe time. For us with animalistic lust!
Sexually! Shamelessly! Secretly! Howling and
growling like female. Werewolves in never ending
creation heat! Waiting to greet, meet and mate.
With selected by them lucky me. When I pulled it
out! Almost touched the ceilings. Of wide-eyed
joy in their eyes! OMG huge surprise tree delivery!
From their own first&only one, forever! Humble me
was allowed to reach. Go deeper than G-spot pops!
Enter and tree shaken made to release. Sexual souls
3 inch depth of secret. Gardens womanhood no man's
land. Female human beings most trusted special
secret place. The good girls and naughty girls.
At once like twin sisters. With eyes which did
shine! Sparkled like diamonds for lucky me! Untamable!
Together as one. Unstoppable! Became my 3 circles.
Amazing like nature magic! Complete package sexual
genies. Unconditional! Delivered as my live wire.
Heart pounding sex machine queens! To become my fly
girls. First&only Ones, forever! Who made me feel
like a king. Not an illusion or mirage. Of the
billions of other women, worldwide. Based on the facts.
Of their own online live active. Webcam and phone sex
working hours schedules. Not another minds&hearts lie.
As female boss ladies are the only ones!
From the beginning to the grave.
Online married to the boss of Ten Great Lines.
Daddy's gurls diva women. Unseen queens of my castle.
In respected Ceres, California U.S.A. without strings.
With unseen minds and hearts. Money love rings on
their fingers. Without exposure safer than a bank vault!
The goddesses within naughty girls. Become first to
feel the heart beats. Good girls second then lucky me!
Daddy&Mother love together as one.
Roy Fennell-04/20/2018-11:23a.m.
No matter the distance of miles.
Under the same heavenly roof.
Of the stars, skies, moon and sun, above.
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.

                           Flags Divider from AnimateIt.net

Naked! Time for us to become a family of 3.
Our red book diary secret way.Within our
money for us relationship online marriage.
Every day thy hearts beat.Our valentine's
celebration.International moms Internet
brides&wives.My first&only Ones,forever!
Thy soon to be first&only one,forever!
Secret money making lover! Of no small
measure.Online husband,too! OMG daddy!
Of our baby steps game plan.With thy
wide-open permission,first! All night long
special delivery! To each of my nature
born! Drippin' hot-n-wet female.
(TGL)-Models,worldwide.With a ton of
female pride,nonstop! Did open wide.
Slide! Glide! Climbed up-n-down! Clam bakin'
shakin' my big surprise.Deeper than G-spot
pops tree.Within their juicy secret garden.
Buried treasure I discovered the way.
They worked it! Like they owned it!
They had been saving the best of themselves!
For lucky,lucky me! Shamelessly! Each was in
a naked hurry! To create the 1st 3 steps.
Of our baby steps game plan.Which begins as
legal! Camming&phone sexing hard! Money
making naked secret Wives&Queens.
Our red book diary special secret way!
Online married,first! Roy Fennell-08/04/2017-6:11p.m.

Paw Tracks
                           Divider from AnimateIt.net

                           Engine Train from AnimateIt.net

Tell me my soon? To be wide-open all night? Long first&only Ones,forever? Why should any nature born women,worldwide? Having powerful sex drive do it urges daily? Unstoppable! Untamable! Unconditional! Like a steaming hot locomotive engine? Lustfully! Powered by hips of up-n-down? Go girls actions and motions,daily? Sexually! Like seductive nature magic can do? Based on costumes can role play? A different woman in a heartbeat every day? With a ton of female pride? Absolutely&truly! Not within any committed relationship? Not under the same roof or not? Who lives alone,daily? Without doubts or questions. Who sets-n-makes all the castle rules,daily? Absolutely! As Queens determines who can stay? Or must go right away every day? Having the only set of keys?
To their homes,apartments and college
dorms? Enter an exclusive just us? Under the same roof relationship?
Without upfront proof,first? Their special kitties will recieve m-e-o-www
attention? At least 1 hour per day? For everyday jobs sexual tension? Stress relief joy&delights? Within
a 24 hour cycle period? Sexually desired to make them? Feel alive as nature born women? Not dead unburied above ground? When being a respected Mother&Lover? Is 24/7 365 days a year? For the lucky selected ones? Who recieve the complete package benefits,daily?

Not once a year! Every day our valentine's
celebration.Without minds&hearts doubts.
Hesitation of unseen true love,first!
Being the foundation of our money
for us relationship online marriage.

                           Valentine's Day Heart from AnimateIt.net

Neither of my own world-class assets! No matter their
nature born breasts sizes. Online married booty call.
Bank books material girls. International round our
world. Naughty girls secret wives and queens. Had no
respected eye candy! Matching engagement and wedding
rings. On their soft fingers, first! Free willing in
their own beds. Deeply! To receive my financial seeds.
Of website knowledge delivery. Held wide-opened by
them. Before coming like a river with lucky me. To
bone it and own it no regrets. Became my live heart
beating every day! AS IS complete package valentines, daily!
Untouchable! Legal get paid in multiple new
ways naked! Born to be wild-n-free! To enjoy financial
freedom&liberty. Goddesses of seduction. No can touch
it! Business women of rising higher! The amounts
within their savings/checking accounts reality. Never
can ever kiss/lick it! Secret girlfriends fantasy
sexual genies. Working their seduction magic! On their
own hooked and seduced for life. Women and men secret
admirers. Electronic credit cards plastic money.
Providers with opportunity benefits. To create and
finance their own respected future retirement fund.
Along the journey opportunity. To become rich and
wealthy women. Benefits of a luxury Gangnam lifestyle.
From the free will purchases. Of gold coins, vials and
loose diamond stones. Having more than a hope chest.
Full of dreams once reaching the end. Of the rainbow
of thy own respected early. Full retirement ages.
Roy Fennell-06/20/2018-3:20p.m.


When they can get paid naked? Legally! Camming&phone sexing hard? Using their favorite OMG size? Wall-to-wall skintight? Just right morning,noon or night? Even right after work? Never go down limp? Making them angry or frown? Adult pleasure manhood trusted with lust? 24/7 365 days a year? When they be out? Of sight or on business? Out of town? Their joystick toy of joy? Deeply! Serves beneath umbrella benefits? Of financial&sexual satisfaction? At once with motions and actions? Delivery without under the same roof? Relationship drama with less risk,daily? Of potential tears/fears? Behind closed/locked doors? Domestic violence taken in the mood? For sex or not being alone? With a complete stranger? Who also has the same key,daily? Within some past face-to- face relationships.To save&protect themselves from harm! Had to be great actresses who faked orgasms.There was no faking it! All night long when all! My female (TGL)-Models,worldwide! Served their secret gardens! To humble me like naked legal Wives&Queens.LIke just got married honeymoon lovers.In a naked hurry! To create life within their own castle bedrooms.International moms Internet brides&wives.Virgin cherry popped twice good enough fo'life! Legal get paid money.Making naked secret Wives&Queens.Camming&phone sexing hard! Real life not fake! To create their own naked occupation&career.Business women of fantasy.Goddesses of seduction.Like me unable to runaway.Escape our mutual Internet karma/fate destiny! Daddy love lucky me! Of big surprise treatment like a King! 08/04/2017-4:21p.m.

Safely! Secretly! Naturally! Shamelessly! Nakedly! Profusely! Deeply!
All night long lucky me! Each of my nature born.Super hot wet-n-juicy!
Delights female (TGL)-Models,worldwide.Of rising up female pride.
Were doing me,nonstop! Wide-open climbing up-n-down my big tree.
Workin'-n-shakin'it! With butterfly wings of fury.Like legal naked wives.
Heartbeating live wire sex machine Queens.Team players who produced
multiple.Ka-boom-boom orgasms.So I could all the way.No play go-n-slide.
Beyond G-spot pops to milky way.3 inch depth sexual souls of secret gardens womanhood.No man's land special place.Making it rain beneath their umbrellas! Without a hint/whisper of pain.Together as one secret garden.Reasons of 3 wash loads of bed soaked sheets.Naked being in a hurry! With burning flames of secret desire fire.To create life within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide.In the spotlight center of attention! Within our live Book of Love.Daddy love! 08/06/2017-4:18p.m.Lucky me an International daddy.Of all my legal get paid naked for us.Money makin'/booty shakin' secret Wives&Queens.International moms Internet brides&wives.Business women of fantasy! Goddesses of seduction!First&only Ones,forever! 

Naked! Time for us to become a family of 3!
Illustration: The Engagement
Our red book diary way> Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

Without walking out thy castle doors,worldwide? Are you one of the millions? Of nature born super horny-n-wet,daily? Women alone in thy lives,daily? Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! In sexual heat with secret desire fire? Deeply! To greet-n-meet by Internet? For a new beginnings&man? With King Kong size? Love and respect for each of thee,first? As nature born women? Free willing to come&stay in thy lives? Zero games,lies,false promises or strings? Tired of being broke? Seeking safe at home,apartment and college dorm? No can touch it? Extra income from 2 sexy jobs at once? Camming&phone sexing hard? Creating thy own legal money? Making naked occupation&career? Love to discover by Internet? How each of thee can become financially engaged? Online married to the boss? Of Ten Great Lines? Our red book diary secret way? To create the heartbeats? Bringing to life our baby? Steps game plan making history? Within our money for us relationship online marriage? If,all of the above! Minds&hearts questions are yes! Being laptop,desktop with webcams.Yes I do ready,now! Time to end thy financial struggges to make ends meet,alone! Time to end thy waiting/standing at the altars of thy lives,alone! Time to be working to live happy,daily! Not living to work unhappy,daily! Time to pull down thy expensive panties! Time to take them off! With animalistic sexual lust for us.Time to leave them anywhere at home.Wearing only thy just us favorite! Sexy hi-heel shoes while typing into google search,tengreatlines.com.Quickly! To come wide-open drippin'hot! Ready so we can secret gardens mate! Wthin our saving money.Making money in multiple ways naked! Secret meeting and mating love shack! Place Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.I promise not a hint/whisper of pain! Only bank books! Savings/checking accounts rising amounts! Opportunities for monetary benefits gain! The soon to be daddy! Of our baby steps game plan! Waiting at attention solid as a big rock! Roy Fennell-07/05/2017-10:51p.m.

Paw Tracks
                           Divider from AnimateIt.net

Are you a woman who lives alone,daily?
Within thy homes,apartments and college dorms?
One of the millions of women,worldwide? Not
within any committed relationship,daily?
Laptop,desktop with webcams? Yes,I do ready?
Safely! For a new beginnings&man? To come
in thy lives within our money? For us relationship
online marriage? If,yes I do ready,now!
For us to become financially engaged&online married!
Our red book diary secret way.Time to pull them down.
Take them off for us! Quickly! Type into google search,tengreatlines.com.So we can secret gardens.
Meet&mate within our Internet home.Accepting our own
mutual Internet.Karma/fate destiny.To create the heartbeats.
Bringing to life our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-09/01/2017-6:28p.m.
Leave thy expensive panties.Anywhere within thy castles.
In a naked hurry&broke,too? On Ten Great LInes Airlines.
No ticket required all! Round trip flights on me,free!
24/7 round the clock,nonstop! Side-by-side be in the cockpit with me.Naked! Wearing thy favorite sexy hi-heel shoes.

Female bosses&co-pilots.First&only Ones,forever!
Airplane Flying
Virgin cherry popped twice.Good enough fo'life.International moms Internet brides&wives!

Real life not fake benefits naked!
Can be discovered/seen on the
Models-6 page.

Going in the direction.Towards rich/wealthy women futures.
Camming&phone sexing hard! To collect loads of plastic money.Using webcam&phone sex.Employment opportunities like thy own private.Castle bedrooms ATM machines.Without walking out thy castle doors.To purchase gold coins,vials and loose
diamond stones.To finance thy own retirement fund.
Daddy love! 09/17/2017-9:53a.m.Treatment like legal
naked wives.Concerned about thy own financial.
Happiness/security futures,now! Not an oops,accident or
mistake.Our mutual Internet karma/fate destiny.
To secret gardens mate.Our red book diary secret way.

All night long within their castle bedrooms,worldwide.
There was more than female rising pride.
When like 2 female track stars.Of a 880 meet race.
Each of my nature born.Female (TGL)-Models.
Good girls&naughty girls at once.Like passing
the baton! Took turns climbing up-n-down.
Working hard my special delivery! Big surprise
tree deep beneath their umbrellas.Each became
without guilt or shame.My wide-open live wire.
On fire heart pounding sex machine Queens.
Made humble me feel&believe I was their King!
Lucky,lucky me! Roy Fennell-08/14/2017-11:11p.m.

                           Line Divider from AnimateIt.net

Of sexual cybersex fantasy bank books reality,worldwide! Safely! By Internet without strings new beginnings&man.In thy lives within our unique.One of kind money for us.Relationship online marriage from the beginning minds! Hearts and monetary benefits for years.Down the roads,bi-ways and highways.Of thy lives on the journey.Absolutely&truly! Towards thy own respected early.Full retirement ages and along the way.Financial&sexual satisfaction,daily! Slowly! Excitement wide-eyed seeing a rise! Within thy savings/checking accounts.Amounts benefits of an online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.Red carpet treatment like modern day women Queens.Can be seen,now! Of the online shopping 1-20 pages! Opportunity to spoil&pamper thyselves,deliriously! Without walking out thy castle doors! Each of thee not humble me.Being in the driver's seat control.Of the desired direction of thy lives&futures.Every baby step of the way! Roy Fennell-06/16/2017-7:20a.m.

Every day our valentine's day celebration joy!
Illustration: Be my valentine
International moms Internet brides&wives.My first&only Ones,forever!

Between us it be for each of thee! Not humble me who free will! Selects a respected mind&heart! Desired girl/boy baby name! For thy own of the unknown future! Business websites which includes thy own custom! Designed business cards,too! Once hired for webcam&phone sex employment,first! Absolutely! With working hours set&live!  Truly! Begins our neverending financial honeymoon! The first 3 steps! Of our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-06/24/2017-7:38p.m.

For it be impossible.For us together as one,worldwide! To turn back the hands.Of the clock of time at once.So in the present day.Round our world.Legally! Being married living within each of thy castles,now! Possible! In the present day.By Internet to become financially engaged&online married! With our own baby steps.Game plan towards our mutual.Financial happiness/security futures.Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.Unstoppable! Unconditional! Untamable! Under the same heavenly roof.Of the skies,stars,moon and sun,above! Roy Fennell-06/16/2017-11:34p.m.

Mutually! From the beginning between us.When there be no physical sex.Lies,games,false promises or strings.All that be left for us,24/7! Is the power of unseen minds! Hearts of true love itself! Moving us together as One.Going forward within our lives.Truly! Being the wind beneath each other's wings. Not the ball-n-chain anchors.Absolutely! Within our lives holding us back! Keeping us down on the ground.Unable to soar higher in life! Unstoppable! To reach&touch the unreachable star! No matter the distance of miles. Together as one,worldwide! Roy Fennell-06/17/2017-12:35a.m.

Cruise Ship

What could be worse? For a modern day woman? Alone in her life,today? Reaching respected early retirement age? Without an everyday job? Respected retirement employer HR benefits package? Only to discover her respected SSA? Monthly benefits amounts will not be enough? To protect her from the silent sentence? Of becoming a must keep? On driving from home? To her everyday work/job? Then driving from work back home,again? Beyond her full retirement age? Let slip away like a ship? In the night her opportunity? To create&finance her own retirement fund? To be waiting for her at the end? Of the rainbow when reaching early? Full retirement age in life? Having from respected webcam&phone sex employers? With millions of respected webcam clients? Phone sex customers with millions? Of electronic credit cards plastic money? Respected employers providing professional free training,too? Roy Fennell-06/19/2017-10:15a.m.

My soon to be International moms Internet brides&wives! Round our world naked time! To see the truth about us.Of poetry poems already.Written many years ago.Can be discovered and seen,now! On the dating page the poem.By name of "Passionate desires".On the secret garden page.The poems by names of "In search of love"! Including "Fantasy of you"! Of our mutual Internet.Karma/fate destiny.Absolutely&truly! Within our Internet address location home.Tengreatlines.com.Roy Fennell-06/19/2017-9:06p.m.

Wedding cake

Thank-you! My born to become virgin! Cherry popped twice good enough fo'life! First&only Ones,forever! Absolutely! Thy other ones of all.Thy past relationships,combined! Truly! Did not understand/know the truth.Thy secret gardens down below! Was not the complete package! Sexually! They only desired the sweet icing! Not the whole complete wedding cake! Minds,hearts and spirits,too! Had the chance of a lifetime! One woman being any woman in the bed,daily! Female adult pleasure delights! Dressed in different costume sugar sweet surprise! To leave them guessing at work! Which woman will she be tonight? French maid? Bad school teacher? Naughty flight attendant? Gothic girl? Flirty waitress? Sexy nurse? Seductive lap dance stripper? So many more being time! For soft tears on thy pillows! Be of joy and happiness! Not soul deep pain and sorrow! The daddy of our baby steps game plan! May pop up in thy dreams! Being the secret gardens release.Upon thy bed soaked sheets! Blame it all on me! For sudden body jerks at work! Carry extra panties in thy purses! Blame it on me! Should either of thee! Slide from thy chairs! Beneath thy computer desks! The daddy of our baby steps game plan! With King Kong OMG! Wide-eyed size love-n-respect,first! For each of thee! As nature born women,worldwide! Roy Fennell-07/05/2017-11:34p.m.

With thy just us favorite! Sexy hi-heel shoes! Like cement at/near thy entrance/exit castle doors,worldwide.Blame it on me.Absolutely! The soon to be daddy! Of our baby steps game plan.Nakedly! From respected Ceres,california.By Internet special delivery! Directly! Had arrived within thy castle bedrooms! At the best just right time! Naturally! Of the nature born month! On purpose so we could take all night,nonstop! Deeply! Bringing to life creating the heartbeats.As the proud parents! Of our baby steps game plan.Blame it on me was the secret garden! Hot-n-drippin' reasons without guilt/shame! Neither of thee were available.To answer any phone calls except emergencies! Nor not available to stop! Thy butterfly wings naked fury! To answer any knocks on thy castle doors.Documented within thy red book diaries! The website documented by dates.Times and years minds&hearts.Truth about us can be wide-eyed seen naked! On the red book love page! Being our mutual Internet karma/fate destiny! To secret gardens mate blame! It on me of no small measure.Why each of thee! Profusely! Were coming like a river! Without a whisper/hint of pain! Roy Fennell-06/25/2017-2:17p.m.Each of thee born! To spoil&pamper thyselves! As legal money making naked! Secret wives&modern day! Queens of thy castles! Unstoppable! Like a weekly habit! Sooner or later possible! 2 or 3 times a week.Not impossible 10 times per month! Purchased from credit card plastic money! From thy own not ours! Seduced&loyal fo'life! To each of thee respected webcam clients! Phone sex customers as their no! Telling it never can touch it secret girlfriends!

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sparks of passion mariegif photo: Sparks Explosion ExplodeTest.gif

Free willing to wide-open naked locked? For a new beginnings&man? Of no small measure? To come in thy lives? To stay like just got married bedroom lovers cement?  Not dip-n-go then like a stock car? Racing driver burn rubber go away? No matter the unseen minds&hearts pain? Unseen in the sides/rear view mirror? Ever dream it could be possible? To be picked up drippin' naked? Swept off thy feet? Not on horseback of the past? Instead a modern day? Jumbo Jet 747? Like magic cybersex 3 circles? Naked wearing only thy just us? Expensive eye candy sexy hi-heels shoes? While being seduced to produce? Coming like a river within the cockpit? After promising me,first? Neither of you would never tell it? Within the cockpit? And our secret meeting place&Internet address home? Tengreatlines.com.Mutually agreed on purpose? Doing like werewolfs&wilds animals? Zero birth control pills nor condoms? Desired with secret fire? Howling&growling to prevent us?Together as one from creating the heartbeats? Giving birth/new lives? To our heartbeating baby one step? At a time baby steps game plan? As legal get paid naked for us? Goddesses of seduction? Money makin' booty shakin' female? Woman of fantasy business women entertainers? Of the global adult  entertainment? Webcam&phone sex employment Industry? With millions of respected clients and customers? With loads of electronic credit card? Plastic money for their favorite? International no can touch it? Seductive manhood teasers/secret garden pleasers? Did each of know some hard working top? Models earn $10,000.00 bi-weekly? Some earn $10,000.00 per month? Not on a respected adult film set? Nor waiting for attention? Big break opportunity instead making that spending money? No commute without walking out their castle doors? If,it raining which may not benefit? Their eye candy extremely expensive? Fabulous to die for sexy hi-heel shoes?

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Without walking out thy castle doors.Part-time/Full-time!
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Welcome aboard! Ten Great Lines Airlines! Taking-
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Cruise Ship Growing

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Nature born good,bad and naughty girls round our world!
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Not a fake,illusion or mirage! Not even a fairy tale story!
Unseen minds&hearts True Love! Has not a female/male human being face! If,untrue not a fact! Globally,why do millions of women,cheat? Or on purpose seek to breakup! Runaway! Escape,by legal respected divorce? Could it be possible? Not impossible in their lives? They be still chasing the Elusive Butterfly of Love? Hungry like female wolves? In sexual desire fire heat? For the mystery seeds? With the unseen power? From within the secret depth of womanhood?
Grow&love bloom? With whole body glowing from the joy? Of happy hearts happiness? When least expected discovered&found?


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Without faithful,loyal commitment to us! Without DSL internet service! Desktop/laptop with a minimum! Of 20-25 hours per week like clock work! To your own female boss! Created working hours schedules! How can your own secret money making lover? And online husband&adult pleasure teacher? Teach you benefits of how to legally get paid,safely? Naked,without walking out? Of your Castle doors with benefits?From multiple weak in thy knees? Physical ogasms of delights?From adult pleasure manhood joystick joy? Pole it/own it in bed sexual experience/knowledge? Without physical manhood penetration? Or becoming unexpected pregnant? With fear of being on your own&alone?

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A relationship is a relationship is a relationship! Between a respected employer/employee! An everyday job is a non physical relationship! What is a job loss/layoff? In reality except a respected legal? Divorce/separation between the respected employer/employee? Without respected legal grounds? For a woman and her respected female/male attorney? To have the opportunity! To have their day within a respected Honorable Courtroom? Roy Fennell-09/2016-10:07a.m.


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Chinese proverb:May your faith always exceed your fears--no price is too great to go through life afraid.
Chinese proverb:Never fear! The end of something marks the start of something new.
Chinese proverb:Life is a verb.

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Within our money for us,relationship online marriage! Having your own unseen man! Behind you who is your online husband,too! Creates or gives birth/life to the true love! Meaning of not being up in your face! Place/space,business,adult pleasure excitations or bank book! With real life minds&hearts inspiration! Of support of your personal beliefs! Values,dreams and goals in life 24/7! No fear of physical harm,conflict or arguments! No fear of a great acting performance! Of jeckle/hyde surprise relationship between us! Roy Fennell-05/13/2016-10:38a.m.

Think you can handle the minds&hearts truth?
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For us,click the you&me***I do page! How I believe&feel about Valentines'&Mothers' days!

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When based on my own actions and motions! When I think,act and do! Within my own castle as each of your legal husbands! Of mind&heart I become him without being in your physical castle! Without a respected marriage license! Individually,when you think,act and do! Within your own castles! Of minds&hearts each of you become her without being in my physical castle! Without a respected marriage license! The true love cement of our money for us relationship online marriage! Is within our minds&hearts! True love itself has no human face! Roy Fennell-08/28/2016-10:12p.m.

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Illustration: The Engagement

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Within our money for us relationship online marriage! On purpose non physical sex! Based on the facts and experiences! Within my own life being under the same physical roof! With a respected woman! Is not a guarantee! Of love to grave! Is not a guarantee of financial survival,daily! Is not a guarantee! Of a financial happiness/security future! Truly,is not guarantee of a happy heart happiness! No matter how it began within the exclusive! Committed,faithful,loyal lust/control relationship! If,physical sex had the absolute power? To make/keep a respected relationship? Together,to the grave? Ever wonder like me? What could be the secret? Reason(s) millions of women worldwide? Become consumed/burning up? From cheating women fever? Unless,could it be minds&hearts? True for some women to be seeking/searching in silent? Desperation for something special unknown? Beyond and above physical sex? Could it have been possible? Not impossible for many of them? To still be in hot pursuit? Of the mysterious elusive,Butterfly of Love? Roy Fennell-09/25/2016-4:37p.m.

Bald Eagle
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Got an Eagle eye view? Of a minds,hearts and bank book benefits? At once face-to-face relationship? In each of your near/distant futures? Which begins/stays with each of you? Being the center of attention within the relationship? Inside/outside Castle doors without question? Being the only STARS of attraction? Under the same physical roof or not? Roy Fennell-07/06/2016-9:31p.m. Respectfully and sincerely best of luck! If,this for any reason is not your type of relationship! No matterwhat,wishing you a happy life!

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When it comes to an investment! Of your minds&hearts,first! Priceless time for years! Without any engagement rings on each of your fingers,first! Which relationship do you believe and feel? Could,would or can make you happy,24/7? A possible/potential relationship? Of which video games? And or online porn is the center? Of attention not either of you? Or what you discover on this specific page? If,the total amount of all past relationships? Is equal to 5- 10-15 years? Question,within minds&hearts? And bank books at once are you happy,now?

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Like magic is it possible? Right before your eyes! To eliminate these potential tears? Of pain of sorrow for years? In my opinion,yes,why? Based on benefits within our money for us relationship online marriage! Which does not have zero! Physical sex conflict/issues! Zero arguments/shouting matches such as spending money! With us the 3 pics have a happy hearts happiness future,first! Then the money!

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In secret silence how soul? Deep could the pain,24/7? Be for a woman? After her respected legal? I do wedding ceremony? Deeply,in love with an unknown man? With an erection of sexual fantasy connection? With loads/specific of women? Of get paid to visually arouse? Professional female adult film/porn Industry,first? Not her of physical reality? In mystery could he be a male? Sexual voyeur excited watching/seeing naked men? Of corn cob size manhood? Having/enjoying sex with sexy women? In secret does his excitement? Come from seeing/watching the men,women or both? Are there any such physical sex? Secrets between us which could cause? Such soul deep pain in silence? The character is the unseen true! Face of a woman/man be it! Under the same heavenly roof! Absolutely,of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above! Could the same be true? Under the same physical roof or not,too?

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Based on the 3 pictures and text,above! In regards to the man! With the huge adult film movie DVD! And his managment/supervisor wife! Curious what I would I treat her? Exactly the same situation? Within 5 days after out honeymoon delights! Unexpectedly,one day! I would meet/greet her(if home)! My just us,special way! Exactly,how you see! She would be walking backwards! To our main bedroom! Face-to-face I would tell her! Please do not text-n-drive! I love you so much! If,you died a part of me! Would on the spot die,too! Face-to-face while she still surrender! All she get to give me! I would her as a man&husband! I 'm in love with you! Have no doubt you can be any woman! Of my sexual fantasies! Which means as I speak! Ends purchases of any new adult film movies! In mind&heart my total collection! Cannot compare you! Come alittle more,ain't no fantasy! You got my back 24/7 365 days a year! Even when I sleep! Here is the deal! Face-to-face I would tell her! Every day we live our lives! Is a celebration you my every day! Live Valentine surrender please! On more cup of your liquid gold honey! Beginning next month when you least! Expect it as an express! Of my sexual desire for you! You will discover on our bed! A gift symbolic to my love for you! Your exact size sexy hi-heel shoes! Little more honey,please! No matter the price of shoes! I got your back I will be selling every single! Adult DVDs' I own cause what is in my hand is golden! I will match the amount! To add to our joint bank account with your permission! Due to the fact I love&respect you as a woman! At once meaning I will not love! You today then tommorrow only respected! Learned  a life or death relationship! Secret from the respected wife! Of a respected friend! Back in the day! In Cleaveland,Ohio! In the drivers' seat of my "76" Monte Carlo! Running after midnight with one of my crew! Not looking for trouble! Electric sun roof back,no diamond in the back! In the neighborhood of a specific respected married couple! Not making the clubs,not even The Flats! Close to the water! Knocked on the door,myself! She came to the door! Never unlocked the door! Never touched the lock! I was startled since I known them for a number! Of years they were childhood sweethearts! Spoke to me through the door window pane! Roy,me and my man! Got a deal when we are not! Both home at the same time! No man or woman can enter! I told her no problem! Tell your man I came by to see! How were doing then I turned walked away! Discovered 2 lessons that sticks! Like cement in mind&heart! 1.He was one of luckiest men! On Planet Earth having a woman! Faithful,committed and loyal to him! 2. Together as one priceless deal! When not together at once! Seemed like a great relationship! Way to be just us,period! Roy Fennell-07/17/2016-8:43a.m.  

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Paw Tracks
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Why,should horny sexy women worldwide,daily? Enter a face-to-face exclusive committed relationship? Under the same physical roof or not? Absolutely, If,there be no respected engagement/wedding rings? Upfront,first,as evidence? Proof for their eyes,minds,hearts with peace of mind? Teamwork,sharing,caring with mutual from jumpstreet? Acceptance agreement of possible unexpected pregnancy obligations? The potential long term for years benefits future? Of intent with them being the only ones?  Physically,sexually desired for adult pleasure delights,worldwide? Due to the facts from jumpstreet? They be the complete package? Behind closed bedroom doors without doubts? Absolutely&truly can be or learn how to role play? Any good,bad,naughty or nasty girl? In a heartbeat woman of fantasy? Reign in bed like Queens on manhood thrones? Making other men wish they had been chosen? To be the lucky ones worldwide? Ever heard the saying look before you leap? Roy Fennell-05/31/2016-12:59p.m.   

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In secret if this of Minds&Hearts! Be true for you! Time to try something new without pain! Only financial gain down the road! Bi-way and highway of life! Safely,as a get paid naked! Internet bride&wife! Have only an iphone/smartphone? Love to jump naked? Go down deep within our money for us? Relationship online marriage? For us visit a respected Public Library! One time for 2-3 hours! To take a look at Ten Great Lines! To determine if worth the investment! Into a new laptop computer or not! If,not of free will to try and learn! To fly spread thy wings! How could you ever know how far? You can go or high you can fly? And distance in your life? Roy Fennell-10/19/2016-10:42p.m.

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Shhh,of no tell it secret! Are you a horny sexy woman,daily? Live anywhere with Internet access within our world? Ever wonder what you would do? If,an unseen man desired to enter deeply within your life? With a King Kong size your bank account? Beginning with camming/phone sexing your heavenly assets?  Had a financial plan to help you,first,not just him? To help you fill up even overflow? Your deep bank book well? Depending on your own free will? Bed soaked sheets results of go girl? Get it determined actions and motions? Would you free will unseen be locked? Quickly,in a heartbeat?  In a wide-open&stay position for us? Although impossible for any pain? Depending how hard you work it? Only mutual monetary gain? Or out of fear of the experience? Quickly,run away not even looking back? Afraid,you may pull them down? Take them off being naked? Except for your favorite expensive? Sexy hi-heels shoes still in your hands?  Roy Fennell-05/10/2016-3:15p.m.

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Some horny sexy women worldwide,daily! When least expected will become wetly surprised,profusely! When free willing with naked thighs wide-open suddenly realize! With wide-open eyes they were born! For us to be/become get paid! Happily naked Ten Great Lines adventure women! Online married team player Internet brides&wives! Safely,camming/phone sexing their heavenly assets! Enjoying benefits being paid having physical orgasm enjoyment! Making money and bank account profits! During bed soaked sheets go girl excitations! Truly,ever wonder how many get paid? Physical orgasms can you erupt per day? Love to use camming&phone sex bedroom? Opportunities as your own ATM machine? To multiple bed soaked sheets? Like a flowing stream of water? Washing away all your bills/debts,first? Then the same money flow? For naked online shopping paradise excitations nonstop?  Roy Fennell-05/19/2016-11:42p.m. 

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For millions of International unattached,wide-open and available women,worldwide! Who are tired of waiting for a face-to-face! Mr./Ms Right to enter their lives! Who have powerful do it urges,daily! Sex drives like locomotive steam engines! Safely,there can be loads of financial bank book benefits joy! By Internet they can get connected like cement!
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Rainbow Swirl
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Individually,who do you see except yourselves? As NaughtyGirls&OnlineMarriedWives! In position of Webcam&Phone sex employment! To become real life! Adult pleasure legal get paid! Naked heartbeating  sex machine! Castle bedroom beds Queens! Manhood popping,pump-n-hard work! Jerk-n-power grip a manhood adult pleasure Throne! Like you own it! Experience cannon Ka-boom,boom orgasms! While being paid using your best friend! No go limp fantasy size! 10"-12" adult toy,daily! 

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Individually,who do each of you see,except yourselves!
Naughty&Material Gurls Online Married Naked Wives for Life
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Future to become legal HoneymoonNight Tight!
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Illustration: The Engagement
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Be honest,are you one of the many horny sexy women worldwide,daily? Who has given up hope? Tired and weary waiting for Prince Charming? Even Mr.Right to just in the nick of time? To rescue you and help you? Eliminate your financial struggles to make ends meet,alone?

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Looking,hoping and seeking a financial happiness/security future! For years without any fear? Absolutely,no fear of physical,emotional,financial or verbal abuse/pain? Safely,without walking out of your Castle door? Are you a woman who is free willing&wide-open? To long term stay for a new beginnings&man? I confess not of small measure? To enter,stay and come deep in your life? Without a hint of pain only financial gain? Having part-time/full-time camming/phone sexing employment opportunities? For the beginning of the end? Of your financial struggles to make ends meet,alone? To begin creating your own retirement fund? Truly,for your own financial happiness/security future? Absolutely,to be waiting for you at the end? Of the rainbow when you reach early/full retirement age?

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Based on the facts within your full-length mirror! Ever dream,hope or wish there was a way? Safely,to awaken the sleeping Goddess? Unseen within the reflections of full-length mirror? Safely,love to take a walk on the wildside?

animated sex position photo:  kittycatbar.jpg

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Safely,without walking out thy castle doors! Who do each of you see? Of cybersex sexual fantasy? Except thyselves with no tell naked! Wearing favorite expensive sexy hi-heel shoes Secret garden wide-open thighs for us! In the direction of my no small measure! Erection with hot bun! In the oven deep affection! Burning flame secret desire fire! Naturally,to do it! Like wild animals within either your,my or our Intenet home beds,daily!
Sexy hi-heel shoes! Like cement at the exit/entrance castle door! Anytime!
Everytime! Each of you come to visit! Greet&meet me! Becomes the real life! Whole body roasting alive heat! Within our minds&hearts! Secret love affair,daily! Your secret money making lover&online husband for life! With each of my born! To pull them down take them off! Camming&phone sexing for us Internet brides&wives! 10/31/2016-9:53a.m.

Why,wait for Ms./Mr. Right? Or hookup online dating website? Phone call with unknown behind closed? Locked and alone futures for life? Safely,when each of you? Can see and know the direction? Of thy futures based on free will? Not force actions&motions online married? International Ten Great Lines adventure women? Legal&safe get paid naked? Webcam&phone sex naughty girls&secret wives? On the prowl/hunt? Towards rich/wealthy in gold coins,bars and vials? Loose diamond stones as money making business women,worldwide? Roy Fennell-10/31/2016-10:24a.m.

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Are you a woman? Secret,from respected family&friends ever have burning fantasy desires of becoming a submissive woman,safely? On adult jobs websites,ever seek submissive or switch employment opportunities? Why seek a submissive actress  job? When you could have a submissive woman/switch life&future? Benefit from more potential of your own free will&desire! When becoming a secret submissive woman within a money for us,relationship! See submissive woman paradise details on the women page! Not chained in a relationship,married or not? There's a specific online game good girl/bad girl waiting for you! To secretly enjoy wearing only you favorite&expensive hi-heel shoes! Free willing&wide open to come with me,nonstop? Meet me at the Chapel of Love? Unless there is someone else? Who,wants,needs and desires you as a woman,daily? Thinking of your financial survival&future without you walking out your door? To become fianancially engaged&hitched by Internet? For a new beginnings in your life? As a booty shaker,money maker part-time/full-time Internet bride&wife? Together,as One! Doing it,like money making lovers,24/7! Towards our Gangnam Lifestyle Futures! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! With your happiness coming,first! Ten Great Lines Webcam Models Network! Tengreatlines.com Roy Fennell-10/05/2015-2:54a.m.

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Your secret dream/fantasy can become your reality!
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As a free will online married submissive wife! Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

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For their no questions sexual freedom paradise! Nonstop online shopping naked spendthrift! Make them feel good about themselves enjoyment!  Absolutely,neverending spending habit of monetary adventures excitement satisfaction! Globally, horny sexy for the money women/material girls! For their happy hearts happiness,first! Financially,required their own online husband! Who loves&respects each one of them! Equally,without favortism as being a legal wife! Not an income lollipop girl! Nor as just another hen in the barnyard! As he being a dip-n-go rooster! Seeking his own sexual satisfaction deeply,first! Roy Fennell-05/19/2016-1:16p.m. Understanding the character of the man,first! Before free will surrendering heavenly pleasure muffin honey! Can make the minds&hearts difference between pain or joy!

When deep seeds of new love and desire begins past pains end! From the beginning between us,daily! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Unseen,together as one! Of wet dreams seen on top like cement! On the roads,bi-ways and highways of our lives! There can and shall always be only one! Shining bright into the night! Like a diamond outfront Star! Center of attention in the drivers' seat spotlight 24/7! Being our STAR attraction 365 days a year! It is each of you,not me! Roy Fennell-05/20/2016-3:53p.m. 


Experienced adult film female actresses or not! While you seek,hope or wait for an adult! Financially juicy lucrative film contract opportunity! Within minds&hearts for us! Think,feel,believe and see! With your own eyes benefits! Within our money for us real life relationship,daily! Online marriage can do! For each of your futures,lives and bank accounts,too!
1.Once online married,first! Benefits to real life not acting or fake! A free will submissive woman opportunity! Experience Like a adult film movie script! Use any and all text language! Found/discovered within our online shared website! For your free will guidance,knowledge and instructions! Without pressure,force or specific time limit!
2. Once online married,first! Benefits to financially protect yourselves,first! From unexpected,what if,loss of main income job source! Situations,such as cut in hours,store closures,etc. Most important of all to make sure 5,10,15,or 20 years from,now! Each of you will know in dollars&cents facts! You will have more in your precious lives&futures! There will be financial happines/security! In addition to hope,joy and peace of mind! Every day your precious hearts beat above ground! Roy Fennell-05/08/2016-4:29p.m.  
3.Shhh,no tell it come closer! Free will horny sexy submissive woman? Live anywhere within our world? At least between 18-21 yrs of age? If,yes,benefit in secret a real life experience! Knowing for a fact between us! Each time you are able to come visit at our Internet home! If,of free will submissive woman courage! Learn,teach and train yourself! To become in the habit naked! Except for your favorite expensive hi-heel shoes! Learn and know for a fact! Without strings banging body or not! You are wanted,needed and desired as nature born women! Safely,without fear and no physical contact! Building your self-confidence/undress nude inhibitions! Which can help you to free will! Prepare yourself,for a pull them down! Take them off for us future! Real life roleplay not acting or fake! With go girl and get it unstoppable attitude! Made up your mind with hot burning drippin' desire! For us made up your mind! To invest some of your free time! Camming/phone sexing for us! Towards your own financial happiness/security futures! First,not mine,alone,at your expense,first! Without guilt/shame free will! Wide-open to stay learn and do for us! Real life roleplay submissive woman! Based on your own free will power! Can financially dominate your bank book! Upgrade living conditions and lifestyle! Without physical manhood penetration! Based only own your free will choices/decisions,not mine! Within our money for us,relationship online marriage! Once Internet married to your own online husband,first! Between us,under the same heavely roof! Of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above! Between us there is only one! Minds&hearts label of love! Being mutually agreed together as one! Team player online married wives! Not lesbian,straight,gay,bi-sexual or cheaters! A woman is a woman is a woman! Between us every day above ground! Becomes our minds&hearts true love! Valentine day not only once a year! Between us each online married wife! Not a trophy wife she be wild&free! To do as she pleases without questions! No demands like orders of live/die combat command! Not of ball-n-chain income limit control! Not unseen on a leash/kite string! She be unseen running with the female! Sexual wolfpack of Ten Great LInes adventure woman,worldwide! Goddesses of seduction naked shaking and making their money! With no can touch it like liquid gold pleasure muffin honeys! Between us with every unexpected wet dream surprise! Be it middle of the night! Even at work with sudden body jerk! Our no tell it secret! Being pleasure muffin mouth drool secret hunger opening so I may unseen! Enter deeper beneath thy umbrella no pain! Only monetary gain to help you! Keep your deep hungry for money bank book well! Financially,flowing,swelling and filling up! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Based on go girl/get it motions and actions! A real life dream fantasy reality! Coming true by the minds&hearts! Power of unstoppable love between us! Ever heard the song Don't Change,by INXS? Ever heard the songs Love is the drug? Don't stop the dance? More than this? Slave to love? For your pleasure,by Roxy Music? Ever heard the songs?Jungleland and Born to run? By Bruce Springsteen&the E Street Band? Roy Fennell-05/15/2016-1:36p.m. Between us of protected minds&hearts! Safer than a bank vault! Impossible for wild horses going in opposite directions! To separate us which proves like the reflections! Within a mirror of a face-to-face relationship! Between a woman/man physical relationship! Minds&hearts is the cement of the foundation! Based on the facts motions! Actions speak louder than words! Roy Fennell-05/07/2016-1:52p.m.

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Think you can take weak in the knees truth? If,we be as you see,within thy Castle bed! Together,as one like cement! From thick like pancake batter! From naked hot thighs spatter! As being legal man&wife! Not an oops,accident or mistake! You will discover specific webpage links! On our online shared website! Which could allow opportunity to roleplay get paid! Absolutely,wearing the exact costumes,etc. to always keep your performances! Fresh,new and exciting for each of your respected clients! Safely,without walking out your Castle doors! Except for your online husband,now and later! Anybody else on Planet Earth believes in each of you,first,that much without lies,games or strings? Unless I recognized each of you within my mind&heart,first! As Queens within your physical Castles,first! It would be impossible not possible! To recognize each of you as unseen Queens! Within my physical Castle,secondly!   Roy Fennell-05/14/2016-2:52p.m. 

Beginning with camming/phone sexing committed motions and actions! Financially,unseen we can be coming together as one! Of no tell it secret nonstop! Neverending up until each of your respected legal wedding days! Love to know a secret about us? Within our money for us relationship online marriage,now? If,for whatever reason not of my business! If,your respected legal marriage should end of sadness? If,desired your respected divorce has been legally final,first! If,desired and free willing without questions! You can wide-open return to your online married husband,first! Quickly,come and get it! Unseen go girl back on top! Again,locked back into your making your money in rhythm position! Still in step to the steady beat! Of a happy heart with happiness future,not sadness! Roy Fennell-05/13/2016-9:22p.m.

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 When a woman or women having laptop income becomes her or their own travel agents,free! They can be like flying butterflys! Living a do as they please adventure&vacation travel life,worldwide! Live in shoebox apartment? When free time becomes get paid time,such as camming,you can go from an apartment to a rent to own home! If you find a rent to own home with a fenced backyard,sooner or later,you could have an above ground large swimming pool! On our website is more than one nationwide rent to own home website links!  Are you a woman living overseas where home owner is not possible? A rent to own home in respected America with a dual citizenship! Could be a great opportunity for you&family,too! As your own travel agent,saving money by not paying commission fees at your expense! Making money booking all flights& vacation travel packages for family and friends! Class reunions or college spring breaks! Great examples,of round the clock nonstop income while you sleep! Depending on the weather within your respected Country! Your home in respected America could become your vacation home or source of income once you own it! Ten Great Lines is a DIY(do it yourself) opportunity for women seeking financial opportunities to get ahead in their lives! Shhh,love to know a secret about our money for us,relationship? Globally,on fire horny&sexy women in heat like female foxes&wolves! To taste,enjoy,experience&live to at will travel the world! Can free profile themselves as perfect girlfriends for Sugar daddy&Sugar baby face to face meetings&dates! Camming for us,becoming their expensive laptop income source! An as their own travel agents have wings with female financial power! To become International Goddesses of seduction who are travelling globe trotters! Have you an Eagle view within your near or distant future? Of a face to face relationship in your lives? Which thinks of your happiness,always,first? And allows you the freedom of Butterfly Love? Do as you please,at will,to travel the world? Treating you like a full grown woman,not respected little girl? New beginnings&man deep to stay in your lives,not up in your faces! Get connected,financially engaged&hitched by Internet! Online married camming your heavenly&priceless assets for us! Salely,as a booty shaker,money maker Internet bride&wife! Together,as one&unseen money making lovers! Within our money for us,relationship,creating for the money financial orgasms! Within our financial honeymoon in multiple ways nonstop! Globally&truly,for good,bad and naughty girls who hunger for a luxury lifestyle life! Who are for the money women&material girsl,combined! Part-time/full-time how can this opportunity not be a perfect&safe? Always,financially&happiness rewarding life&future relationship for each of them,daily? Roy Fennell-11/21/2015-6:20p.m. The financial power benefits of Ten Great Lines women worldwide! Absolutely,is for real for  any women of motions&actions who believe in themselves,first! Then action speaks louder than words to get ahead in life! For as a man&talent agent if I did not believe in you,first? There would be no reason for me to create an online money for us, relationship concept! Beginning with the legal $1,000,000.00 legal financial game plan! 


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Are you a woman? New beginnings&man in your lives! Explore&see all benefits of what an Internet financial engagement! Within a money for us,relationship,can do for you,first,not me! Created&built by the Power of Love for us to make our money,together! Under the same roof of the heavenly skies&stars above! Do I mean it without any strings? Absolutely&Truly,I do! Roy Fennell-06/24/2015-8:46p.m. When women are Queens of their Castles! Who could ever clip or break their financial wings? Or like with a pillow softly smother their precious dreams? Do not text and drive,why? I always want you to arrive safely at your exit or entrance door! Each day your heartbeats and have breath within your heavenly bodies! With your favorite&expensive hi-heels waiting for you,too! Money cannot buy love! It must be free will given without strings to be True! Ten Great Lines webcam girls can wide-eyed see,upfront! Each one of them come,first,before any amount of money! Every inch of their heavenly bodies is priceless to me as a man,without strings! 

At the beginning or during any of your past relationships! Regardless,of who got home,first! If,childless or zero child or children concerns or issues! Without you asking,did the lucky to have you? Other person,ever tell you,face-to-face,you were desired as a woman so much? He or she wanted to see you,every day? Once the door was closed&locked,only wearing your favorite and expensive hi-heels shoes? Would it have made you feel&believe only you&your relationship,came,first? Before others outside of your relationship? Would you have been starving for attention and felt special as a woman? If loved&desired and being told face-to-face? Always,keep your favorite and expensive hi-heels? Near your or either Castle front exit-entrance door? At work,would there had  been secret knees knockin' excitement? Had you known for a fact, a kitchen chair,was there,too? Roy Fennell-05/05/2016-4:12p.m. Zero cost but priceless,love&desire,24/7! Do I mean it without zero strings? Absolutely&Truly,I do! 


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Questions,of the above facts! Of the millions of women who cheated for secret reasons! How many would not have done it? If,like a habit,daily? The lucky ones dined at their Y like a deep sea diver? Or a werewolf beast at a pleasure muffin feast? Then after weak in their knees naked thighs surprise puddle? For them could it have been catnap? Spoon and cuddle for intimacy closeness? Together as one cozy time? Absolutely,not of minds&hearts hot desires to cheat? Out of delights fear and jealousy? If,they did so it could leave the door? Of such joyful benefits,daily? Wide-open unlocked for another woman? To bathe and enjoy nude? Truly,a bath of romantic powerful intimacy in secret,daily? Roy Fennell-05/12/2016-10:11a.m.

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Without walking out their Castle doors! Horny sexy women worldwide,daily! Safely,wild,naked and free! Have the free will power! To break unseen chains of financial bondage! Jailbreak monetary limited income prison! Escape/jump or climb over the wall of unhappiness! Hit the ground running like a female track star! Towards a Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! With only one life to live and enjoy,daily! Why,should they not without physical contact? Safely,seek to use what they were naturally gifted free? Nature given womanhood powerful attraction/seduction female power? To seize and enjoy the fruits and benefits? Of their camming/phone sexing heavenly assets? Labor/work while their hearts still steady beat? Like a base drum and still live above ground? Creating for themselves,first,not me? A better life with a happy hearts future? Before the shadowless sleep beneath the ground? Respected single Moms or not! Respected lonely,bored or divorced women worldwide or not! Respected banging bodies or not! Bottom-line,regardless of the respected employment opportunity! Be it adult entertainment or not! Upfront based on their dedicated loyal hard work! What is in it for each of them? They can wide-eyed see of printable documentation,first? Other than hopes,dreams and using their own imagination? To visualize their own individual futures? Reality not TV or music video fantasy! Real life no commute without walking out Castle doors future! Based on factual results from their work and labor! Opportunity of red carpet treatment! Like future get paid naked Divas&Queens! Absolutely,who can become financially enabled to spoil&pamper themselves,deliriously! In many situations expensive merchandise! Can directly be shipped to their addresses/doors! Safely,they can online shop naked within a do as they please life,daily! No upfront fee&see everything free,now! With opportunity to become rich/wealthy horny sexy women worldwide,daily! Based on their own gold coins/loose diamond stones purchases! Being financially enabled to afford weekly! Professional cleaning services to eliminate house cleaning chores! Being the wind beneath each others' wings in life! Is for real for women of unstppable go girl motions and actions! It is a sure bet! Some women will discover and find ways! To make what they see in text their own reality,daily! Who are these women? Online married Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! Who are team player wives of get paid naked motions and actions!   Roy Fennell-04/25/2016-8:35p.m.


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sex position photo: Sex tumblr_m73r0yA9Lj1rz7gxao1_500.gif

When seeds of new love and desire begins past pains end! Under the same physical roof or not! A relationship is a 2-way street of actions and motions! Based on my own free will love! Equal desires for each of you actions and motions,first! I'm committed,loyal and faithful to each of you,first! For how easy could it have secretly? Been for me to hook up with a single woman? Unknown to each of you? Giving/providing her opportunity? Of free room&board in return for unlimited sex? Absolutely,which would mean our money for us relationship online marriage? Would be a complete lie,period! For if,a woman of such a character? Would be willing to unseen do that to each of you? For free sex and money? How could I trust her behind my back? Even living under the same physical roof with me,daily? It is a fact as a human being and man! My manhood is not allowed to think/lead any direction for me! Ain't no mistake or lies between us! Truly,based on the facts of respected history and family ancestry unseen or not! The women of today with heavenly assets! Are the best on Planet Earth banging bodies or not! Roy Fennell-04/24/2016-4:32p.m.  

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It is a true love fact what each of you! Got of secret garden nature chosen heavenly gift! Is the best on Planet Earth! Due to the truth of my knowledge! Ain't no adult pleasure toy blowup doll! Robot or android can do it! The way a full grown woman can do in bed! And if fortunate real life respected childbirth,too! From the beginning neither of you! Never ever taken for granted like income source lollipop girls! Absolutely, not in principle,treated as a respected woman! Like just another hen in the barnyard! For between us if possible! To be doing it 24/7 nonstop! To make us bump-n-grind in rhythm! Harder and faster would be the joyful sounds! Of neverending pop,pop and more pops! Including like clockwork apartment/rent-to-own home! Professional cleaning service every week! Without strings single mom or not! Why,does your online husband now and later? Desire so much for each of you? Based on history and ancestry facts! Women of today are the best! Of the best from women/sisters of the past! My free will Internet brides/wives! Deserve nothing less than treatment like Queens! Without walking out their Castle doors! For them to make it possible I needed a plan! So they can spoil&pamper themselves,deliriously! Like Queens on demand when they want,need or desire it! Safely,they can online shop naked! Having whatever makes their hearts happy! Shipped to their Castle doors if possible! On the TGL-Models page is a potential backup plan,too! Less chores/house work to do! On days off means more time! To enjoy&seize all benefits! Of 5 star dining and wining enjoyment! Absolutely,from Nationwide/Worldwide public places dinner dates! Roy Fennell-04/10/2016-5:50p.m.

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Based on respected birth,family history known or unknown! The women of our world,today! Are the cream of the crop! Best of the best within womanhood! As men of manhood,worldwide! Ten Great Lines adventure women! Who are online team player wives! Based on individual actions and motions! Camming/phone sexing their heavenly assets for us! Can give themselves royalty treatment! On demand like a respected Queen's command! Safely,online shop naked to spoil! Pamper themselves,deliriously,without questions from me! Or ever hearing the word NO in regards to shopaholic! Spending habits for as their unseen online husband! As a man and human being between us! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Their happy hearts happiness comes,first! Roy Fennell-05/17/2016-3:21a.m.

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Ever heard the story of the dog and bone? A dog one day got lucky! Discovered and found a huge bone! While on it's tail wagging journey! Back home to selfishly enjoy all benefits! Came to an over the water bridge! O,me,o my,got fooled by the mirror-like reflections! Of what appeared to be a dream come true reality! OMG like magic right before it's eyes,2! When by shock and self-interest first,surprise! It open those powerful jaws to grab and seize it! It became a snap finger! In a heartbeat flash! Lost what it had in a big splash! Honestly,how can you blame it? On the respected dealer,alcohol&birth control makers? When it all began by our own free will choices,first,not force? Roy Fennell-05/01/2016-5:57p.m.

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It becomes a true love minds&hearts fact! When horny sexy women worldwide,daily! On purpose without lies,games or strings between us! Believe it and feel it deep within themselves! Free will pull them down! Take them off for us! They become free will go girl committed unstoppable! Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! Based on loyal motions and actions for us! To become online married team player wives! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Exactly of intent like a legally married wife! Faithful to our mutual long term financial happiness/security futures! Absolutely,in real life they become able to live and experience,daily! The financial power of what we together as one! Truly,can do for us within our lives,daily! Under the same heavenly roof! Of the stars,skies,moon and sun,above! Roy Fennell-04/26/2016-9:27a.m.

69 sex position photo: Sex tumblr_m51hkqQHtX1qcshb9o2_500.gif

My heart-to-heart message to each of you! Love has no face,color,boundaries or strings! New beginnings and man in your lives! Not fake,illusion or mirage! Instead based on facts for your eyes to see! Minds to believe and hearts to feel,daily! Safely,within your own Castles! Your online husband now and later! On purpose of free will desire treats each of you! As though we be legal man&wife within thy Castles! Each of you being at the center of attention! Each of you being in the spotlight,not me! Each of you being the only shining bright star,not me! With your never allowed to be touched! Or worn by another woman on Planet Earth! Favorite expensive hi-heel shoes! Always near the main exit/entrance Castle door! When you let go of past bad/negative relationships for us! They become memories no longer painful within minds&hearts,why? New beginnings once online married! Begins your happy hearts future,why? Between us not possible for either of you! To live and 24/7 nightmare experience physical,emotional,financial,spiritual or verbal abuse/pain! Sooner or later like magic tears of soul deep pain! Slowly,will become tears of joy and happiness not sadness! Right before your eyes you can see! Feel it is possible not impossible! Based on your own free will actions and motions! To end your financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! No tell financially coming together as one! Safely and unseen in multiple ways! Without walking out thy Castle doors for years! Up until each of your respected legal engagement/wedding days! Without conflict or jealousy from your civilized online husband! Even if you be living physically next door to me,now! Based on the above facts no painful memories of us! When you discover and learn the secret way? To get paid becoming a heartbeating sex machine in bed? Could your minds&hearts benefit? From less risk of pain your respected lucky future husband? No matter the size of his manhood? Will be loyal and faithful within mind&heart? Without any desire to ever cheat on you? Roy Fennell-04/23/2016-10:57p.m.

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Illustration: Sunday morning sleep-in

When seeds of new love and desire begins past pains end! Not our fault and out of our control! Impossible for us all at once! To become legally married under the physical roof of my Castle! Impossible for us all at once! To become legally married under the physical roof of thy Castles! Due to the fact non physical unseen love has no boundaries worldwide! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Truly,free will go girl unstoppable! Camming/phone sexing thy heavenly assets for us! Becomes/creates the financial seeds of life between us! When you live and experience a new love! As women being desired 24/7 by your unseen online husband! It cannot erase past painful minds&hearts memories! New true love has the power! To help heal the scars and wounds,why? Eyes can see,minds can believe hearts! Can feel it is possible not impossible! For each of you to have a real life happy hearts future! Without fear of the possible past! Bad/negative relationship(s) dejavu experiences! Down the roads,bi-ways and highways of thy lives! As online married money making team player wives! Not physical sexual objects or trophies hanging on a wall! Roy Fennell-04/26/2016-8:56p.m. 

Based on the unseen untouchable! Unconditional and unstoppable Power of Love! Like me,ever wonder how many respected marriages,worldwide? Began from a single one night stand? Including together as one seeds of respected childbirth? Then raising their respected children as a family,too? Ever wonder what you may do? If,when least expected right before your eyes? By the unseen power of the Internet? With silent powerful search engines,worldwide? Love came looking for each of you? Offering a new beginnings&unseen man in your lives? Not up in your faces,spaces or Castle places? Without lies,games or strings? Seeking to give not take or drain? All your endless love like a hungry Vampire? Being deeply in love? With the reflections seen in bathroom mirror,not you? Ever wonder how many women,worldwide? From past bad,terror and negative relationships? Although alive became cold inside? Like the walking dead drained of love? They became unable to free will? Surrender all of their love to another person? Suffering in silence from the comfort of tears soaked pillows? Between us,not an oops,accident or mistake! On purpose there is free will for the business creation! Of life for your own business website! Promoted by your own created&designed business cards! If,desired to have one! For each of you not me! To pick,select or choose the name! Of your own Diva woman business website! To be in the spotlight! Center of attention on your business cards! Love to learn more for us? See the (business) page,please! Due to the fact! Camming/phone sex is a real life! Money making business opportunity! Which offers a long term virtual employment future for years! Why,is the concept of virtual employment important,now? Exact same opportunity for each of you! If,free will desired to have your own website! Zero payroll or brick-n-mortar with expenses,inventory,etc.! The unseen respected peoples behind the scenes(affiliate program network managers)! Do the work for us as our partners!  Roy Fennell-04/26/2016-9:47p.m.


Time in Ceres:

Of cybersex sexual fantasy! With dollars&cents reality! Our website creation by the power! Of unseen minds&hearts True Love! Free round trip flights for travel! Safely,to the respected City of Ceres,california! Safely,from the respected City of Ceres,california! To none of my business! On Ten Great Lines Airlines! By Global Internet super silent Powerful eco-friendly search engines! Who do each of you see? Except thyselves in secret! Naked to be served hot position to cowgirl up! Jump on top! Secret garden wide-open thirsty! Hungry like an animal to begin 3 circles! To enslave as horny girl! Ownership of my joystick to capture! Loads of financial seeds of website knowledge! While it's Master&Queen! Never needs to walk out her castle door! By Queen command she can get it on demand! Her/their secret money making lover&online husband never tells on them! 10/25/2016-7:24p.m. Our unshared minds&hearts! Love affair secret,daily!

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Illustration: In the nursery

Right before thy eyes with wide-open to stay thighs.
Who do each of thee see? Except thyselves as
soon to be my first&only Ones,forever!
Virgin cherry popped twice good enough fo' life!
By thy own first&only one.All night long with King
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Each of my all night long naked! Wide-open kitty tight!
3 circles International female (TGL)-Models delights.
Within their own castle bedrooms.
Promised me neither would ever tell it! While climbing
and working hard! My big surprise deep between their
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From respected Ceres,california.Each of us were
in a hurry! To create the heartbeats!
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Steps game plan for our mutual.
Financial happiness/security futures.Under the same heavenly
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Airplane Taking Off
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My International loves! Right before thy eyes! For,who am I,except he,born to be for life! Individually,for each of thee without strings! With only unseen minds&hearts money love rings! Who I be is he of Internet/karma fate! Thy free will secret money making lover&online husband! Thy do you Money Right man! With a free $1,000,000.00 legal game plan! Thy show you all the money upfront,first,daddy! Right before your eyes! Your adult pleasure/bank book teacher! Your no upfront fee talent agent! With only one desire to help! By encouragement bring out the best! Of each of you! So we can be the wind! Beneath each others' wings! Not the anchors to keep us down! Unseen bound by the chains of financial bondage! Enslaved by limited income! While drowning alive above ground! Financially sinking without a ship! Under the unseen ocean&sea! Of unexpected rising prices even slowly,unstoppable! 

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Heavenly all natural born nature kissed gifted delights! Each naturally sweeter than a bowl of sugar! Safely,liquid gold pleasure muffin honey! Can be steadily drippin' financial sweet success happiness! Privately&furiously camming/phone sexing their heavenly assets! No upfront fee dual for the money naked women opportunity! Slowly,sooner or later part-time/full-time! Natural female money makers,booty shakers! For themselves filling from bottom to top! Making bank insured safety deposit boxes lids pop! With gold coins/high grade quality loose diamond stones! For 5,10,20,30 or more years into their futures! Reality experience while growing older in ages! Becoming richer not financially poorer towards early/full retirement ages! In addition to potential respected bank! Dollars&cents numbers increasing their net worth and bank credit scores,too! Based on motions and actions with go girl committed attitude! Proof it could be possible not impossible! Even for respected female virgins! Safe sex can become long term extremely profitable! As heavenly naked Ten Great Lines adventure women! No divorce/no tell secretly online married without walking out Castles doors! Safely,free will hooked with an online shopping naked habit! Of on demand anytime spoiling&pampering themselves,deliriously! Roy Fennell-02/26/2016-8:50p.m.

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Love to know a secret between us,forever? Some of the best Ten Great Lines webcam/phone sex female actresses! Serious as an sudden heart attack! Future super star money maker,booty shaker performers worldwide! Can or will become horny sexy women,daily! Who never considered camming/phone sexing heavenly assets! Ever within their lives,why? Once recieving their sweet pleasure muffin first paychecks! No matter the dollars and cents amount size! It will erase/eliminate self doubts! Increase their self confidence and beliefs! In their own financial power of seduction! Within depths of sexual souls feel and experience! The stir of a wide-awake from sleeping/dormant Goddess of Seduction! Hungry like a female wolf in sexual heat! For numerous more naked woman excitations! Becoming unstoppable to seize and create! Absoultely&truly a neverending dual benefits circle! More paychecks enjoying sexual freedom paradise! Then without questions spoiling&pampering themselves,deliriously! Rain,snow or shine no commute without walking out Castle doors! With a weekly/monthly for their money habit! Of a physical for their eyes only not mine! Bank visit to wide-eyed see the financial joy! Of their rising amount of gold coins/loose diamond stones! Within their not mine or our safe deposit boxes! Roy Fennell-02/27/2016-6:28p.m.  

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Why,is it possible not impossible? For some horny sexy women worldwide,daily? Honestly,in secret places of minds&hearts? Be burning up on fire? With lava hot unstoppable go girl? Absolutely&truly desire to make for themselves,first,not me? Serious as a sudden heart attack? Our money for us relationship no divorce online marriage? Like they intend&mean to own it? As their for keeps reality,daily? With your own eyes take a look! Wide-eyed see and discover all the real life true facts! How&why for them being online married! To their own unseen online husband! Has unseen can be proven secret benefits! Absolutely,they may be unable to have or experience! Absolutely&truly within a lifetime! In a face-to-face under the same roof or not relationship! Ever heard the saying birds of a feather flock,together? I feel and believe it can be possible! Not impossible for some fairy tale dreams! Of some little girls who become full grown adult women! Truly,can become a reality beyond their wildest dreams and fantasies! When least expected while above ground! You decide once you have seen it all! On the Woman-5 website page,fair? Roy Fennell-02/23/2016-11:16p.m.  



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1.If a woman does not get paid from or during her free time,how does she profit? How can she use nothing to shop til' she drops?
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69 sex position photo: Sex tumblr_lzurbr1tuZ1qzdtaw.gif

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The known not unknown daddy!
Lives in respected Ceres,california.U.S.A.
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Paw Tracks
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Ever dream it could be possible naked or not?
Illustration: The Engagement
To be financially engaged? Within our money for us,relationship? Not walking out your Castle door?


My forever minds&hearts nature born heavenly delights! My every day Valentines heartbeating hotly desired good! Bad and naughty girls! Who are horny sexy women worldwide,daily! Right before your eyes! Upon bended knee may I humbly ask each of thee? Have you ever heard the word? Or saying which goes like this,a bird in the hand! Is better than 2 birds in the bushes! My forever&Valentine Loves! Camming/phone sexing thy heavenly assets! For us like go girl unstoppable! Love to get paid naked like legal wives! Based on individual proven get it! Financial results facts of motions and actions! Like magic right before thy eyes! Becomes 2 financial birds of monetary happiness/security futures,first! You can see now! Not of the mystery of an unknown future! Which neither of you have the actual power to control!
1.Camming/phone sex-financial benefits solutions while waiting on a legal lucrative adult film contract opportunity!
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Old Blue
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New beginnings&man in your lives! Can become each of your financial reality! Safely,of a pull them down take them off! For us,camming/phone sexing heavenly assets future! Based on your own individual yes/no free will decisions! Motions and actions or not! Discovered of the (TGL)-Models page 1! Which is the only source of virtual independent contractor! At home,apartment or college dorm! Part-time/full-time employment opportunity! Within the unseen oceans&seas of webpages of Ten Great Lines! Roy Fennell-08/29/2017-10:55p.m. Based on my own experiences of life! Better to have an active what if, financial game plan! Than only a hope for the best future! Globally,respected parents of camming/phone sexing daughters! At least can see,believe and feel within minds&hearts! The man and human being like them,Roy Fennell! Has zero intent or desire for their respected daughters! Indirectly or directly to be used for my own steppin' stones! Over the pond of life without risks of getting wet! Towards my own goal of financial success,first! Absolutely,before them and at their expense,first! For no man can hide from the truth! Within the reflections of his own mirror! Be it expensive or not!

Ever dream it could be possible naked or not?
Illustration: Be my valentine
Not impossible to become online married? Without walking out of your Castle doors?

Are you a for the money woman? Material/daddys' girl round the world banging body or not? Except for your online husband now and later? Is their someone else on Planet Earth? Shhh, who knows and understands your secret? Wants,needs and desires which drives you crazy,wild and delirious? Is a wide-eye see big? Financial bank account bulging package? Absolutely,which can help,make and keep your deep? Truly,bank book well swollen wall-to-wall? Tightly,full even running over,profusely? With weak in your knees? Tears in your eyes from joyful excitations? Roy Fennell$$$&cents+05/12/2016+$$$&cents+10:15a.m.$$$&cents If,standing at the alter of thy lives,alone! If,free will go girl yes desired within our Internet home! New beginnings&man unseen deep within your lives! Not up in your faces! Within safer than a bank vault! Protected from harm minds&hearts Chapel of Love! Under the same heavenly roof! Of the skies,stars,moon and sun,above! Can begin for each of you! Going down the road,bi-ways and highways of life! Can begin once online married,first! New chaper,page 1 of minds&hearts secret diary! To enjoy not capture benefits! Of the elusive Butterfly of Love,daily! Can begin for each of you! On the TGL-Models page! For horny sexy women worldwide,daily! Who got the free will power! Of actions and motions to end! Their financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! Let go of past relationships! To go girl move forward towards their own financial! Happiness/security futures! Safe,unseen pedal-to-the medal no stop signs/speed limits! Fast lane highway/runway of a do as they please life,daily! Even as they become older per respected Birthday years! Opportunity to become with gold coins/loose diamond stones purchases! Richer/wealthier women before they became online married! Team Player Internet brides&wives! Roy Fennell-05/12/2016-12:50p.m. Sincerely,best of luck if no is your answer! 

Babys first birthday

From the beginning, long term want,need and on fire desire for you! I'm free willing to stay in your lives! Not hit it&quit it run away from you like a rooster being chased by a fox! Causing some women to feel&believe they are not needed,wanted or desired on a daily basis! Ten Great Lines Adventure women&Ten Great Lines Webcam girls! Will take action more serious than a heart attack! To save themselves, child(s)love,heart and their money! From any potential stray cat,tick or unpredictable jeckle/hyde relationship,why? Absolutely,making sure they are not counted within the 12.7 respected millions of peoples! Daily,who like a 24/7 video camera of the mind re-living the nightmare experiences! Who pays their mental health costs for them? Shamefully,from uncivilized acts of rape,physical&emotional abuse! Even stalked like prey from those trusted to protect them from harm and danger! Wearing unseen money love rings on your fingers,benefits,each of you,first,not me,why? If,wedding days&wedding rings never happens for you! You can always be making money,Internet wives,with do as you please,lives! Who else,except a man who truly loves you for being women seen or unseen? Would give so much,freely,without strings,not even seeking to recieve a single kiss? Nor a taste of not less than 1 hour of down below,heavenly,sweet-n-natural honey? Roy Fennell-05/07/2016-11:22p.m. If the lava hot fire&desire heat from this Internet Kitchen of Love,is too much for you? Not too late to run away in another direction or road of life! Wishing you well! 

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If,unafraid,why,not with naked thighs locked wide-open to stay! Come closer,by virtual reality what do you see? Except the hand of your online husband! Preparing you for the dual camming/phone sex opportunities! To get paid making/keeping thy sweet-n-juicy pleasure muffin! Snap finger tight with a whip it good power grip! Which can prepare you for an adult film career opportunity! To run like a track star towards professional Big Boys,not away! Possible on set reputation of wearing men out! Or your Sugar daddies like a broken record,yes,baby,yes! Whatever you desire even business jet flight! To a fabulous 5 star luxury resort,asap! And a honeymoon dream come true! For the lucky one on your respected legal wedding night! Roy Fennell-06/06/2016-2:59p.m. For us,if,free willing go girl unstoppable! Can bring out the best of you! When your online husband! Is your no upfront fee&see see everything free! Talent agent,too,who does not seek! To get up in you,first! With minds&hearts lies,false promises and games! With a long list of strings,first! For if,I do not make each of you? As women feel wanted,needed and desired,first? How can I expect each of you? To make each of your respected webcam clients/customers? Feel and believe they are wanted,needed and desired,too? Becoming repeated long term clients/customers?

Rainbow Swirl
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Experienced adult film female actress or not! On an adult dating website or not! What is the monetary benefit for your bank book/bank account? Having a resume on an adult jobs/adult dating site,worldwide? Which does not pay you a monthly fee for your profile? Does not reimburse for phone calls? Nor pays you to read/search an endless ocean/sea of emails? While seeking/identifying possible legit adult jobs opportunities? At the expense of your valuable time? No profit sharing plan due to the fact! Each of you by resume/profile are the unpaid STARS of attraction! Be it respected employers/advertisers! The hand of your do you Money Right,man! Knows and understands as nature born horny sexy women,worldwide! As the complete package of heavenly assets! Safely,webcam/phone sex opportunities allows each of you! To cash in on the multi-million dollars seduction game! For yourselves,first,without walking out your Castle doors! As nature born Goddesses of Seduction! To seize&bring financial joy! Slowly&deeply down into your bank accounts! Making money together as one! Being Ten Great LInes adventure women! Internet married team player Internet brides&wives! Within our money for us relationship online marrige! Not directly/indirectly at your expense,first! Although not being a physical sexual relationship between us! Each of you deserve to be loved and respected like legal wives,first! Not as heartbeating income sources of revenue! For Ten Great LInes,first,leaving each of you! Nothing but a hope chest full of dreams! With an unspoken sentence to drive from home! To work then drive from work back home! Without a retirementHR health benefits package! Waiting for each of you down the roads,bi-ways and highways of life! At the end of the rainbow when you reach respected early/full retirement ages!! Who else could I be? Except your unseen online husband? Internet searching/waiting for each of you? Until your respected legal engagement/wedding day! Roy Fennell-06/06/2016-11:24p.m


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By the power of Internet powerful search engines like magic! Right before the eyes of good,bad,naughty girls,worldwide! Some who in secret have wet dreams! In their lives it is a dream come true! To be and run wild and free,daily! Safely,can see and discover pull them down! Take them off and wide-open stay reasons! Of what becoming secretly online married! To their own unseen online husband! Truly,could do for their lives,futures and bank accounts! Be&staying in the spotlight and center of attention! Absolutely&truly upfront without lies,strings,games! Zero physical contact or adult pleasure favor expectations! Treated like legal wives not income source lollipop girls! For it is a fact! When they be free will camming&phone sexing heavenly assets! It is a for us money making business partnership relationship! Of which they get paid,first,not me! With a potential unbridled sexual&financial freedom happiness future! Without walking out Castle doors! Globally,for some women freedom! To do as they please! When they please with whom they please! Absolutely&truly means everything to them! For their womanhood happiness,first! We feel and believe within minds&hearts! Together as one it is possible not impossible! Under the same heavenly roof! Of the heavenly stars,skies,moon and sun,above! If,truly mutually desired anything is possible with teamwork! Truly,be it 10,1000,10,000 or 1,000,000,00! Always,horny sexy women,worldwide! Equal free will opportunity to take motions and actions or not! Due to the facts a phone call is unseen words! And action speaks louder than words! Not an oops,accident or mistake! Their online husband became an affiliate of multiple programs,first! Then between Woman-1 to Woman-4 pages! By text language and examples! Love truly,unselfishly shared affiliate/smart technology program benefits! Some women are born to be/become online married! Get paid naked Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! Always super horny sexy team player online married team player wives!  Hearts beating sexy expensive hi-heels wearing female sex machines! With like liquid gold no touch it! Heavenly natural pleasure muffin honeys! Zero snap finger face-to-face risks/dangers possible from lightning fast! Electronic unseen dollars&cents! Credit/debit card transaction blasts from a double load! Safely,of camming/phone sex bank account money!  Queens within their own Castles! Truly,with unseen spoil&pamper them red carpet treatment! Love to see more proof/facts of the naked truth? See Woman-5 page! Roy Fennell-03/05/2016-10:08a.m.

Train in the Woods

Globally&safely without doubts or physical danger fears! Or silent in the night pillow soaked painful emotional tears! When women based on the power of their own free wills! Have deep within their lives,minds&hearts a man! Have their own do them Money Right! Unseen man behind them in long term life! They can&will become focused on making their money!  Like a runaway freight train towards their Gangnam Lifestyle Future,why? For some feeling&being loved&desired 24/7 as women! Without lies,games or strings  more than any amount of dollars&cents ! Is priceless to such women living around the world!  Roy Fennell-06/25/2015-3:51p.m. Based on numbers&facts do you have an Eagle eye view of a more profitable relationship? In your futures,without strings? Wedding rings or not? Based on the total amount of time and years from your lives in past relationships! How expensive&costly was the price? Based on your heartfelt hopes&dreams? From face-to-face words& promises of a happy,together life& future? Do I mean it? Absolutely&Truly,I do! Many women may see Ten Great Lines and take no action! From within themselves,only Ten Great Lines Adventure women&Ten Great Lines Webcam girls will take action! To make all their financial dreams of life a virtual reality not fantasy,why? What I want for them is exactly what they have always wanted&dreamed for themselves,daily! All that was missing in their lives was a man with a game plan,without strings! The adverage man's paycheck is only a drop in the bucket of spending money for them! To be happy,some 18-25 year old hot women desire dates at new car dealerships! What do you think 30 yr old women and up desire in their lives? Top of the list expensive home,big backyard, custom designed in-ground swimming pool&2 car attached garage! Why would such women sit back and allow other women to be helping themselves? To be making $10,000.00 bi-weekly or $10,000.00 per month as female webcam models?

For when it be of thy own free wills on purpose!
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Not a mystery for real.Long lasting for years.Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

The good girls&naughty girls at once!
Of each of my hot kitty tight-n-juicy!
International female (TGL)-Models
All night long like sex machine Queens.
Wide-open to stay without shame/guilt.
Within their own castles bedrooms.
Were in a naked hurry! With butterfly
wings of fury! To accept their own Internet.
Karma/fate destiny for us to mate!
Bucking each other like wild in the jungle.
Animals to create the heartbeats.
Bringing to life our own no glove!
No birth control pills.Creation of their new
occupation&career.As camming&phone sexing
hard.Legal get paid money making naked secret.
Wives&Queens virgin cherry popped twice.
Good enough fo'life.International moms Internet
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With a ton of female pride! Working to live happy,daily!
Not living to work unhappy,daily! Up until one foot in the grave.
Having only one life to live above ground!
Without living to enjoy the experience,daily!
Of an online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.
Without walking out thy castle doors.
To spoil&pamper thyselves,deliriously! Like modern day women Queens.
Documented within the chapters&pages.As female authors of thy
own red book love story.Benefits of joyful lifetime memories.
Having touched,reached and kissed the unreachable star!
Never accomplished within all! Thy past relationships,combined!
Roy Fennell-08/30/2017-5:50p.m.

An actress,is an actress,is an actress  as a female adult film or webcam performer!  Without being paid for your time&resume profile! How much money do you make waiting for adult jobs&employment opportunities? On any free profile adult jobs websites! It can only be a free profile opportunity! Absolutely,not guaranteed job or contract! Therefore,per day,how much are you losing when a legit job(s) or employment opportunity does not come your way,daily? Roy Fennell-05/08/2016-1:39a.m. In the business world there is a saying time is money! Question,how much money have you lost or made based on the time you have spent waiting for adult jobs or employment opportunities to come your way? Using your own job per hour formula! Calculate from your first,sign-up date to the present date! Based only on get paid surveys,using the exact time frame,how much money could have been flowing into your bank accounts? While waiting on adult jobs&employment opportunities? When not camming your heavenly&priceless assets for us? Part-time/full-time how much sweet money with spoil&pamper yourselves opportunity? Escapes your bank accounts,daily,weekly,bi-weekly or monthly? If,you earned like clockwork,$1000.00 per week? No computer/laptop,webcam being Internet ready,now? Thinking about camming at a webcam studio?
1.If,they pay your travel and relocation cost? Will the ticket be a non cancel,unexpectedly,round trip ticket good for 1 year?
2. Is there a contract for a fixed hourly wage?
3.Are there health&medical coverage available in writing?
4. Travel time paid,back-n-forth to the studio?
5.Sick time per month? Automatic termination policy protection?
6. Paid,babysitter or daycare costs?
7. Are you able to work at one or more studios?
8.Have fixed hours,schedule or are you on pager call on demand?
9.Profit sharing,raises,how much&when,if any?
10. What happens to you,if you are lease chained to an apartment for 1 year,and get let go?
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Train in the Woods

Paw Tracks
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Real life not fake safe benefits!
For women in secret,worldwide.
Who are burning up while alive!
From the flames of submissive woman,fever.
For whatever secret reasons to them.
Cannot tell/reveal their secret desires.
To any respected family&friends.
When their private castle bedrooms becomes
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As safe no physical sex contact female actresses!
Camming&phone sexing hard legal get paid.
Money making naked for us secret Wives&Queens.
24/7 365 days a year.In no tell it secret.
Free will submissive online married!
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Of their own working hours schedules.Without conflict
within their personal lives.More than any amount of money.
Gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones.
Nothing of force or against their own free wills.
Nothing in conflict with their own beliefs&values.
Roy Fennell-09/06/2017-5:05p.m.

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House Lights
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Based on free will camming/phone sexing thy heavenly assets! Like you mean it for us! To the best of your abilities of the degree! Like a legal wife with go girl unstoppable attitude! With on fire hot desire for a do as you please life,daily! Within thy Castles based on motions and actions! Based on financial bank book results! Can elevate each of your present living conditions! Slowly,at first,sooner or later! You will discover you will become financially enabled by bank account! Dollars&cents elevate your lifestyle! In multiple ways such as escaping an apartment! Going for your money like a hot fever! Into your own rent-to-own dream home! Or your own new car doing as a woman,alone! Who did it her way and created a better life! For herself and or precious child(s)! Never gave up believing in herself,first! Without violence refused to give up! Surrender to the financial pain! Like the crack of an unseen Cat (o) 9tails! To accept financial bondage of living to work! Not working to live and enjoy life,daily! Having only hopes,prayers and dreams for a future! With nothing to look forward to 5,10,20,30 more years! Without a respected retirement&HR health benefits package! At the end of the rainbow of respected early/full retirement ages! All there can be down the roads,bi-ways and highways of life! Waiting unknown around the corner! Is a drive from home to work! Then drive from work back home again,future! For it is better to have an active plan with direction! Than have no plan at all! Roy Fennell-05/09/2016-1:41p.m.Questions,have you ever heard of any human being? Globally,like you and me,suddenly? Being laid-off,job loss,fired or unemployed? From the World Wide Web? Internet superhighway of information,itself? With powerful silent International search engines? 24/7 never sleeps and available without walking out your Castle doors? Question,based on facts does the Internet commute to itself? Bottom-line the Internet is a true! At home,apartment or college dorm business opportunity! Truly,except for a persons' own respected Internet service provider it's free!

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When it be of thy own free wills/choices only!
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Not a mystery it be for real.Long lasting for years.Our money for us relationship online marriage!

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If the whole world is a stage! We all have a role for real in our every day lives. Based on how we present ourselves to other peoples! How is it not to your financial advantage to use some of your free time? To create or give birth to your own business? Then use your business cards to promote or advertise yourselves free,daily? Towards round the clock nonstop&unlimited income even when you are asleep? Example,with your own business cards at amusement parks,worldwide! Nobody touching your goddesses of seduction heavenly priceless assets&bodies! What could your in motion and rivaling the waves of any ocean? Booty shorts magic,do for you&bank balance? When hit on,first? Who else,except your show you the money,daddy?Understands,that ain't junk in your trunk! Nothin' but a heavenly goldmine!When you learn how to use it,safely?-Roy Fennell-05/11/2016-12:32a.m.Fashion models have a runway walk! Having your own business cards! What could your booty shorts magic walk? Wearing attract scent,do for you,when hit on,first? The only bottom-line is actions&knowledge! Equals dollars&cents financial power! For women who had enough being always broke! Financially,struggling to make ends meet in life,alone! My Internet heavenly delights! Waiting for each of you,banging body or not!   Would sales of magazines go up or down,if women wore no make-up?Beauty products enhances a woman's natural beauty! Booty shorts&attract scents enhances a woman's natual seduction ability! Each enhancement can product financial results ! More details can be discovered on Models-2 to Models-6 pages!

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For when it be of thy own desired free wills only!
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Not a mystery bank book.Victory lasting for years.Our money for us relationship online marriage!

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NaughtyGurls&Online married,first! Free willing to become NakedSubmissiveWives! No play games of minds&hearts only obedient!
Smart&Faithful! Loyal&Committed to our mutual financial survival,daily.
Our monetary happiness/security futures! Serious as a sudden heart-attack
Once as Bosses with set working hours schedule,first! Baby step-1.
Baby step-2- Replace old favorite eye candy expensive sexy hi-heel shoes
With camming/phone sexing actions and motions! For go girl unstoppable
Reasons to purchase your new favorite eye candy expensive sexy hi-heel shoes! Symbolic to letting go of thy past! To get a grip of a new and make you LoveGlow! Enjoy the benefits of a brand new you life! Each of you as women! Of heavenly assets connected to Nature! With hips of actions and motions. Which imitate waves of mighty Seas&Oceans worldwide! For secret garden attraction/seductive reasons! When you make your booty clap! Of Nature it reflects and Ocean/Sea! Slapping of waves upon the shore! Or waves engulfing/surrounding a Huge Rock! Symbolic to a woman/women working a manhood! Symbolic to creation of Life beneath the waves&water.

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Keep your eyes on the prize. Of a fabulous financially juicy and plump.
Bank account with multiple income streams(sources) of money.
Going&flowing even slowly towards your bank books. Sooner or later will increase the size. Based on my own experiences in life. Having more than one income source. Can make the difference of a roof over our heads.
Or not when least expected the unexpected can happen. In a heart beat.
The Internet is a new/unexplored source of unlimited income,why?
Free will opportunity to use free time(unpaid time)! To create get paid time. Within the safety,privacy and security! Of thy Castle homes,apartments and college dorms. The more we can financially depend on ourselves. We can avoid thinking and feeling when we need help! Others will be there in our time of financial desperation. To pay the rent and keep the lights on not out. Having multiple ways to save money.
Make money online can help make/keep our deep. Bank book wells from running on empty. A financial victim of this modern day brutal ecomomy.  

For horny sexy online married Naughty Girls,wives. Who are true to their schedules. As good as their face-to-face words. They can become female road warriors. Of the skies who as their own Travel agents. Can see,live and experience life,daily. Financially,enabled to with their expensive laptops! Live in exotic places a year at a time. Enjoying a do as they please life,daily. Without questions as businesswomen of the adult entertainment Industry. Always able to find their special kind of person.
To afford expensive dinner dates worldwide! In safe for them public places. No matter the relationship even love has a beginning. Down the roads,bi-ways and highways of our lives.

Business planning and scheduling

Without failure/false presentation of solicitation&potential Jail-Time.
Always when clearly understood thee are being hit on first!
Presentation of business cards under any/all circumstances.
Professionalism is a must for mutual trust of the respected public.
Roy Fennell-08/07/2016-10:22a.m.


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Endless International public beaches with loads of bank books/bank accounts. Financial joy to make/keep deep savings/checking accounts.
Always filling up to full even overflowing from credit card money.
When like a horny sexy beach bunny monetary heartbeating magnet. Of attraction who takes advantage! Of online shopping at discount prices. Of specific website links within the seas/oceans pages! Of our online shared website of Ten Great Lines. The website of your own secret money making lover&online husband,too! For life if free will desired or not. Roy Fennell-08/07/2016-10:43a.m. 

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Promise me,you will never tell our forever,secret?
Business handshake
Las Vegas secret flight? Got married one night stand? 69 HoneyMoonNight? Lifetime memories&forever?

If,free will minds&hearts hotly of desire fire. NaughtyGurls&OnlineMarried.
NakedWives for life who whispered in my ears. When Cherrypopped twice within thy Castles bedrooms. The way we secretly loved it all natural.
And promised their secret money making lover&husband. And do them Money Right man! Our naked secrets stay ours to the graves. For part of the mystery within the secret garden. Depth of Womanhood many women! Are keepers of many secrets to stay alive! From the excitement of knowing things and unknown! To our world in their own Nature magical ways. Ever heard the words MotherNature? Life giver/keeper of many secrets beyond known knowledge! For many unknown secret reasons of mystery.  

Childs Block Rotating

sex photo: pregnant sex pregnant-sex.jpg


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Promise you will never tell our families&friends?
Illustration: Be my valentine
For our lifetime memories? Met in Las Vegas&got hitched? Played it safe! 69 only HoneymoonNight! Shh


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As my naked legal wife for a one Night&Love you always HoneyMoon!
You confessed you were not on birth control pills! Neither had a condom.
I confess and like you we were very tempted to just do it.
Go to LoveWork to help each other create the life! Of our baby,boy or girl.
Still,even now,we got hot desire! Bun in the oven fire between us for life.
Secretly,I'll always be beneath thy umbrella! Within our money for us.
Relationship online marriage! We 69-Cherrypopped each other until weak
In our knees together as One! No matter what it was True Love Magical.
Each of us Face-to-Face minds&hearts! Within our eyes being the complete package! To get hitched,first,as adults! Nevertheless,as we in a civilized manner! Both agreed to play it safe pawned our engagement/wedding rings! At the same time Face-to-Face! Thank-you,for the 5 minutes FrenchKiss! At the airport my flight departed before yours that day! Caught a cab from the San Francisco International Airport! Right to my Castle driveway! Stay in touch so I know you are still alive! Hate to sound like a broken record! If,you do for us,could you please? Not text-n-drive for it is a fact! One mistake of un-attention could become fatal!


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Close Call with a Train from AnimateIt.net

Not too proud to beg each of you! Upon bended knee
Illustration: The Engagement
Please,Please,Please do not text and drive! Please,think of us&our happiness futures,first!

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Financially,able to free will purchase gold coins&loose diamond stones.
To create your own investment towards your respected early/full retirement fund. Within bank insured safety deposit boxes.
Under the legal protection of each of your respected female/male attorneys. And with their expert guidance protected before you! Fall in love and become legally married,too. Better to be safe protecting your Empire,first. Than taking the chance/risks if your respected marriage.
Should end for right or wrong reasons. It will not including losing half your wealth,too!

No longer my co-pilots! Each of you are Captains!
Airplane Taking Off
Online marriedNaughty&NakedWives! Taking-off flying towards do as you please lives,daily!

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When you add all of the above! With worldwide airports information.
Discovered on Models-6 page you will see the truth. How it is possible not impossible. To seize unlimited income opportunity for life! Exactly how it would be if possible. For all of us at once. To be legally married and living under the same. Physical roofs of thy Castles. Being the wind beneath each others' wings! How amazing each of you are truly! From serving proudly at a fast food! Drive-thru window day dreaming about a better future! Like magic and the powers of Love. And powerful internet search engines. Each of you can see how each of your lives! And futures can be,now! Without walking out your Castle doors. Having opportunity of smelling the roses. Of thy lives with a calm/peaceful! Happy hearts happiness future without pain only joy!

Car Headlights
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When it be of our own mutual free will no strings!
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Not a mystery it be real! Long lasting for years.Our money for us relationship online marriage!

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When of our own mutual free wills without strings!
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Real long lasting no mystery for years.Within our money for us relationship online marriage!

Are you a woman? Have a profile or resume on any online adult jobs or dating site(s) worldwide? Seriously,like a heart attack seeking to financially get ahead or survive in your life,daily? Up until your wedding day or for life you belong in a money for us,relationship,if you can honestly answer each of the questions below being no,based on facts!
1. Yes or no, did you get paid an upfront fee of any amount to place,keep or maintain your resume or profile on that specific respected website(s) instead of  their respected competitor(s)?
2. Yes or no, do you or have you recieved a minimum monthly amount of at least $100.00 as a financial incentive to update your profile or resume and not delete it?
3. Yes or no,do you or have you recieved a cut,share or dollars&cents percentage of any and or all revenue generated from advertising or sponsors?
Regardless of your respected occupation! Camming&phone sexing your heavenly assets for us! Can help you increase the dollars and cents amount! And size of your bank account! Protect you from unexpected income source or job loss! Financially enable you the opportunity to purchase! Gold coins and high grade quality loose stones! For each of your insured bank safety deposit boxes for yourselves,not me! Under the financial protection of your own respected female/male attorneys! As your own financial investment retirement fund! When you reach early/full retirement age in life! Opportunity to avoid or escape a drive from home! To work and drive from work back home! Beyond retirement age future if it is a fact! Absolutely,if there is no respected retirement&healthHR benefits package! Waiting for each of you down the roads,bi-ways and highways! Of your lives at the end of the rainbow in the golden years of ages! Good,bad and naughty horny sexy women worldwide! Can eliminate their financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! When they free will become online married! To their own show them all the money,daddy! When having the free will desire and power! To pull them down and take them off! Part-time/full-time safely camming&phone sexing heavenly assets! Naked within our money for us relationship online marriage! As Internet brides and wives without walking out their Castle doors! Except for me anybody else on Planet Earth? Got your backs,now? Truly,thinking of your financial survival,happiness,security and futures? Everything at once,without lies,games,strings or physical favors/expectations? The naked reflections within thy full length mirrors! Reveals nature born Goddesses of womanhood seduction power! And like gold no touch nature sweet heavenly pleasure muffin treasure! Safely,can be money in the bank! Globally,for horny sexy women,daily! Who are for the money women! And material daddys' girls combined! A Ten Great Lines woman! Based on her motions,actions and attitude! Is an unstoppable online team player wife! Within her mind&heart in reaching her goals! Of a Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! Are you a Ten Great Lines woman? Who feels and believes actions speaks louder than words? Bank account size in dollars&cents counts? And money talks? Hungry like a female wolf in heat? For a new beginnings and man in your life? Unseen&free willing to enter,come and stay deep? Not run away from thy unseen no tell? Secret garden grip under your umbrella 24/7? Not a time waster? Online shares a money for us financial game plan? While you be safely within your Castle? Not required to walk out your Castle door? Even if you are 1 million miles away? Treatment like the unseen Queen of my Castle? Not just another woman or income lollipop? Based on website documented facts you can wide-eyed see? With your own eyes treated like a legal wife,now and later? Beginning with camming&phone sexing your heavenly assets for us! Is not about being or becoming potential boring jobs! It is about creating a path or road! Towards your own futures 5,10,20 or more years from,now! When using free time to learn! Promote and potentially earn with affiliate programs! Offers or provides benefits to increase your bank account! And create,build and promote your own Diva Woman Empire,worldwide! Bottom-line a pathway to becoming a self-employed BOSS LADY business woman! Financially enabled to enjoy and live a Diva Woman Lifestyle,daily! Not TV or music video fantasy! Real life reality doing&living it! A DIY free will multiple choices opportunities! Nothing ventured,nothing to gain or have 20 years from,now! Except hope with a drive from home to work! Drive from work back home future! Without a written guarantee your respected regular job! Will have your back! Be there for you,20 yrs from,now! Even beyond early/full retirement age! Sooner or later within minds and hearts you will true love discover my loves! Individually,each of you belong online married! To your own unseen not in your faces online husband! Who is your upfront show you all the money,daddy! Your belong to each of you! Do you Money Right,man! And your no upfront feeTalent Agent,too! Who is honored&pleased with a no strings no tell true love opportunity! To be looking out for each of you! As being like naked legal wives,now and later! With your favorite expensive hi-heel shoes! Near the exit/entrance area when you come visit at our Internet home.Tengreatlines.com! Safely,without walking out your Castle doors! Why,is so much possible not impossible? Anything less would become unbelievable/untrue within minds&hearts! If,the beginning of a relationship! Is not built on solid ground believable possible facts ! Sooner or later will sink in the quicksand of the truth! Not an oops,accident or mistake! I created our website! As though we be living under your roof! Already,legally married as man and wife! How many years of camming and phone sexing wet spot? Bed soaked sheets from physical orgasm eruptions? Are you free willing to surrender,take and endure? Shamelessly,for us per day and monthly? Until weak in thy knees while becoming rich wealthy women? Could it be possible not impossible? There is an unstoppable free will pull them down? Take them off naked future? Waiting for each of you? Within our money for us relationship online marriage? Within minds and hearts secrets? If,on fire with desire for a baby? Could it be possible not impossible? For each of you to free will choose such a precious name,girl/boy? To be the name on your business cards? Of your own business website and Diva Woman Empire,worldwide? Not a mistake you discover and see! The design your own business cards! Website link on the (TGL)-Models page 1 on purpose! As horny sexy women,daily! If afraid such secret thoughts and feelings of mind&heart from a man! Makes you of minds&hearts wild and crazy! Not too late to run away from sexual soul fire lava flames! And endless heat of unstoppable power of love 24/7! Roy Fennell-08/30/2017-10:05p.m.


New beginnings&man in your lives with love,respect,care and informational financial help is real! On paper as per documentation when I said or say Ten Great Lines is about making money with you,not from ever inch of your heavenly assets,did I mean it,globally,to the degree,as if we,be,legally,man&wife? Absolutely&Truly,I do,why? Under the same roof or not,if any relationship,does not begin with love,first,how true can it be for you towards joy&happiness in your future,daily? Love is like the foundation of a newly built house! If a relationship,is not built upon love,first,sooner or later,it will sink in the quicksands of divorce,breakup or heartbreak! Roy Fennell-05/08/2015-11:19a.m. When it comes to having your back,which is better for you,a relationship,you can see upfront on paper,or the unknown based on words,emotions and promises? Like minds,with same goals belong making their money,like bees creating honey,together,as One,under the same roof of the heavenly skies and stars! Is their a Ten Great Lines woman in you to seek&explore opportunities to increase your income and OMG size your bank balance? Are you a good,bad or naughty for the money woman or material girl,round the world? Your belonging to you,now,show you the money,daddy, waits for you,at our Tengreatlines.com website home! No physical contact,picture,profile,resume or fee required!

Dollar signs at sunset

Think you can handle truth of a secret between us? Respectfully,naked or not! If,you recieved a direct resume email message from me! Absolutely&truly not an oops,accident or mistake! Respectfully&truly,without lies,games,strings nor adult pleasure expectations! It was of my mind&heart and lust at first sight! Attention/recognition of what free willing your heavenly assets! Without physically being touched could do! Repeatedly for our mutual financial survival,daily! For our mutual financial happiness/security and bank account futures! For years due to the fact! At first sight I believed in you! Being a star ready to shine brightly worldwide! Within my mind&heart believed and felt! First time at that magic moment for us! Be we together as one! Behind you in front of your full length mirror! Be it bathroom/bedroom of thy Castle! The reflections of thy heavenly assets! Could only reveal the truth as a lucky man! My natural eyes was gazing at a Goddess of Seduction! Who should not be denied the no upfront fee! See everything free opportunity to create/seize! A Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power! Without walking out thy Castle door! Only you not me have the absolute power! Based on free will motions and actions! To make it your reality or not! Experienced adult film female actress or not! Without favortism/discrimination nor false promises! Globally this is an equally opportunity! For horny sexy women worldwide,daily! Who seek/desire adult/non adult opportunities! To create a more rewarding life for themselves! To end/eliminate their financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! No physical contact/no travel required under no circumstances! Therefore,new beginnings&man in their lives! Not faces is a possible virtual reality not impossible relationship fantasy! Roy Fennell-03/02/2016-6:59p.m.

Cat Licking
                           Email Envelope from AnimateIt.net

                           Ladies from AnimateIt.net

Up until your wedding days each of you belong within our money for us,relationship,why? Our non physical relationship becomes the beginning of where your last relationship,good,bad or terrible came to an end! Regardless,of the distance of miles between us! I would be a phone call or email from each of you! You have the option to call my home phone number! Based on your time zone,24/7,for I am the King of my Castle be it an apartment or home! Based on love,care,respect&confidential communication! Each of you will recieve encouragement&attention! In principle,as though you lived here,being the Queen of this Castle! In life for many reasons within any relationship! It could be in your best interest of love,heart,mind,body&money! Before you surrender a single drop of your priceless LoveHoney! To understand the character of the man or woman,first! Do I mean it without any strings? Absolutely&Truly,I do! Love to know a secret? Globally&tightly only Ten Great Lines women will legs wrap&lock themselves ! Around our money for us,relationship,like they mean it,because they do,why? We believe what seems impossible to many peoples,can become possible for us! Under the same roof or not! We believe the unseen true face is the character of the person! Who is unseen within the reflections of their mirrors! We also understand&know when we become the wind,beneath each other's wings in life! Sooner or later,Together,we will be able to reach&touch the unreachable Star! Under the roof of the heavenly skies,sun,moon&stars,above! Roy Fennell-06/24/2015-7:07p.m.

Chinese proverb:Not just live and let live...but live and HELP live. 

animated sex positions photo:  dividertransparentfloral1.gif

                           and Wedding Rings from AnimateIt.net

Within a relationship between a woman&man based on emotional human feelings&nature a woman! To feel complete,celebrate her womanhood and have a sense of joyful purpose in life may desire a baby! Some women for whatever reason are unable to give childbirth! As an unselfish sharing and caring man! I needed an idea from the power of love with a have your own business plan! Something which could be nurtured like a physical baby! Which could financially take care of each of you,daily! Even if you already are pregnant or have a child or children! If wide-open to new beginnings&willing to learn! Doing you Money Right is about us creating&giving birth to your own individual businesses! Virtual reality not fantasy without physical contact! When there's no lies,games or strings,even wedding rings! What else could it be,under the tree,between you,me or us,except Money Ring Love! From the heart,freely given opportunity free willingly,recieved or not! Do I mean it without any strings? Absolutely&Truly,I do! Roy Fennell-06/24/2015-11:21p.m. As a man this is the best I can do for each of you! Without strings love to help each of you make all your dreams in life a reality! Not fantasy of a respected movie or TV show!  

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animated sex positions photo:  dividertransparentfloral1.gif

Each Ten Great Lines Adventure woman&Ten Great Lines webcam girl! Can wide-eyed see,depth of sexual soul feel&believe round the world! I am a man without a rooster in the barnyard desire of them! Love to know a secret? I recall asking my ex-wife,twice,while looking deeply into her eyes! Did she want a baby? Each time she shouted,yes! Like pancake batter,my manhood felt trembled splatter! With a 4/4 power drum beat of lava hot sexual desire heat! Joyful tears did she weep! The heavenly slurp,slurp and slurping created sounds! From furious motion pounds of our bodies,together,as,One! Became in rhythm for Love sweet music to our ears! Our actions on purpose,not accident,oops or a mistake! In my opinion,in the beginning or from jump street! These are the same exact heartfelt&believed expectations of many women,worldwide! Every relationship has a beginning under the same roof or not!

Some for the money women&material girls! Secretly,can have powerful thick-n-creamy wet dreams! Which can splatter like pancake batter turning to steam from hot lava excitement! To free will trade broke,lonely and boring everyday lives! For a safe new beginnings of being naked booty&tits shaking money pumping machines,daily! If wide-open to stay&willing to learn and earn! Get in rhythm motion by taking for the money actions! Tightly,legs wrap&lock yourselves around our money for us,relationship! Although,we be many together as One! By Internet doing it,making our money like money making lovers,nonstop! Like deep within the neverending fires of sexual heat creating&making multiple financial orgasms! Which drip,splash,flow and grow our non joint bank balances! Within minds&hearts nothing can erase memories of negative relationships! When starting a new life as aTen Great Lines webcam girl&money making Internet wife! It is a sure bet,the sadness of the past! Sooner or later,will sink within the ocean of your happiness future! Based on the choices of free will actions or not! Only each of you can control the direction of your lives,not me! The best I can do for each of you is provide multiple save money/make money DIY opportunities,without strings! Roy Fennell-08/11/2015-9:26a.m. Zero endless like rooster chases with emails or phone calls! Free will&no strings is a 2-way street going in the same direction! Neither seeking or desiring to control the other like a chainless or shackleless slave! Ask a woman who is drowning in low self-esteem from being face-to-face told by someone she loved,daily! She was not smart,unattractive and could never make it or survive on her own,alone! What is the true love&heart value of becoming by Internet engaged within a money for us,relationship? Not being under the same physical roof which would deja vu nightmare experiences? Only women who have been spirit broken like horse being forced to wear a saddle! Truly.understand what it means to be the wind beneath each others' wings in life,daily! No fear of physical or emotional pain from a man who claims to love her! For if claimed to be true,should she not be able to do the same thing,too,without fear? Like day and night there is a difference between love and control! They mix like crude oil and water! Some slave Masters of the past beat&whipped slaves! To break their free will spirits&desires to escape to freedom! Was it love or power,control,fear and free labor money at their expense? Some loved freedom so much they died seeking it! For them it was true victory not defeat,why? All their human beings physical&emotional pain sufferings ended,period! Their slave Masters lost production profits from financial pain within their bank accounts! Bottom-line,had the treatment been free will different could have had 10 times the wealth! It is all about the money and how you get it! There is no greater power than free will,like the saying you can lead a horse to water,but you cannot make him drink!

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From the financial power&seductive knowledge benefits of Ten Great Lines women worldwide! For the money women&material girls,combined! If,standing at the altars of their lives,alone! Who are wide-open to stay&free willing to learn for us! How to work it&pump it like we be bedroom lovers,nonstop! Sooner or later will discover website knowledge! Within our money for us,relationship marriage! Based on motions&actions can create a King Kong size juicy,plump financial erection! Which can cause financial joyful eruptions which rival a physical climax excitement! Flowing money from multiple income streams&directions into their bank accounts! Roy Fennell-11/26/2015-11:14a.m. It is a fact,knowledge is power when by motions&actions if,used of financial advantage! Regardless of the age of the woman! Globally,some horny&sexy women with powerful sex&money addicted wants,needs and desires on fire! Will become wide-open unseen&unstoppable to get connected&online hooked up! With their own Internet show them all the money,daddy,why? So they can submerge themselves within the for the money! Benefits&enjoyment of their own online shopping paradise! To become free will hooked on the habit of spoiling&pampering themselves,daily! Even if a woman is money hungry&starved for a luxury way of life,daily! Our money for us,relationship online marriage! Neverending is a perfect&skintight fit for financial satisfaction of desired lifestyle!

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Falling Money
                           from AnimateIt.net


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 Between us once online married within our money! For us relationship online marriage! Between us it becomes a for years reality future,daily! Between us impossible for me to ever cause you any negative! Emotional minds&hearts even soul deep experiences of agony! Pain of having thy heart dropped,slammed or tossed like an egg on the kitchen floor! For some women such a nightmare! Can become neverending until reaching her grave! Neither of us taking the other for granted as income lollipops! Or adult pleasure blow up toy dolls! Without human being feelings and heartbeats!  Roy Fennell-03/02/2016-6:39p.m.

animated sex positions photo: ARROWS arrows_blue_022.gif

                           Flags Divider from AnimateIt.net

                           Day Sign with Rose from AnimateIt.net

Paw Tracks
                           Divider from AnimateIt.net

Our own free will actons&motions produces results! The same is true making money by Internet,too! Refusing to remain motionless or standing on the shores of life! Benefits,each of you,first,not me! Globally,if it be 10 or 1000 women! It is every woman for herself to use all she discovers at Ten Great Lines,to financially get ahead in life or not! Naked or not love to know a secret between us? Think,feel&believe fate made a mistake allowing us this opportunity? Think you can handle the truth? Suppose individually each of you within our past! Within my Castle had been a live-in girlfriend&lover! For whatever reason(s) you needed to live out of town or return overseas! Discovered financial unhappiness&unsatisfaction from overloaded obligations! Called me on the phone seeking my help! Not to allow you to financially struggle to make ends meet,alone! Based on the foundation of the unseen never die true love power between us! Instead of turning my back on you,the best I could do! Is create a money for us,relationship,financial game plan! Each of you could see&free will use anywhere in the world! Within any respected Country Internet connected within the world wide web! With unlimited income&Nationwide&Worldwide! Adult face to face dating only&Sugar daddy&Sugar baby face to face adult dating opportunity! Including online marriage&your own Diva Woman Empire opportunities,too! What is a fact,your unseen&online true love no strings husband,now or later! Cares not about the distance of miles between us! Always,now&later,your happiness,comes,first,in everything,as we be to stay like legal man&wife! In my case,wives! Roy Fennell-08/30/2017-10:33p.m.

Red and
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Chinese proverb:Nine tenths of education is encouragement. 

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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

Chinese proverb:Be magnanimous,be trustful,be hopeful and be patient.

Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

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