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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,10 Great Lines!

Ten Great Lines Contact Us Page! 10greatlines.com!

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A Ten Great Lines Adventure! Tengreatlines.com
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Adventure! Excitement! Money! Travel!Take-off now!

Contact us page- A Ten Great Lines Cybersite- Ten Great Lines

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Tell us what you think,of Ten Great Lines,by contacting us,by email!

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This is where we give our customers a chance to tell us what they think about our web site. Is there anything you would like to see us offer? Do you have any questions,comments,or suggestions? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think,your opinion has great value,at Ten Great Lines! Again,Thank-you,your family,and your friends,for taking the time,to visit,Tengreatlines.com!!!  

Or give us a call at (800) 555-1212.

A Ten Great Lines Airlines! Ten Great Lines!
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Taking-off,now,towards adventure,excitement,money,and travel! Tengreatlines.com

Respectfully,to all,I am an american man,who feels and believes,serving my country,is a 24/7,honor,and responsibility! Respectfully,should danger,come to my country's soil,again,after praying,1st, I would be of full intent,to be,1st,to say,unpolitely,hello,if need be,on 1 minute call,out of respectfully,uniform,or not,why? Not too long  ago,as per documented,within FBI archives,during,WWII,on a specific shore,on U.S.soil,of a specific city,came 7 specialists,of bad intent,J.Edgars'agents,were there,to say,hi,FBI agents,became,aware of america's potential harm,based on information,provided,by a woman and a man,who happen,to already be on the specific beach! Respectfully,+/\***?]***8:58p.m.***06/11/2014///-=+Roy Fennell"""9

Land of the free sweet liberty! Because of the brave! Some who gave up! For me their precious lives! Gave me the chance! Opportunity to be born! A free man not a slave! Without a clue of knowledge! Even understanding of the word freedom itself! Some off the battlefields! Who could no longer! Endure/escape their secret neverending minds nightmare! Always on scenes,smells,odors and scents! From real life fears, terrors and horrors! Of war not seen on respected TV/DVD movies! Some who still live came back! To tell the story to their precious respected Mothers! Some who knew when their male/female warrior! Touched the ground calling their names! Even,if,only among themselves! Can never ever be the same person! Human being, from within,again! Secretly,in silence having troubled minds! Best I can do for past,present and future! Is pray&hope for them! Spiritual power with eternal calm peaceful sleep! And remember freedom itself is never free! At no charge thank-you all! For saving me and us! From such fears,terrors and horrors! Of absolute unknown/unexpected tyranny! Upon respected U.S. soil! Ever heard the song? Stranger in a strange land? By Leon Russell with The Shelter People? Roy Fennell&621*-=+_11/15/2016-12:27p.m.  

Ringing Liberty Bell

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www.calegion.org Thank-you!***8:34p.m.***06/11/2014***Roy Fennell***

In this area,we shall include website links related to our business or that we think will interest our customers! We may also provide links to other interesting websites!  Hope you may be able to visit these sites,soon! Did you know in 1984,copies of Ten Great Lines' material was forwarded to the local BBB,Library of Congress,and the United States Postal Service, in Washington,D.C.???  Thank-you,for taking time out of your life to travel with us! May the bell of Liberty&Freedom always ring in silence over America,yet never to be forgotten it did not come>^^^<Free!!! Thank-you,for flying with Ten Great Lines Airlines!  Taps............Sleep>>>.........Rest>>>>Thank-you,for serving our Country! Taps..................................................................................................

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Military cemetery

Illustration: Fourth of July fireworks

Small Business Advancement Center


Better Business Bureau


www.supportveterans.orgThank-you!***8:33p.m.***06/11/2014***Roy Fennell***

USS-Arizona Memorial...Thank-you!Roy Fennell^^^06/26/2014...10:51p.m.

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum&Park...Thank-you Roy Fennell...06/26/2014...11:10p.m.

USS Cod Home Port-Thank-you! Roy Fennell...06/27/2014...7:24p.m.

The National WWII Museum...Thank-you!...5:23p.m...06/28/2014...Roy Fennell Lucky&honored me!With my $25.00 donation! Recieved my charter member! Supporter-Store 10%discount card good for one year! My WW11 Charter member commemorative dogtag! Will recieve a subscription! To their quarterly newsletter,V-Mail! Lucky&honored me! 10/24/2016-6:14p.m.

                                             Car from AnimateIt.net

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund Almost as though it were yesterday,I recall a conversation with a male Ceres Police Officer in a parking lot! He was in his Patrol Unit,during our conversation I stated "when you know the truth,there is no need to shout"! He asked what did I mean? I said "The Thin Blue Line" is all that is between "Kaos&Civilization! Know what I'm thinking? He is still on Patrol,doing his duty,in Heaven! Thank-you!>>><<<5:38p.m.<>06/28/2014<*><*><*>Roy Fennell

Moon Colony Videos and more!

Your vacation on the moon opportunity and more!

Attn.Institutional Investors!Financial"New Space" Alert!

For Investors Only$$$Free Annual Reports!

Attn.Investors$$$Virtual&On-site Forums!

NASA-Livecam videos&more!


Africa-Livecam Wildlife&more!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Livecam Love the Open Sea Cam in HD!

CFO magazine!True experts with corporate finance!

Gigantic,King Kong savings of discount magazines for Businesses&Individuals!

I confess! Loved seeing and watching Kali,the polar bear playing in her specially made by Rubbermaid bathtub this morning!(*_*)10/18/2014<*>12:23a.m.

Space X project!

Singapore's No.1 nightspot! White tiger&bengal tiger,together! Ever seen Kangaroos mate? World's,first safari park for noctural animals!-05/06/2015-9:20p.m.

See deepsea creatures without getting wet or devoured!06/16/2015-12:24p.m.

Legacy of Tuskegee Airmen_Thank-you,for serving our Country! For which it respectfully,Stands. Roy Fennell-06/16/2015-12:36p.m.

The Black Sheep Squadron&family! Thank-you,for serving our Country! Roy Fennell-06/16/2015-12:50p.m.

Wounded Warrior Project.Thank-you,for serving our Country.Roy Fennell-10/20/2017-4:55p.m.


                                             Knight from AnimateIt.net

Ten Great Lines*1667 Margaret Way*Ceres,Ca.*95307-1507*U.S.A.                                                                                                                                                  

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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!
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A Ten Great Lines Airlines! 10greatlines.com

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