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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!

Female (TGL)-Models secret wives.Red book diary&chapters.Tengreatlines.com

                           Ladies from AnimateIt.net

Together as one no matter the distance of miles.
Under the same heavenly roof. Of the skies, stars, moon
and sun above. Within our money for us relationship
online marriage. Based on the solid as a rock ground.
Of the unseen minds&hearts foundation. Power of true
love, first! Without lies games, false promises or strings.
Roy Fennell-01/03/2018-2:30p.m. From the beginning all.
Or nothing towards our own mutual financial.
Happiness security futures together as one.

Our last dance chance to the Tune&Song "Forever Love"!
The flip side as International moms Internet brides&wives.
" The Elusive Butterfly of Love" Ladies in the streets.
Shameless&Amazing sexual female Genies between the sheets.
Good girls&Naughty girls at once.Respected Mothers&Lovers!
Female human beings of mystery delights&secrets.
Legal get paid naked for us. Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of reality&fantasy. Female bosses of thy
own webcam. Phone sex businesses online married, first!
To the boss of Ten Great Lines. Lucky, lucky, lucky me.
Roy Fennell-01/03/2018-2:50p.m.

Queens of thy own physical castles
Unseen Queens of my physical castle.
Online married team players!
Each of thee can be a single phone
away from me,worldwide.Not just another
woman! On the phone between us.Of the
highest degree possible as man/wife!

                           with Champagne from AnimateIt.net

Between us our secret.My financial seeds of website knowledge.Within our no play all the way! No birth control pills never condom! Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Is a reflection of our desired within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide! Creation seeds of life with secret desire.Fire as naked wives online married,first! In a hurry to create birth&life.To our heartbeating baby steps.Game plan with us being the parents.First,by working hours schedules.2nd of unknown free will futures.Thy own individual business websites! With custom designed business cards,too! Truly! When nurtured can grow up.Slowly,with each of thee not me! In the driver's seat control.Becoming the foundation of thy own creation.DiVa Women Empires,worldwide.One baby step at a time.Everything required can be free.Willed discovered within our online! Sharing&caring about each other website! Roy Fennell-06/26/2017-11:50a.m.Like pieces of a puzzle.To create thy own masterpiece.Not my way not our way! Your way as female bosses&co-pilots! On Ten Great Lines Airlines. Although living in different castles,worldwide! Absolutely! Between us mutual minds&hearts.Love and respect with mutual sexual desire.For each other equal to us.Being legally married! Living within thy own castles,daily! In the first year! Waiting for our bundle of joy! Our no play all the way! Honeymoon would begin no glove! No birth control pills! Real true love begins within minds&hearts.Like a wedding cake! Physical sex itself the sweet icing on the cake! Physical sex is the dessert! Of any one-to-one relationship! Real life not fake.Thy own business websites.Is the pathway/roadmap.Going in the direction.Of becoming self-employed women,worldwide.Down the roads,bi-ways and highways.Of thy lives and futures.As nature born women&female human beings.Based on my own free will.Being he born to become in the present day! Thy own secret money making lover! Online husband to each of thee! Equally! I accept my own Internet karma/fate destiny.My first&only Ones,forever! Under the same heavenly roof.Of the skies,stars,moon and sun,above!

Our money for us relationship online marriage!
Wedding cake
The naked secret desire fire.To create life within thy castles beds!Neverending hot!

Thy own first&only one,forever! By Internet special delivery!
Within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide.Like nature magic!
Came the daddy! Of our baby steps game plan.Who lives in respected Ceres,california.Documented within thy red book diaries.Not for me only each of thee.Minds&hearts desired boy/girl! True love selection of baby! Names of thy own business websites! In the unknown future.Being our every day thy hearts beat! Valentine's celebration sexual souls deep! Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Not contaminated by get it free! False promises,lies,games or strings.No matter the cost of the soul deep pain,forever! Roy Fennell-07/01/2017-12:54p.m.I promise to never tell it! Wildly! Nakedly! How each of thee! By Queens command and sexual demand! Was told not to dare move! While I held it with both my big hands! Shamelessly! Was cybersex bucking me all night,nonstop! Deeper than any G-spot pops! Being in a naked give it to you hurry! To become International moms Internet brides&wives.Snap finger kitty tight! First&only Ones,forever! Being free will&wide-open! To accept our mutual Internet! Karma/fate destiny to secret garden mate! Absolutely! To be no longer waiting or need to chase! Truly! The Elusive Butterfly of Love! Blame it on me! For sudden body jerks at work! Even wet dreams bed soaked sheets! Be it morning,noon or night! Endlessly! Blame it all on me!

Between us our online marriage.Begins within minds&hearts,first! Not from the outside with physical sex,first! It is the minds&hearts.Which is the true love cement.Within any kind of relationship.Face-to-face or not.It is the minds&hearts.In the driver's seat control.Of the actions and motions of the body.The body does not control the mind&heart.

Due to the fact.Desire itself cannot die! Our lava hot bun! Deeply,buried within thy treasure.Secret garden delights flames.Remains the same 24/7.Roasting with whole bodies! Staying in sexual heat! To naked mate like wild animals! Within thy own castle bedrooms! With legal engagement&wedding rings! Upon each of thy fingers,first! 

Who do each of thee see? Except thyselves in no tell it? Secret within thy own castle bed? Recieving financial seeds of website knowlege? As being creation seeds of life? Special delivery from thy own soon? To be secret money making lover&online husband? So we can create the heartbeat? Giving birth/new life? To our heartbeating baby steps game plan? As the parents of thy camming/phone sexing naked? For us working hours schedules on purpose? We did it like wild animals! Without walking out either of our castle doors! Which is the real life financial power of us being team players!

sex positions photo: Sex tumblr_mpv1bvWDsD1rsjfe1o8_250_zps259d84fd1.gif

Time for unattached bank book.Office,corporate and booty call girls! Round our world.Material,daddy and for the money women.Not handcuffed within any committed relationship.Good,bad and naughty with submissive woman fever.International unattached bored,lonely and divorced laptops! Desktops with webcams for us available.Yes,I do ready! To get connected by Internet.Financially engaged&online married! To thy own adult pleasure.Castle bedrooms bank book teacher.With King Kong size.Love and respect for nature born women.With a baby steps game plan.Safely,which can be seen on the Models-6 page.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.Time to pull them down.Rip them off with animalistic lust for us! Time to type into google search,tengreatlines.com.Time to come wide-open locked! Wet-n-drippin' hot in my direction.To secret garden mate within our save money! Make money naked secret.Meeting place&Internet home.Tengreatlines.com.To become for us.Online married red book diary! Female (TGL)-Models naughty girls&secret wives.Legal get paid naked! Goddesses of seduction.Camming&phone sexing business women.Of fantasy seduction players! Who desire and seek to one day! Reign on top of the webcam.Phone sex adult entertainment.Global Industry to be&stay like cement Queens! Who use their nature born free gift! Like their own castle bedrooms ATM machine! To free will help themselves.Making purchases of gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones! Benefits for themselves first not me! Towards rich/wealthy women futures.Breaking the unseen chains of financial slavery! Income bondage which denies them! To live and enjoy a life of luxury,daily! Born to become online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines.Born to become female bosses&co-pilots.On Ten Great Lines Airlines.In the cockpit naked joystick riders! Even in the grocery store.At work or walking down the street! Got a secret garden! Lava hot bun in the oven grip! Of their own kind.Of secret money making lover&online husband! His First&only Ones.By Internet karma/fate destiny! Roy Fennell-04/21/2017-11:14p.m.Webcam&phone sex employment benefits! Unseen oceans&seas savings and checking accounts.Financial joy from unlimited electronic credit cards! Plastic money available from respected webcam.Phone sex clients and customers,24/7! Hungrily seeking their own favorite! Available by working hours schedules! Like cement special kind.Of never tell it naked girlfriends! Lustfully! Seeking an online shopping naked! Sexual freedom paradise life,daily! Time to become my hot! Soppin' wet-n-juicy! Virgin milky way cherry popped twice! Within thy own castle bedrooms! International Internet brides&wives! Not just one day a year.Every day thy hearts beat.Live heartbeating Valentine's&naked Queens.No matter the distance of miles! Untamable&unstoppable!

Of animalistic sexual cybersex fantasy! Swelling up bank books reality! Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide.Each of thy hot,wet-n-juicy! Secret gardens have an unseen grip! Of the daddy of our baby! Steps game plan who lives in respected Ceres,california! When each of thee with secret desire fire! Shamelessly! Be 3 circles working it.Anytime! Round the clock! 365 days a year! When available to come and get it! On your own time zones,worldwide! As online married secret wives.At our Internet address location home.Tengreatlines.com Roy Fennell-06/26/2017-12:31p.m.Never tell it to our graves! Our secret garden reasons to stay snap finger tight!

Airplane Flying

Each of thee as sweet nature born women,worldwide!
Illustration: Be my valentine
Not me are the true! Reasons millions of pounds of candy! Is sold on Valentine's Day per year alone!

Does not include millions of dollars! Spent on cards,flowers and sweet deals! For lovers specials at motels/hotels.Even jewelry gifts and items,too! Is it a lie or the undisputed truth? What each of you got down below? Is like gold/money in the bank? Every single year no matter? The climate of the economy? Including creation of jobs? Related to the candy Industry worldwide? Including secret gardens on fire? Bed soaking sheets at motels/hotels,too? Well over 1 billion dollars a year? Is the financial power of women! Ain't no secret daddy love! Already knows the absolute truth! About each of thee having a special! Kind of money making magic for real!

Horizontal Divider 28

Survival&Peace of mind at once! Is daily not just weekly and monthly! When a woman with the power! To believe in herself,first! Can generate/create her own bank.Book benefits to the degree.She can live to love wild-n-free! Safely! Untamable! Unstoppable! Within her own castle happy,alone! When what she earns in reality.Not an illusion,mirage or fantasy! Becomes her own financial umbrella.Shelter of mind,heart and spirit protection.Of less risk from the sometimes! Unseen painful raining tears.Soul deep fears of behind! Closed/locked doors out-of-sight.From our world emotional anger.Thunder pains of domestic violence! Under the same heavenly roof.Of the skies,moon,stars and sun,above! Do I mean it? Absolutely&truly I do! With each of thee first,worldwide! Actions speaks louder than words.My unseen castle Queens! First&only Ones! Already of eyes,minds&hearts,first! Know the true love truth about us! From the beginning being the complete package! Roy Fennell-04/16/2017-9:06a.m.They have grownup! No longer little girls&princesses! With hopes,dreams and goals! For a happy hearts happiness future! 

Ever heard the song? Lovin',touchin' and squeezin' by Journey? Ever suffer such soul deep agony&pain? If,yes,not possible.With us for 2 reasons:
1.Begins with minds&hearts,first!
2.Non physical sex zero betrayal possible.Nor are we under the same physical roof

Love Letter
                           from AnimateIt.net

Within thy own castle bedrooms.Lesson 3 begins at the foot.Of castle beds naked.Feet planted on top of bed! Thighs wide-open bodies.Up in the air.To Queen serve face-to-face.Thy King the moment.Thy body touches the bed.Lesson 3 begins again the following day! Until physically able! To remain in the air.With thighs wide-open.Locked for me 1 hour! If,it takes 2 years of our lives.Priceless benefits zero cost.For her to be walking on clouds! Unexpectedly! Quickly,experiencing orgasm eruptions! When in her mind sees the visual picture! Safely,in a hurry to get home for more! Teaching from her own adult pleasure.Castle bedroom bank book teacher! Legally married husband only why cheat!

                           Heart from AnimateIt.net

As a woman.Thinking about her own red.Book diary chapter 1 story about us.

Diary from AnimateIt.net

Who else could I be? Except he nature born? To become free will? Each of thee's own secret? Money maker lover&online husband? With King King size? One of a kind special love?

                           to My Heart from AnimateIt.net

To open wide locked minds&hearts? To the unseen minds&hearts true love? So each of thee? Unstoppable! Can completely 24/7 love a man,again! Within a relationship as nature! Intended it to be between a man&woman! From the beginning creation! Of family tears of joy as parents! Like day/night.Love ain't sex&sex ain't love.The character is the unseen true! Face of a woman or man! Reality some for me,me and precious! Only me,first! Are great real life live performers! Not paid on stages,tv or movies.Love to be the ones! Recieving&giving nothin'/little in return certain type of users! With love itself being the lure! Into the jaws of the male/female shark! Which is always eating and in motion underwater! Love itself has not a human face! How many have lied? Just to take as much? As possible the fruits? Recieved/stolen from thy secret garden place? Leaving being pregnant or not? Running like a track star? Into the arms&beds of other women?

Ever heard the song? The Whole world is a stage? ByThe Fantastic Four? It is a fact.Some peoples wear many masks! Playing for keeps bringing to life.Multiple characters without remorse.The results of their minds&hearts pain! Suffered by their victims!

sparks of passion mariegif photo:  x_13cb88af.jpg

From the beginning without questions.My role within our money.For us relationship online marriage.To the grave is unseen behind.Each of thee being the wind.Beneath thy wings for there can only! Be one shining like a diamond STAR! Within either of our castles.Only each of thee to stay out front.In the spotlight center of attention.Even at Ten Great Lines.Everything surrounds webcam&phone sex employment.Bank books benefits,first! For each of my born.To become International naughty girls&secret wives! Who sexually desires them.Like a wild animal! Within their own castle bedrooms.Like naked Wives&Queens.With a no play all the way! Baby steps game plan.Not for free sex.Nor treatment as income lollipops.Without engagement/wedding rings! Upon their fingers,first! As desired first&only Ones,worldwide! Roy Fennell-04/09/2017-12:04p.m.

Our secret nature magic.Within thy own castle bedrooms naked! 3 inches sexual souls depth.Of secret garden womanhood.Special delivery from thy own secret.Money making lover&online husband.With King Kong size.Love and respect for each of thee.As soon to be wide-open.On purpose virgin milky way.Cherry popped twice good enough! For life Internet brides&wives,worldwide!

                           Butterfly from AnimateIt.net

A single Mom,alone! When ready will be on fire.To seek to own all! Of the webcam&phone sex! Global adult entertainment Industry,itself,why? To provide income to take care! Of her own child,first! In the manner of no play! All the way Mommy desire as a woman! Online shopping naked paradise! With an Eagle eye view of a lucky One! Drippin' sweet to her taste! Sugar daddy for expensive dinner dates! Mommy or not still all woman,first! A female dragon about us! Got tats in secret places! Mommy got her own permit to pack heat!

                           Heart from AnimateIt.net

Do each of you promise me? To never ever tell on us? Nor explain why like cement? Thy just us favorite eye? Candy expensive sexy hi-heel shoes? Are at/near thy main entrance? Exit castle door like a habit? With secret desire fire? Can never quit on purpose? For special you secret? Garden reasons minds&hearts,24/7?

As a woman who leaves her castle,daily! As a woman who enters her castle,daily! How special would you feel? Within the depth of mind? Heart&sexual soul? When seeing our just us? Sexy hi-heel shoes? Like cement at/near thy castle door? Would you have a happy heart at work? Could it be possible? Not impossible during the last hour? Of your shift to experience? An orgasm from the excitement? Of our unseen minds&hearts? True love secret affair,24/7? As an online married? Legal get paid naked for us? Naughty girl&secret wife female boss lady?

While naked within thy own castle bedrooms,worldwide.Thy own secret money.Making lover&online husband.Who lives in Ceres,California.Is the minds and hearts true love.Daddy of thy webcam and phone sex working hours schedules.Each of thee being Moms! Together as one the parents.No matter the distance of miles! Online married our red.Book diary special way,first! International brides&wives! Wanted,needed and desired as women! Long term for years.Not dip-n-go then runaway.To another as income lollipop girls.No matter the cost.Of the soul deep minds&hearts pain.Based on strings,lies and games!

baby phat banner photo: baby phat banner.jpg

I confess in the days.Of my youth I was a member.Of a secret special club.Unique way to identify.Another member which allowed small talk.Conversation,together as One.Walk away to go somewhere.To adult play which means when a man.Civilized&understanding behind closed doors.With a woman even complete stranger! Loads of animalistic no tell benefits! Lifetime memories from women.From different walks of life.In bed treatment like my naked wife! Without even knowing our true names! If,a single report came from a woman! In regards to uncivilized bad behavior! Male/female that member is out! Period&deleted from computer database! Not a mistake some women.Have an attraction of the James Bond.Kind of man character with women! Treatment like a woman.Not a piece/slab of meat for zoo beast feasts! Will not work with all women! Each one is an individual woman! Within the school of life! Roy Fennell-04/10/2017-1:56p.m.  

                           Flags Divider from AnimateIt.net

On demand like Queen's command

Naked,Hips of actions&motions! In direction OMG
Red Rose, Growing
size manhood toy! Pole it up-n-down! Until weak in thy knees joy,free daily!

Zero relationship drama,period! Benefits of multiple ka-boom-boom! Powww! Eruptions with opportunities of excitement! Legally! No can touch it.Being paid naked to be watched! By complete strangers without risks of danger! Of the unknown behind! Closed/locked doors,worldwide! If a woman knows for a fact! She can not go.Toe-to-toe with such a face! To face man 3 rounds in a gym ring! How many women took a chance? And lost could not tell it? The lost minds&hearts? Nightmare in secret 24/7? From a special kind of snake? Charmer looking to bite his victim? Once she be lured behind locked doors? Took advantage of her secret? Needs and sexual desire for attention? Based on her own nature born? Unstoppable do it,urges,daily? Question! Suppose she had a recent breakup? With her boyfriend 3 months later! They got back together could she tell him? In principle with certain self-defense! Tactics using one's opponent against himself! Within the school of life.Not an oops,accident or mistake! At Ten Great Lines specific self-defense courses! From Masters of special arts! Daddy love! 04/06/2017-2:10a.m.With each of my  nature born! Free will to become my International! Internet brides&wives.Always between us all the way no play love,24/7! Why,impossible for me.To be walking side-by-side.To protect them from harm or danger,24/7!

Anytime! Every time when alone at home.Apartment or college dorm.Right before thy eyes! Secret garden reasons to be naked! Wearing thy just us sexy hi-heels shoes! On Ten Great Lines Airlines.To bringing thy soppin' hot wet! Wide-open secret garden circle! Drippin' with secret desire fire! Hard in my direction! No pain when already prepared super wet! As a female boss&co-pilot.Quickly! Coming for juicy pink special delivery lessons! From her own secret.Money making lover&online husband! Of no small measure! Only when each of thee! Be in the mood not me!

International moms Internet brides&wives.
First&only Ones,forever!

Lustfully! Always 3 circles desired with secret desire fire!
As nature born super wet-n-horny women,first! When each be of hunger&thirst.For financial seeds of website knowledge.
By Internet faster than a fighter jet! Quickly! Each of thee can
come.Wide-open to greet&meet me.As online married,first!
Legal money making naked secret Wives&Queens.
Cockpit joystick up-n-down sliders&riders.Anytime!
On Ten Great Lines Airlines.To our saving money.
Making money mating place.Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.Without walking out thy castles doors.Thy own secret money making lover&online husband!
Got thy naked backs covered like legal wives.08/11/2017-8:01p.m. 

Wearing only thy just us! With animalistic lust!
Camming&phone sexing hard! Sooner or later.
Legal money making naked! Fabulous!
Extremely expensive eye candy! Sexually desired
pump-n-bump each of you.Naked! Sexy hi-heel shoes.
Right after work,daily! With thy hands against the wall.
At/near thy own castle.Entrance/exit door impossible!
For the flames of our minds&hearts.Love affair 24/7.
365 days a year to ever go out! Staying alive&lava hot!
More to the story! Daddy love! 08/12/2017-5:08p.m.

animated sex positions photo:  n65bar.gif

Naked,here we be right.After work in the cockpit.Taking-off from thy castle bedrooms! In a cybersex bucking hurry!


Once online married,first! How long will our online marriage? How many years will we be&stay married? Due to the fact? It is not possible? Impossible for me to ever? Legally,seek a divorce? From either of thee? And due to the fact? The respected webcam&phone sex? Employers hire not me? Being impossible for me? To fire/replace either of thee? The daddy&online husband! Of our baby steps game plan! Real life not fake lives in Ceres,California! Not a fantasy illusion or mirage! A minds&hearts with rising bank books reality! 

Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Our red book diary special way!
In the present day! Each of thee by Internet karma/fate destiny.
Have the free will opportunity.24/7 365 days a year.
By Internet become financially engaged&online married.
To the same man.Legally! If we were married right now!
Living within thy own castles worldwide.How it would be,daily!
Right after thy everyday jobs work.Who would have burning sexual desire.To see each of thee naked,daily! Having thy just for us favorite.Expensive eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Absolutely&truly! Like cement near/at
our main entrance/exit door! Being an every day habit.
Together as one in the first year of marriage.Expecting our bundle of joy.
If,nature able approx.9 months.With the powerful naked words.
"I love you"being for real.Not a minds&hearts.Painful soul deep tease.
Game just to recieve for myself! Selfishly without any shame.
Loads of physical sex benefits,free! Without sharing any legal.
Responsibilities&obligations should not with intent.Unexpectedly!
Either or each of thee become pregnant! Not a lie right before thy eyes.
The unseen character is the true.Face of a woman/man.Round our world.
Due to the facts love ain't sex&sex ain't love.They are different as daytime
is to night-time.Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
Our baby steps game plan is on purpose.Not an oops,accident or mistake.
Roy Fennell-09/27/2017-5:38p.m.

Diary from AnimateIt.net

Portrait of bride and groom

My International soon to be loves&Queens.Time to be in a hurry! To sign up for webcam&phone sex employment.Our red book diary secret way! Wearing only thy just us sexy hi-heel shoes! To let go of thy past relationships.Being wide-open for a new beginnings&man! To come&stay deep within thy lives.Not dip-n-go runaway.Mouse click anywhere on this underlined text paragraph.The (TGL)-Models page 1.Will open like magic! Then for us scroll down until each of thee.See 1st choice,2nd choice,3rd choice,etc.! As female bosses each of thee have 13 camsite choices.Seek-n-explore your favorite(s)! Get the facts with questions.Answered from customer service person! After the 13th webcam site link! Discover the outstanding phone sex employment.Click the text link/banner.The window will open.To what is called the landing page.Real Life not fake.Safely! Secretly! Quickly! This is how we can get connected.By Internet financially engaged&online married,worldwide! Based on our acceptance.Mutual Internet karma/fate destiny! Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.Unstoppable! Roy Fennell-05/29/2017-12:43a.m.

                           Ladies from AnimateIt.net

Safely! Secretly! Shamelessly! Naturally! Nakedly! Deeply! From the beginning each as the complete.Nature born complete package.Lucky big surprise lucky me! Made me feel special as their King! Each of my virgin cherry popped twice.Good enough fo'life.International moms Internet brides&wives.Within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide.With a ton of female pride.Worked&jerked me! All night long as 3 circles good girls.And naughty girls at once.Lucky special delivery me! With secret desire fire.Were free will wide-open.To down below let go of past relationship.To shake-n-climb my big tree.Came like a river nonstop! Bed soaking and washing 3 loads soaked sheets.To become my legal money.Making naked secret Wives&Queens.To create the heartbeats.Bringing to life our baby steps game plan.For our financial happiness/security futures.Like nature magic they become special.Goddesses of seduction.Role playing women of fantasy.Female human beings business women! Who live and are alone.Living to enjoy the experience,daily! Part-time/full-time working to live happy,daily! Not living to work unhappy,daily! Until one foot in the grave.With a ton of female pride! Rising still alive not dead above ground.To stay rooted like just planted trees! Growing for their happy hears happiness,first! Not 2nd,3rd,4th or last place.In pursuit like champion track stars.Who shine like diamonds in the night.Going in their desired direction of life.Towards their own individual dreams and goals.Along the journey of excitement! Benefits of an online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise! Red carpet opportunity treatment.To spoil&pamper themselves,deliriously! As modern day women absolute Queens.Creating their own legal money.Making naked occupation&career.Financially&sexually satisfied at once,daily! Without walking out their castle doors! Singing their favorite songs "My way"&"Can't touch this" Telling the truth not a lie! Sooner or later of our own acceptance.Internet karma/fate destiny to secret garden mate.Rising female webcam&phone sex STARS! To reign on top of the global! Webcam&phone sex adult entertainment! Industry seduction game being the secret! Garden reasons electronic plastic money is spent! To help them pay all their rent! Like a naked monthy habit! Whle wearing extremely to die for expensive! Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Money talks and makes their booty! Clap-n-shake when they step and walk! Your very friendly captain of no small measure! Daddy of our baby steps game plan! Roy Fennell-07/27/2017-7:18p.m.

sparks of passion mariegif photo:  209d8701c1521c07f7cbd4f1eb7a9bfa.jpg


To be touching down! On one of the many Internet.Runways unseen at our secret meeting place&Internet location address home.Tengreatlines.com.Real life benefits when having thy own unseen.Face-to-face money making lover! Online husband impossible for a smartphone.To capture us checking in or out! Any hotel/motel round our world.Although no engagement/wedding ring.On thy finger as the only one.Ever had a trusted lover? Who let the cat out of the bag? Such as an on the job secret affair? Somewhere off the job,repeatedly?

Secretly! Time to be thinking about us.When using thy OMG! Wall-to-wall just right! Good-n-tight toy! Of shameless joy being the reasons secret.Gardens produce coming like a river! Bed soaking silk sheets! Thick-n-creamy splatter like pancake batter.Sweeter than the syrup! Being touched cybersex deep! Bucked with lust like a Queen&naked! Wife not a picture.On the wall collecting dust.No matter the price.Or expensive cost.Has not a mind&heart! Nor can it feel the warmth of the sun! Nor can it see the stars! At night or the moon.Nor smell the aroma of a rose.Ever wonder like me? How is it possible? For the love of a woman? To be officially recognized only?One day a year? She may get lucky? With an expensive card? Box of delicious candy? And lots of sudden attention? When love itself is free? Can be given&recieved,daily? With a dine at her "Y"? Face-to-face 1 hour kiss? For her happiness,first? Could this be one? Of the secret unhappiness reasons? Millions of women round? Our world who cheat? Keeping arms&beds open players busy? Answering the ancient mating call? Of nature just making them? Happy and alive glad? Not sad being a nature born women?

Horizontal Divider 7

Each of thee in cockpit.Female bosses&co-pilots!
Airplane Taking Off
On Ten Great Lines Airlines.Naked secret garden cybersex bucking my joystick,nonstop!

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