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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!

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Seeing is believing and feeling it, first! Not an illusion
or mirage. Real life not fake opportunity. Safely! To
treat yourselves like modern. Day women queens without
walking out thy castle doors. Love to discover and see
with thy own eyes? How to create/make thy own shoes?
If, yes I do ready! Mouse click anywhere on the above
banner. To go directly to the source. Any/all questions
with answers. Can be provided by their respected customer.
Service professional experts for you! Exact same results
above! With any banner or underlined text link. Within
the approx. 60 page at Ten Great Lines. Including webcam
and phone sex employment opportunities, why? None of
your business such as credit cards, id information, etc.!
Is not the business of Ten Great Lines not a lie! No
upfront fee to see everything without strings, free!
Roy Fennell-06/27/2018-2:47p.m.
Free will equal opportunity for women, worldwide. For
themselves having more than rising higher female pride!
Going in the direction of financial liberty! Truly! If,
desired sooner or later.Becoming self-employed women!
Why do anything unless seeking to be the best? Within
the respected Great Bear State! Of California some
committed webcam! Models earn $70,000.00 per year!


Not humble me each of thee come, first! Sooner or later
not mine. Of thy own Internet karma fate destiny. With
on fire desire to claim fame! Benefits opportunity
promotions of thy own stage names free, worldwide.
Female players&adult entertainers of the seduction game.
Outstanding performances each time! As being thy last
performance! Creates powerful word of mouth, free!
Advertising from respected satisfied repeat customers!
1.Bank books committed material girls for life.
2.Safe-n-naked can discover and see! With their own eyes!
3.On the secret wives page. How and why it is possible.
4.Not impossible sooner or later! $4000.00, $10,000.00 even
$20,000.00 like a monthly habit. Delivered by outstanding
performances. Each and every time like a habit! As being
the last bring the house down performance.
5.Webcam and phone sex opportunities at once. Bank books
benefits of unlimited! No ceilings amounts which can be
earned! Be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly! When
thy own castle bedrooms. Becomes thy own live stage.
Born to use camming and phone sexing hard! To become
thy own safe-n-naked. Castle bedrooms ATM machines.
Earned plastic money becomes ATM cash available money!
Earned plastic money tracked and provided to your own
savings. Checking accounts not ours or mine. In principle
by computers. Like direct deposit everyday jobs paychecks.
From the respected webcam and phone sex employers. Ten
Great Lines Family. Who got my back and yours, too!
Roy Fennell-06/25/2018-10:56p.m. Thy own no upfront fee
talent agent! Secret money making lover&online husband.
Who got thy backs! Like the circle of life.
Sooner or later what goes around comes around. Even for
female SURVIVORS! Of all past relationships, combined. Who
became my live every day! Heart beating Valentines, 24/7!

American&Overseas not committed within any kinds of
relationships. Women with hot banging bodies or not. On
an adult dating/jobs website or not. Within thy own
castle bedrooms round our world. Can create their own
big break in life. Part-time/full-time committed 25- 30
hours per week. Camming&phone sexing for us benefits.
Safe-n-naked exciting new lives, daily! Without strings
online married naughty girls. Secret wives of thy own
show. Each of you upfront, first! All the money!
Gold coins, vials and loose diamond stones, daddy!Benefits
of a new occupation and career. Online married daddy's
gurls diva women. Untouchable! Goddesses of seduction.
Never can kiss/lick it world-class assets. Business
women of reality&fantasy secret girlfriends. Of thy
own hooked and seduced for life. Respected women and
men secret admirers. Without any physical sex contact.
Possible for a lifetime of plastic money benefits:
1.Opportunity to become rich/wealthy women. From the
free will purchases. Of gold coins, vials and loose
diamond stones.
2.Opportunity to create thy own luxury Gangnam future.
Benefits of a do as you please lifestyle, daily!
3.Opportunity to create/finance thy own down. The
road of thy lives future retirement fund. Available at
the end of the rainbow. Once reaching thy own respected
early. Full retirement ages reality not fantasy. Right
before thy eyes! Is the financial power. Of female
human beings having financial independence. Without
sacrifice of their own dreams and goals, first!
Roy Fennell-06/24/2018-9:31a.m.
Is it a lie or the undisputed truth! Many women
entered past relationships. Only to discover
sooner or later. Their dreams and goals in their
lives. Only became possible while asleep. Even
when awake only memories of their daydreams.

Are you a woman? A female human being? A free spirit pioneer woman? Love to receive benefits? Of great tips? Easy recipes with cool shopping ideas? Heartfelt stories and tons of laughs? If, your answer is yes! By Internet cowgirl up! Take a ride for some fun! On the ranch without walking out your door! Pretty please click-here! Roy Fennell-06/25/2018-8:40p.m. Rising up-n-growing girl Internet power! Caring&sharing growing as women, together!

Of our own mutual no escape! To secret gardens mate.
Our red book diary secret way! Unable to runaway.
From our Internet karma fate destiny. Without a
hint/whisper. Of guilt or shame. My amazing female
genies. Always unseen to many others. Have dollar
sign eyes! Which did shine-n-sparkle like diamonds.
Answered the ancient silent mating call delivery.
Deeply! Like nature magic without a whisper. Hint
of pain only financial gain. Lustfully! Wide-eyed
with OMG King Kong size! Queen's served depth of
secret gardens. Surprise with love-n-respect, first!
From their own do them money right man. Safe-n-naked
so they can take a walk on the wild side. Secretly!
Right when you think! You know a female human being
woman you really don't! Ever heard the song Secret
Garden by Bruce Springsteen?
Roy Fennell-06/27/2018-4:38p.m.
Last names our secret to the grave.
Daddy&Mother love together as one.
Lucky us with lust we can trust, forever! Untamable!
Secret wives new lives! While still alive above ground.
Truly! Like no other women on our Planet Earth. Seeing
is believing and feeling it, first! No illusion or mirage.

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Fortune while rising up naked! Climbing the ladder of
financial success&liberty. From the beginning seeking
to queens bees reign! On top of the webcam and phone sex.
Global no can touch it! No can kiss it! No! No! No! No!
Never ever can lick it! Adult entertainment Industries
with millions. Of respected women and men. With credit
cards plastic money. To share with their own chosen.
Selected by them favorite fantasy secret girlfriends.
International manhood teasers and secret gardens pleasers.
Available by schedules wet dreams makers booty shakers!
Roy Fennell-06/23/2018-8:07p.m. Neither of my own soon.
To be online married, first! American&Overseas expecting
female TGL-Models. Material girls had no respected
engagement! Wedding rings on their soft fingers, first!
My hands on their naked backs holding it deep-n-steady!
Uncaged! Working and jerking it! Naughty girls goddesses
within the good girls. Like sexual twin sisters team
players. Financially to become enabled in the future. To
never ever be down! On the ground within their lives.
Under the foot, thumb or income control. Of any man on
our Planet Earth. To provide and put food on their
kitchen tables, daily! Including lucky, lucky me.
Sexually! Capturing to own every single drop! Of my
financial seeds of website knowledge. For years of
long-term benefits. Of an offline/online shopping naked!
Sexual freedom safe-n-naked liberation paradise. While
still alive above ground. Able to enjoy all benefits!
Why, for us made their beds shake like a mild earthquake!
3 circles both hands tight complete package. Sexual
engines always running lava hot! Lips sticks, perfumes and
scent claiming no regrets. What belongs to them. Within
our Internet address location home. Tengreatlines.com

Impossible! To be proven or told by anyone! Lustfully! Not
a secret or mystery about us. When their favorite legal
money! Making and booty shaking sexy hi-heel shoes! Like
cement at or near the main. Entrance/exit of their own
castle doors, daily! As they would be near! At the main
entrance/exit door. Of my physical castle in respected
Ceres, California U.S.A.! Creates the sexual heat! Of our
live love affair, daily! Under the minds&hearts protection.
By them round the clock! Safer than any kind of bank vault!
Online married world-class assets secret girlfriends.
Untouchable! International manhood teasers and sweet
secret garden pleasers! Adult female players and entertainers.
Bank books reasons the plastic money is spent!
Live wire heart beating wet dreams makers! No junk in
their trunks! Instead world-class assets like gold, why?
Female booty clapping experts! No can touch it delivery.
Bank books opportunity invitation. To come enter their
private! Legal get paid naked live webcam shows erect.
Some standing at attention! Like a magic rope trick!
Webcam close wide-opened using their seduction magic!
Power as a Goddesses of seduction wet dreams makers!
To become their only fantasy secret girlfriends. Except
for their sexual wet dreams! Thinking about them only!
Wishing they were the women! In their arms and beds, daily!
Available based on their working hours schedules. Some
online married daddy's gurls. Diva women who are real
life! Not fake cougars will drop down! Naked on their
knees to up! Webcam close tease wash board abs!
Football players with a sweet taste! Secret desire for older women!
Quickly! By text messages share the news with friends. Who
also have hot for favorite teachers sexual fantasies!

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American&Overseas got online married. Daddy's bank books
material gurls diva women. Untouchable! Camming and phone
sexing female actresses. Role playing goddesses of
seduction. Business women of reality and fantasy benefits!
Without any physical sex contact possible. Without their
world-class assets. Never ever being touched!
1.Legally! They can get paid naked twice!
2.When using their just right-n-tight! Favorite sexual
fantasy wet dreams. OMG size adult pleasure manhood.
Always on target never miss G-spot pops delivery.
No go down or limp toys of joy. Shamelessly! To enjoy
multiple big "O" eruptions. Until weak in the knees!
For complete sexual stress tension relief, daily!
3.Legally! They can get paid naked twice! To train, teach,
make and keep. Their like gold secret gardens! Sweet and
juicy pleasure muffins at once. Snap finger tight with
a whip it! Real good never let it go powerful grip! To
get paid naked to practice. To perfection being ready!
For a potential respected legal honeymoon night! Of
sexual delights being so tight! Some respected female
experienced Porn Stars. May be envy from jealousy!
Down below secret garden results. Without any sexual
contact risks! Without walking out their castle doors.
Online married naughty girls secret wives. Use their
nature born free gift. Of powerful do it urges, daily!
Seduction magic attract-a-mate power. As female players
and no can touch it entertainers. Without surrendering a single drop!
Of their like hot liquid gold muffin honey. Collecting
safe-n-naked electronic. Credit card plastic money.
From their respected hooked-n-seduced secret admirers.
Bank books financial results proof safe sex pays well.
Delivery with less risks of relationships drama, daily!
Priceless potential peace of mind benefits. Less risks
of the unknown. Behind their closed/locked doors, daily!
Impossible! For my amazing sexual genies. Without delivery
of respected engagement. Wedding rings on their soft
fingers, first! Never minds&hearts played income lollipops.
While hearing those powerful naked words " I love you"!
No play not going all the way equal risks saying "I do"!
Legally! Free willing to share potential obligations.
From the beginning all or nothing as is complete package!

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Why, no play all the way? From the beginning all or
nothing? AS IS complete package? Next week, month or
year! May be too late! Due to the fact of nobody!
On our Planet Earth to my knowledge. Has an absolute
guarantee. Contract of another tomorrow gift of life.
Roy Fennell-06/27/2018-1:59p.m.

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Not an illusion or mirage. American&Overseas got online
married. Daddy's gurls diva women round our world.
Untouchable! Camming&phone sexing world-class assets!
Safe-n-naked within their own castle bedrooms. Became
role playing female actresses. Goddesses of seduction.
Without saying a single word only doing it for us.
With rising higher female pride. Business women of
reality and fantasy. International manhood teasers and
secret. Hot-n-juicy secret garden pleasers. International
moms Internet brides&wives. Having too hot-n-expensive to
touch! Secret gardens like gold with lava hot! Liquid
gold nature born sweetness pleasure muffin honey! Without
surrendering a single drop! Have the seduction power magic!
Without any physical sex contact possible. To collect
plastic money from their own secret admirers. Unlike
past/future boyfriends/girlfriends secret lover or not.
Roy Fennell-07/07/2018-6:34p.m. Their own adult pleasure
castle bedrooms bank books teacher. Queen's served his
own amazing female. Sexual genies delivery with wide-eyed!
OMG King Kong size love-n-respect, first! On purpose to
make their secret! Sexual wet dreams fantasy come true.
Unlike any other women round our world on Planet Earth.


On purpose for us! Took no birth control pills! Within
an exact specific window of most! Juicy-n-ripe time.
Taking all night long naked twice! Secretly! For us
on purpose. Not an oops, accident or mistake! Without
any expensive panties or condoms. In our way so they
could come drown it! Scent claim bone and own it! To
become my every day live! Heart beating Valentines
belonging to each other. No matter the distance of miles.
Having each other's backs! Without lies, games or strings.
When they made their beds shake like a mild earthquake!
It was the naughty girls! Goddesses within the good girls.
Like nature magic team players taking over! Changed my
financial seeds depth of sexual souls creation of life.
To my joyful surprise while deep between their thighs.
Their produced lava hot-n-creamy splatter! Thick like
fresh pouring pancake batter! With such rhythm pounding
force. Began to hit their bedroom ceilings and walls.
For lucky me to see only. Within the windows of their
souls. I saw they had dollar sign eyes! Of different
colors round our world. Looking back at me! Did shine and
sparkle like diamonds. Bright like the stars in the night!
Sexually! We like just got married, today! Bedroom lovers
for us! It was our every day valentine's celebration. To
begin our never ending financial honeymoon! My amazing
sexual genies female outlaws. Were looking for a safe way.
To jailbreak out escape! Go over the wall. Of their
limited income financial prison. Hit the ground on the
run! Naked like female track stars never looking back!
Within their own beds made lucky me feel like a king.
The good girls and twin sisters naughty girls. Without
jealously with lucky me. We became the perfect 3-some.
They had to be the only on our Planet Earth! Respected
Mothers&Aunts of our baby steps game plan creation.

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Within the school of life. What goes around comes around.
When unexpected the Elusive Butterfly of Love!
Is possible not impossible sooner or later.
When needed most just in time within their lives.
Even for female survivors. Of all their past relationships.
Combined so they can love, again!
Without fears/tears of minds&hearts. Depth of soul pain.
Behind their closed/locked castle doors, daily!

Banging hot bodies or not. On an adult dating/jobs
website or not. For their happy hearts happiness
first not mine. For their savings/checking and
bank. Books first not mine. For our mutual financial
happiness. Security futures together as one. Unstoppable!
Why, should not within any kind of committed relationships?
Women on their own alone in their lives? Not have for
themselves? Their own secret money? Making lover&online
husband? Unselfish team player? Within our one of a
kind unique? Money for us relationship online marriage?
Based on the minds&hearts? Unseen power of true love
itself? Which has not a human face? Cannot be seen even
face? To face naked or not? Only felt no matter the
distance of miles? Has no color, borders or fences?
At any amount cannot be purchased from a shelf?
Seeing is believing&feeling it, first! In everything
for nature born. Online married female TGL-Models.
American&Overseas girls with pride round our world.
Treatment like legal wives not an illusion or mirage.
Daddy&Mother love like nature magic bedrooms creation.
Accepting our own Internet karma fate destiny.
To secret gardens mate! Without physical sex between us.
Our red book diary secret way. Already by website
documented within our live "Book of Love "
Which reflects like a mirror! The red book love page.
Chapter 1, of thy own red book diaries love story.
As soon to be expecting female authors not me!
1.When on the hunt-n-prowl. For potential saving money.
Making money opportunities here is the secret.
2.Quickly! To take the fast lane.
3.Top to bottom of each page. Scroll down to locate.
4.Mouse click target only banners. Or mouse click
only. Underlined text language link paragraphs.
Of your interest right now! To bookmark the page.
To visit at another time no matter the time zone.
5.Not committed within any kind of relationships
women. Who are not paid upfront, first! To have their
profiles/resumes. Exposure on an adult dating/jobs
website. Within our money for us safe relationship
online marriage. As submissive, dominant or switch
women or not. Real life not fake. Long-term for years
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Still able to wild-n-free date. Still able to wait for
a safe. Legit lucrative adult film contract opportunity.
Already by Internet financially engaged&online married.
To thy own no upfront fee talent agent. Based on facts
got thy world-class assets. Naked backs with treatment
like legal wives. Right before thy eyes in 3 ways:
1.Opportunity to eliminate potential. What if, jobs
loss fears, daily!
2.Opportunity to eliminate potential. What if, pink
slips tears, daily!
3.On the power page. To free will discover and see!
With thy own eyes! 2 underlined text link paragraphs.
To respected legal peoples. For potential financial
protection. Of thy money, gold coins, vials and
loose diamond stones. Within thy own not ours.
Bank insured safety deposit boxes. For thy own
created future retirement funds not ours.
Roy Fennell-06/14/2018-9:15a.m.
Living to enjoy the experience, daily! Safe-n-naked
new lives. Submissive, dominate or switch. Online
married naughty girls secret wives. Of thy own
adult pleasure. Castle bedrooms bank book teacher! Of
no small measure delivery. Like nature magic within thy
own castle bedrooms. Daddy of our baby steps game plan
creation. Of our mutual Internet karma fate destiny.
No matter thy present day occupation round our world.
Even on thy respected everyday jobs at work, daily! No
longer the same female human beings, first! Women
before by Internet. We became financially engaged.
Online married without walking out thy castle doors!
Safe-n-naked new lives not another minds and hearts lie!
Everything at Ten Great Lines is about free will only!

When it comes to her own respected early.
Full retirement ages and her own financial.
Happiness security future, too! What does
the below opportunity. Mean for a woman:
1.30 years of age, today! Who lives in
the respected U.S.A. like me?
2.Who must work 32 years of her life?
3.To reach 62 years of age? To have
the opportunity of early retirement?
35 years to reach full retirement age?
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A respected everyday job? HR retirement
benefits package? To be waiting for her
once? Reaching respected early?
Retirement age of 62 years of life?
Not a minds&hearts lie. Her own secret
money. Making lover&online husband.
Has got her back now and later.
Like a legal naked wife without strings.
Thinking of her future. Happy heart
happiness, first! Not just mine, alone.
Team players need not be under.
The same physical roof, daily!
Minds&hearts together as one.
Is the cement of the foundation.
Of any face-to-face relationship or not.
Actions speaks louder than words&Money Talks!
Shamelessly! Online married daddy's gurls.
Diva women become down below wet!
From the growing sizes of their bank books, why?
To become wetter from the excitations.
Offline/online shopping naked until they drop!
No matter the cost. Or purchase price tag!
Need not seek my permission to purchase, first!
To the grave the answers will always be yes!
Roy Fennell-04/19/2018-3:30p.m.
Like Queens commands on demand without questions.
Born to have the opportunity.
To spoil and pamper themselves not me, deliriously!
On the home, dating, sexy and road pages.
Local, Nationwide and Worldwide. In house Ten
Great Lines. Online adult dating opportunities.
Within the safety, security and privacy. Of your
own homes, apartments and college dorms benefits:
1.Free profile yourselves to discover upfront.
Get to know the person, first! You may desire to
date. Who does not know where you live, work or club.
2.Zero behind closed/locked doors pressure for sex
3.Freedom to avoid being within a potential tick.
Clinging vine or stray cat relationship. Less
risk of becoming the victim of a potential stalker.
4.Sugar baby, sugar daddy and sugar momma'.
Respected business men and women opportunities.
To enjoy expensive dinner dates. In public places
on respected everyday. Jobs days-off booked a
month in advance! From jump street in control.
What is or will not be accepted on any date!
May get lucky hit the jackpot! Face-to-face on
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When able to date being wild-n-free! Less risk of
under the same roof. Relationships drama, daily!
More time to focus on thy webcam/phone sex.
Working hours schedules for thy own survival&futures.
Financially! Not being up against the wall, first!
Then making the minds&hearts mistake! To enter a
relationship. Discover too late Might is Right!
Wrong or Right! In the mood for sex or not, taken!
Behind closed/locked doors. Under the same roof or not!
A pillow being the comfort. For the tears and pain.
When outside the castle the face. Of prince charming
or Ms./Mr. Right. Behind any closed/locked doors.
Inside the castle becomes the face of the hulk, why?
The outside of a human being. Only a shadow of the
inside. The unseen character is the actual true face.

Like no other women on our Planet Earth. Like nature
magic! Within their own castle bedrooms. Round our world.
Sexually experienced or not. Banging hot bodies or not.
On an adult dating/jobs website or not. Became my own
online married fly girls. First&only Ones, forever!
Virgin cherry popped naked twice. Sexual souls 3 inch
depth. Of secret gardens womanhood. By their own
first&only one, forever! Lucky me of OMG huge surprise
tree! Delivery beneath their coming like a river.
Umbrellas became the only respected Mothers. Of our own
with no regrets. Baby steps game plan creation, forever!
International online married daddy's gurls diva women.
Unseen queens of my castle in Ceres, California U.S.A.!
Roy Fennell-06/22/2018-4:24p.m. Neither of my own
heart pounding live wire. Sex machine queens amazing
female sexual genies. Had no respected matching
engagement/weddings rings on their soft fingers, first!
Safely! Secretly! Within our money for us relationship
safe online marriage. Without either of us walking out.
Our castle doors belong to each other! Unstoppable!
Being under the same heavenly roof! Of the skies, stars,
moon and sun, above. No matter the distance of miles.

To use webcam and phone sex employment.
Opportunities at once with professional
training, free! To become rich/wealthy
legal. Get paid naked women twice. Who
can purchase gold coins. Vials and loose
diamond stones. To create and finance
thy own down. The roads of thy lives.
Respected individual retirement fund.
To be waiting for each of thee! At
the end of the rainbow. Once you
reach early/full retirement ages.
Within thy own bank insured safety.
Deposit boxes not ours, only yours.
Having more than a hope chest.
Full of dreams not an illusion.
Or mirage based of bank books facts.
Roy Fennell-04/19/2018-10:12a.m.
Daddy&Mother love together as one.
No matter the distance of miles.
Ain't got nothing to do with us!
Impossible! For either of us
to become under. The same physical
roof income lollipops, worldwide.
Nor be minds&hearts played, daily!
By a player of experience. With
skills using those powerful naked!
Words "I love you" as a benefits game.
To recieve as much as possible. Not for
true love only self-interest gain, first!
No matter the cost/price of soul deep pain.
Team player help with creation of life.
No team play help with mutual financial.
Obligations to be good enough as a legal wife.
Based on the facts. Love ain't sex nor is sex.
Love they are different as daytime and night-time.
This is the 3rd. Waving Barbie
doll on this specific page. Big
sister is on the gaming page.
Loves her expensive painted nails!


Less risks of being in a parking
lot, alone! Having potential
winnings. Cashed out money in
your pockets or purses, why?
Never know who is watching
you! Waiting for you to walk.
Out the exit door! Even send
a text message. To someone in
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Soon to be with loads of love! Never ending for gold
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Still able to wild-n-free! Date do as they please, daily!
Without any minds&hearts. Cheating women guilt or shame.
Without a hint/whisper of jealousy between us, 24/7!
Money making naked secret Wives&Queens. Of their own
secret money. Making lover&online husband. Taking care
of business for us. Quickly! In a hurry can use 2 pictures.
Taking the fast lane to signup. For webcam/phone sex.
Employment as team players for us right now:
1.Scroll way down this page for us
2.Until seeing the 2nd. Barbie doll on a beach towel
3.Once discovered&seen, first!
4.Slowly, scroll down until seeing the face of a woman.
Above an underlined text paragraph
5.Seeing these words, 1st choice, are you a woman?
6.There are 13 cam site choices in a row.
After the 13th choice. Discover the text link/banner.
Of the outstanding phone sex employment opportunity.
Not an illusion or mirage about humble me.
I be an International online only without strings.
No upfront fee talent agent! Recruiter of female
TGL-Models, worldwide. Not for just another job.
Opportunity to have more than a hope chest!
Full of dreams and memories waiting for them.
At the end of the rainbow in their lives.
Once reaching respected early/full retirement ages.
Within our money for us relationship online marriage.
AS IS being the complete package good enough for life.
Roy Fennell-04/15/2018-7:26a.m.
Seeing is minds&hearts. Believing&feeling it, first!
All about them first! In everything not me, me, me only!
Being the wind beneath each other's wings.
Not the anchors keeping each other down in life.
Unable flying higher to soar! Where mighty Eagles dare not go.
To reach, touch and kiss the unreachable STAR!
Luxury&gangnam lifestyles with rich/wealthy women futures.
Wet dreams they can make come true for themselves, first!
Material girls round our world. Not within any kind of
committed relationships. Safely! Secretly! Quickly!
By Internet can become financially engaged.
Online married to their own kind of man.
Once hired for webcam&phone sex employment, first!
Returning the respected legal consent form, why?
Quickly to receive professional training, free!
Without walking out their castle doors.
Using their own bedrooms as their stage. Creating their
own legal get paid. Naked occupations&careers. Goddesses
of seduction. Business women of reality&fantasy.
Collecting loads of plastic money. From their own respected
webcam/phone sex. Secret admirers to create/finance.
Their own future retirement fund stockpile.
Within their own bank insured safety deposit boxes.
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Horizontal Divider 21
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1.Had they remained they would have drowned! In those relationships while alive above ground.
2.They took actions and motions of courage.As female warriors to move forward and live.Not stay to remain motionless.Accepting what made them unhappy as fate.
3.It became their destiny for us to secret gardens mate.For their happy hearts happiness,first! For what goes around comes around! Absolutely! Like the hands of a clock. Sooner or later within the circle of life.For secret garden reasons as human beings.Each of thee born to become my legal.Money making naked secret Wives&Queens,worldwide.Nature born female pride.Coming alive not dead above ground.Rising up to stay not remain on the ground.Naked climbing the ladder.Of financial success wearing fabulous! Extremely expensive eye candy! Sexy hi-heel shoes.Sooner or later to reign.On top of the webcam&phone sex.Global adult entertainment Industry.Using the camming&phone sexing opportunities.To swell up the amounts.Of thy savings/checking accounts.To increase the size of thy bank books,too! As thy own castle bedrooms ATM machines.Without walking out thy castle doors.Round our world.As female authors of thy own red book.Diaries&red book love stories.Documented every single baby.Step at a time along the journey.Truly! Not an oops,accident or mistake.Beyond a shadow of doubt! Not a fantasy,illusion or mirage.Everything at Ten Great LInes.Is free will only based on the power.Of unseen minds&hearts true love,itself! Unstoppable! Mutual benefits long lasting for years.Possible by women who live alone! In their castles of homes.Apartment and college dorms,daily! Who seek and desire.To get ahead in life without even a hint.Whisper of zero relationship drama.Behind their locked/closed doors,period! Roy Fennell-07/24/2017-8:43p.m. 

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Unconditional! Untamable! Unstoppable! By Internet financially engaged&online married.Our red book diary lover's way.Together as one.No matter the distance of miles.No matter the climate or weather.Round our world.Became a family of 3.Like the nature magic between us.Within their castle bedrooms,worldwide. All night long naked,nonstop! Neither would stop working me hard! Until within themselves felt the heartbeat! Giving birth/new lives.To our heartbeating game plan.Thank-you all.For I be a happy&lucky man! International daddy boss of Ten Great LInes.Online married to my naughty girls&secret wives.First&only Ones,forever! Lucky,lucky me! Roy Fennell-07/16/2017-3:09p.m.

More than any amount of money! Knowing for a fact they have a man.Male human being in their lives.Not seeking loads of free sex.Nor a share of their hard earned everyday job paycheck.Absolutely&truly! Without a single string.Actually cares if they live! Starve! Die! Every single day their hearts beat! With only one mind&heart desire.Being the wind beneath their wings.With opportunity to fly.Higher in their lives.Soaring and rising up! Beyond where mighty Eagles.Dare not go until they can reach.Touch then kiss their unreachable star.There can be no doubt.The unseen character is the true face.Of a man/woman,worldwide.The outside just a seen shadow of the inside! Roy Fennell-07/24/2017-4:43p.m.

As a man&male human being. I believe in giving credit.
Where it is due. Recently! It be a woman. Who reminded
me of one. Of my favorite songs in my humble life. Walk a
mile in my shoes, by Joe South. Thank-you!(*_*)
Roy Fennell-12/07/2017-12:12p.m.It was the spark!
Of agreeing to disagree. Minds&hearts relationship.
Truth under the same heavenly roof. Of the skies, stars,
moon and sun above. Without games, strings or lies. She
was the wind beneath my wings. It was amazing to me!

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Chinese proverb:Apply your imagination to any problem that arises.
Chinese proverb:You always see better with your heart.
Chinese proverb:Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.

For our mutual financial happiness.
Security futures we did whatever.
We had to do together as one.

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Are you a woman living,alone? Did you know having financial independence? Does have great value in life,daily? In addition,to understanding the character? Of the other person before physical sex,first? Under the same roof or not! Did each of you know these facts? 12.7 millions of peoples? Human beings like us You&me? Are physically abused,raped or stalked? By their physically loved&trusted? Partners in one year? When a woman or some women.Does not earn enough income! To support herself,alone. Based on emotions&seeking love! May gamble take a chance! Re-locate themselves under the same roof! With someone to live&survive! Only to discover later behind closed/locked doors! It was a bad mistake.Too late to runaway or escape! Becoming trapped living in silent terror,daily! Don't let it happen to either of you,please! May I ask for each of thee? Could it be possible not impossible? For some of the above? Reasons millions of women cheat worldwide? Having minds&hearts still hungry? While in pursuit of the Elusive Butterfly of Love? Roy Fennell-02/27/2017-9:46a.m.

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Safely! Secretly,from within thy castle bedrooms! Who do each of you see? Except thyselves Yes,I do&will by Internet.Get connected financially engaged&online married! To the boss of Ten Great Lines! Quickly,to become my naughty girls&secret wives! So we can create the heartbeats! Giving birth/new lives! To our heartbeating baby! Steps game plan with one! Baby step at a time! Together as one no matter the distance of miles! Unstoppable,towards our financial goals in life! Roy Fennell-03/2/2017-11:44p.m.

Sisterhood! Motherhood! Womanhood! Female pride is alive.Not dead buried beneath the ground.Rising in savings/checking accounts.Amounts and bank book sizes.Of our mutual Internet.Karma/fate destiny making history.Be all my nature born.Female (TGL)-Models of pride,worlwide.Sooner or later once online married,first! Our red book diary secret way.Naked! Documented within the pages.Chapters of their red book diaries.To reign as legal money.Making naked secret Wives&Queens.Rising up to the top to stay! Of the webcam&phone sex.Global adult entertaiment Industry.Naked can see the desired direction.Of their lives and futures,now! On the secret wives page.One respected webcam client.One respected phone sex customer.At a time not being in a hurry! $4000.00,$10,000.00 even $20,000.00! Is possible not impossible.Like a monthly habit.Naked wearing extremely expensive.Eye candy sexy hi-heel shoes.Unstoppable! Untamable! Unconditional! Born to be going in the direction.Towards rich/wealthy women futures.From their own free will purchases.Of gold coins,vials and loose diamond stones.Naked going in the direction benefits.Spending&financial freedom power! Butterfly love do as they please lives,daily! Naked on the way of the journey.Online shopping naked&sexual freedom paradise.Down the roads,bi-ways and highways.Of their lives roadmap! Luxury&gangnam lifestyle futures.Unseen their kind of bow-bow man.Behind them asking me? If,I am ready for them! To back it to their own secret.Money making lover&online husband.Of no small measure.Daddy of our baby steps game plan! When we became secret gardens.Mated without missing a beat.While doing me all night! Long we talked about our futures.As though we were already! Legally! Married and it was our first! Honeymoon night within their own castle bedrooms,worldwide.Roy Fennell-07/21/2017-12:31a.m.As their own no upfront fee talent agent.With 2 sexy jobs opportunities at once! Lucky me like twins the good girls! Naughty girls began to take turns! Wildly! Secret gardens sharing and working me,why? For their happy hearts happiness,first! Which did not happen within all! Their past relationships combined! Raining with tears of sorrow and pain! Not tears of joy and happiness,daily!

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To each of my snap finger m-e-o-www tight!
3 circles/both hands delights!
International nature born female (TGL)-Models.
Lucky,lucky me! I became an International daddy.
Secret money making lover&online husband,first!
Our red book diary special way!
We become financially engaged&online married!
Helplessly! We could not runaway/escape!
Our own mutual Internet.Karma/fate destiny.
To secret gardens mate! Within our money for us
relationship online marriage.International moms
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naked! No can touch it! No can kiss it! No! No! No!
Never can lick it! Goddesses of seduction.
Business women of fantasy! Secret Wives&Queens
female bosses.Online married to the boss of Ten Great
Lines.Roy Fennell-09/04/2017-12:08p.m.

Is it a lie or the undisputed truth? The true intent/purpose.
Of physical sex.Within an exclusive/just us relationship.
Between a female human being.Male human being.Is the
creation of life.If,nature able.Becoming a respected family.
As legal man&wife.Not a minds&hearts game.Played for
benefits to recieve loads.Selfishly! Of physical sex,free!
No matter how soul deep.The price/cost of minds.
Hearts pain to them.As nature born women,worldwide.
Seeking love&to become respected Mothers&Lovers!
Safely! Behind closed/locked doors,daily! When they
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other men/women.Being wild-n-free,daily!
Roy Fennell-10/27/2017-8:45a.m. 

Portrait of bride and groom

Based on the power! Of minds&hearts!
True love,first! Together as one.No
matter the distance of miles.Unstoppable!
Unconditional! Untamable! Of our own
mutual Internet.Karma fate destiny our
red book.Diary special way to secret
gardens mate.Not our faults we are
unable.Legally! To be already married.
Living within thy own castles,now! (*_+)
Daddy love! Oct.31,2017-5:28p.m.
Like nature magic for thy eyes! Minds and
hearts,first! Each of thee are showing only.
Within our Internet address home.Tengreatlines.com
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Seeing is believing&feeling it.Within the school of
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of Internet.Karma fate destiny.
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and when able.To slip away to
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No matter the distance of miles
Round our world real life not fake
The named title pages.Relationships!
Goddesses of seduction! Secret garden!
Naughty girls&secret wives! Not an oops,
accident or mistake.Nor fantasy,illusion
or mirage.All about us within our live.
Book of Love! Daddy love! 08/05/2017-8:17a.m.

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Tell me my soon? To be wide-open all night? Long first&only Ones,forever? Why should any nature born women,worldwide? Having powerful sex drive do it urges daily? Unstoppable! Untamable! Unconditional! Like a steaming hot locomotive engine? Lustfully! Powered by hips of up-n-down? Go girls actions and motions,daily? Sexually! Like seductive nature magic can do? Based on costumes can role play? A different woman in a heartbeat every day? With a ton of female pride? Absolutely&truly! Not within any committed relationship? Not under the same roof or not? Who lives alone,daily? Without doubts or questions. Who sets-n-makes all the castle rules,daily? Absolutely! As Queens determines who can stay? Or must go right away every day? Having the only set of keys?
To their homes,apartments and college
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Without upfront proof,first? Their special kitties will recieve m-e-o-www
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Financial ecstasy peace of mind
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International moms Internet brides&wives! Sexually
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Always hot like a locomotive steam engine! Safely! Secretly! Nakedly! Feeling alive,daily!

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As female human beings.All night long climbed&shook.
My special delivery big surprise tree! Secret gardens deep
within their thighs! Woke up the sleeping naughty girl.
Goddesses within who began pounding it,nonstop!
Until we became a family of 3.Nakedly! A re-birth of
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If for 10 years sexy burning hot women of today? Could travel back in time to live in the past? How many battles and wars for real not video games? Would be fought lost or won? Just to feel,touch and have them in powerful Kings' beds? Within the walls of Castles with many maids,servants and slaves,too? Therefore,globally,why should hot sexy women of today? Truly,who understand their goddess powers of seduction? Not seek to financially benefit themselves? Spoiling&pampering themselves,like modern day,Queens within their own Castles,daily? With Queen size bank accounts with professional cleaning services? Doing their chores and housework like clockwork,weekly? Doing it&having it all? From earning their money by part-time or full-time employment? As nakedly safe Ten Great Lines webcam daddys' girls&Internet wives? Roy Fennell-09/27/2015-11:38p.m. Click each merchandise or product banner! Even underlined paragraphs of text language on this specific page! To know in less than 10 minutes of time! Exactly,how all the pages of our shared like in bedroom beds! Of your or mine physical Castle! Operates or works without walking out your door! Think of it as financial breakfast in bed for a Queen! Free service by the powers of love&Internet search engines! Some say history repeats itself,if true! Feel&believe you are financially overdue? For your big money share of Queen treatment as a woman? Hunger to reign and see your name in record book fame? As Queen Diva of the webcam entertainment Industry? Globally,is it a lie or fact? Truly,all of us are the true decendents of our ancestors? Of known or unknown respected family trees of life unseen mystery above ground? Underneath the roof of the heavenly,stars,sun,moon and skies natural mysteries? Ever seen the DVD Movie,by name of 300? If,I could go back in time,now? Guess where I would be? Following a respected King&Leader into battle! Even if I knew the ending of the story,why? As a man,I would be honored to follow a man like me! Into a battle to protect his respected Nation! Who believed action speaks louder than words like me! Who loved&believed in freedom,as much or even more than me! Without his team could he truly,have claimed Victory,alone?


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For the record under zero circumstances! Does Ten Great LInes recruit! For potential Models outside of Tengreatlines.com.For some of these reasons:
1.Such a service may require a respected business license,first! Ten Great Lines provides financial information/opportunities only!
2.Zero cash direct/indirect transaction.Of any kind due to the fact.Everything of Ten Great LInes.Involves the Internet.Electronic credit cards plastic money only.
3.Even if a person signed an agreed contract.To do webcam/phone sex work,first! Is no guarantee they will do so.
Ten Great Lines does not offer.Any type of finder's fee.If a person desires to become a recruiter.Like me without having a website.The 1st choice of the 13 camsite choices.Offers a talent agent opportunity! Which is an actual text link! Which can actually be posted round the net! How do I know it works? This respected webcam employer! Was the first of the Ten Great LInes Family! When Ten Great Lines began in mail-order! Respected potential customers knew the deal upfront! The price was included in the ad,first,why? Not to lure them to answer the ad! Based on emotions not the whole truth.Being the known cost being a mystery! Roy Fennell-08/06/2017-11:03a.m. 

Welcome Modern

Welcome,to the Ten Great Lines Models Network page,of Tengreatlines.com! Thank-you,for visiting and or contacting us,of Ten Great Lines! The powerful art,science and sexual magic of the seduction game! By nature,allows a woman who loves sex! Without being touched to become her own income magnet or bait! To tease,please and seductively lure men&women into her private webcam shows! Then influence them to free will adult play and pay! While they fantasize being in the same room or bed with her! The desire her power can become so great! Only she becomes the fantasy woman of their dreams day or night! Loyal&credit card sharing repeat respected clients! 40 loyal respected fans or webcam clients! Each spending $100.00 per week! Equals $16,000.00 per month! Always broke switch or submissive sex addicted women! Hungry for love&waiting for an adult submissive or switch job! Can become for the money hooked on the habit! Becoming free will slaves to love! 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For within your own individual respected Castles! Only each of you know the absolute true truth! If,you truly belong within a money for us,relationship,or not? For if not of your own free will power&choice? It becomes an illusion of a daydream/night dream with eyes wide-open! Without a long term financial future for either of us! This is an equal opportunity for any woman of the world! Who is not in a respected relationship,married or not!  When committed actions speak louder than words broke days end,period! Camming is a great opportunity of legit steady employment! Which could be financial protection to avoid fear of an eviction notice! Due to financial circumstances such as ended unemployment benefits! No warning&unexpected store closures,layoff notices,outsourcing,merger,in addition to no written guarantee of employment! Camming offers women the opportunity! To avoid a dire financial situation! To save herself,from moving in with someone who becomes abusive! To her mind,body,heart and bank account! When he or she pays all the rent,utilities,etc. Once she moves in she can become a trapped victim of sexual abuse! And domestic violence in a heartbeat! Just the beginning of her nightmare life,daily!See in writing,the purpose and intent of the Ten Great Lines Models Network,has 3 main objectives!

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1. Find,seek,and or discover women,of at least,between 18-21,yrs old,of which we believe,see,and or recognize,having"great potential",of becoming a Ten Great Lines Network"webcam model"! Fill out your online application today and return consent form,asap!
2. To Internet connect you! To the "hiring source",and or websites! Which provides the application form(s)! For you to submit  and return to the specific website(s) To recieve the opportunity to become a"Webcam Performer",or"Talent Recruiter"!
3. To help you,make all your financial dreams! Come true without strings! Worldwide exposure! Free publicity for your stage name! Lots of website benefits to help you seduce your clients! Keeping each of your live cam shows entertaining&fresh with a professional presentation! Keeping&making  your webcam show clients!Entertained,happy&eager,to see your next live show! Respected repeat webcam clients! Pay to be entertained by women of their dreams&fantasies! Not women who to them look like the women they see each day! A webcam show is a virtual adult entertainment escape! From their boredom within a specfic time frame!  Waiting for each of you near bottom of  this webpage! Are12 webcam model opportunities! It takes money to make money! Based on your own free will! And options to purchase or not! How you look,feel and present yourselves! To each of your clients matters in dollars&cents! Scan&do a visual text search of each page of our website!  Quickly,you will discover&find most everything you will need to seduce&wear to help you! Become the fantasy woman of women&men worldwide! Saving your valuable time and money! Without the need to walk out your Castle door! Treatment like a Queen&Goddess of seduction! And female webcam girl star, too! To spoil&pamper each of you! Using the power of the Internet! To our mutual financial benefit! Not each other like income lollipops! Like a legal wife not the other woman!  Remember,your bedroom is your set! Not like an adult film or photo shoot set! Having other peoples getting paid! To do your makeup,clothing,hairdresser,etc.!  Serious money making takes serious actions! Of commitment,attitude and professional mannerisms! Everything has a learning curve! If this is your first real job! You can learn the values! Of being a responsible person! No wake up call or director! No 10 or more scene takes to get one scene on film to appear live! After her free training as a webcam girl!  Each webcam girl will understand&discover! She is a more skilled&safer actress,why? Camming for us is live! Adult pay to play action! Naked she can use a full length mirror! To practice to perfection! Her come get this sweet honey! With your credit card money! Using her own style! Of come get this seduction persuasion way!  Nobody has to tell her what to do or when to do it! Nor is she at any health&unplanned pregnancy risk! If,birth control pills are not 100%? Who pays all her medical costs? Before&after labor? Is there a contracted pregnancy leave? Her legal razor sharp teeth respected twin female lawyers? Would love to see&read any contract agreements,first? Before swan diving into unknown waters,without knowing all risks,first? Free training webcam job employment opportunities! Did you learn to crawl,walk,run drive or dance? Roy Fennell-09/24/2015-2:43p.m. Have you visited the new cars website! Linked by Internet on this specific page? What do you see at the end? Of the rainbow of your life? Is it a retirement&healthHR benefits package? In addition,to a gold watch? In a gold frame with years of service in diamonds? My Internet wives&daddy's girls will not allow themselves! To need to eat can cat food! Instead of tuna fish at the end of the rainbow of their lives! Count on it! It is a sure bet! They are sex&money making machines! Naked or not! Barefoot or sexy expensive hi-heel shoes! At the end of the tunnel or rainbow of their lives! It will not be them with a ton! Of hope for the best in their bank accounts! Not on their watch as long! As they have heartbeats! What is a fact! Which can be felt and wide-eyed seen our love! Is real has life not a performance! TV or DVD movie of fantasy Island! Best of all zero violence with crying Mothers&babies! Not even Dracula could bring their daddies back!

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Ten Great Lines Models Network operates as a no upfront fee,Agent,with 12 of the best webcam networks in the world! Each webcam site offers a Talent Recruiter,share the profits opportunity! If your website meets their indvidual approval!Ten Great Lines Models Network introduces  you to the above peoples! By Internet,when you online signup! Fill out your employment application! At your favorite(s) respected webcam website choice(s)! You find or discover near the bottom of this specific webpage! Respectfully,suggestion create and have your own script! Or need to know 5-10 questions! Prepared to recieve direct answers! From the respected customer service rep of each respected cam site,first,why?1.Get&recieve the facts you can write down with times and dates! 2.When you create your questions to ask,you will know for a fact! Together as one,we come,first! Unseen,I'm behind your back,like we be legal man&wife! Based on the fact,when you signup! You become affiliated with Ten Great Lines as a no paper trail! Virtual employee of the business Ten Great Lines seeking employment! Same principle,if and when you signup! To become an affiliate of any adult or non adult affiliate program! Internet connected to the website address of Tengreatlines.com! Also,when it comes to yours or our money,yes or no? Did you see 2 legal related website links on the power page,of our shared website? When you signup to cam your assets for yourself,first,then us! Being alone in your life ends for you! When you become financially engaged&hitched by Internet! Unseen your life changes to happiness as a Ten Great Lines money making webcam girl&Internet wife! With a new direction towards a Luxury&Gangnam Lifestyle Future reality,daily! We are not authorized to hire anyone for them in no manner or form! They train,support,and protect your identity! The more relationships you create in your chatroom the more money you make privately! All your money is paid directly to you from each webcam site(s)! By law,I have no legal access to your password protected account!  Your money!Your business! Is no business of mine! We legally "got your back"! We want you to have fun! Make lots of money in a "safe for you" work environment!*** Roy Fennell***10/02/2015***3:25p.m. You can do it all&have it all without walking out your Castle door! How can you ever lose? When the cost or price of your Ten Great Lines Webcam Models training is free? And it becomes a fact not fantasy! You become based on their documetations! You are affiliated with Ten Great Lines! Becoming a Ten Great Lines Webcam Network Model! Same is true with any affiliate programs Internet connected to Ten Great Lines! Which means with your own business name website! And business cards no paperwork for you to do,like me!


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Individually,as women&Womanhood! Being a good girl.
If,nature able a respected Mom&Mother. Being a Naughty girl&Goddess of Seduction.Of adult pleasure sexual magic.
Individually,who do you see? Of horny girl lustful desire fire.
Secretly,within our Internet home. In charge and control.
Center of attention in the spotlight. Of recieving financial seeds of website knowledge. Naturally,not shamelessly
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Respectfully,my loves! Suggestion,use this specific webpage! To gather,understand,see and get the facts! Of what is in it for you,first,why? You will learn,understand and have knowledge of 4 critical facts! When you click on a merchandise/product banner! Or any underlined text linked paragraph on any website page! Of Ten Great Lines!
1.All 50 or more pages within our shared website Ten Great Lines! Operates or works the exact or indentical way!
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Stage Curtain from AnimateIt.net

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