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A Ten Great Lines Cybersite,Ten Great Lines!

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A Ten Great Lines Adventure! Ten Great Lines!
Andromeda Galaxy
Adventure,excitement,money,and travel! Tengreatlines.com!

When able to cut like a razor!

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Producing 3 wash loads of bed soaked sheets.
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We became the perfect 3-some in their beds.
When the naughty girls. Goddesses within the good
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Thinking about us and our lives and futures. Due to the
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They are different as day-time is to night-time.
Absolutely! No matter the time zone round our world.
Without any lies, games, false promises or strings.
Even for female survivors of all. Their past
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Sooner or later what goes around comes around.
Even the Elusive Butterfly of Love! Which has not
a human face. Nor can be seen or touched only felt.
The unseen character is the true face.
Of a woman or man round our world.

Flag Counter

Round our world seek not! To never ever be under.
The foot, thumb or income control, daily! Of any
man on our Planet Earth. To put food on their
kitchen tables, daily! Including lucky me who.
Had no desire to cage. Fence or corral them
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Every day thy hearts beat without questions.
Unseen queens of my physical castle. In respected
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daddy.Like nature magic helper. Of no small measure
delivery. Within thy own castle bedrooms. Sexual
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Milky way 3 inch depth of womanhood no man's land.
Like live tattoos fingernails clawed my naked back!
On purpose so we could become the proud parents.
Of our mutual desired baby steps game plan creation.
Untamable! Based on the unseen minds&hearts. Unstoppable!
Power of true love, itself! Which has not a human face.

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Like looking into a crystal ball, now! To see how the
desired direction. Of thy lives and futures. Can be
within our unique. One of a kind safe relationship
online marriage. Possible wet dreams come true.
Reality not fantasy when each of thee! As female
boss ladies are in the driver's! Seat control
not humble me. From the beginning towards thy own
individual. Respected retirement ages who I be.
My only role for each of thee. Of our own mutual
Internet karma fate destiny. Seeing is believing
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about us. Like nature magic to secret gardens.
Mate with thy own secret money. Making lover and
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world just for them. American&Overseas material
bank books girls. Soon to be the expecting only
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creation. With wide-open locked naked thighs!
Lava hot drippin' wet in my direction to stay.
Can take a look top-to-bottom. Of the Woman-2 page.
To discover and wide-eyed see! With their own eyes
upfront, first! Going in the direction one baby.
Step at a time towards financial freedom&liberty.
Going down the roads, by-ways and highways of
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Impossible! To be just another minds&hearts lie.
Uncaged! Born to be wild-n-free, daily! International
nature born female TGL-Models. By internet online
married, first! Our red book diary secret way.
Became online married daddy's gurls diva women. Of
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Castle bedrooms bank books teacher delivery.
Sexual souls deep within their secret gardens.
Queen's served like gold buried treasure.
International moms Internet brides&wives.
My fly girls first&only Ones, forever! Who got
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Their own just for them first&only one, forever!

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The desired direction of thy lives&futures.
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Born to be wild-n-free! Not a mystery never caged!
Uptown fly girls first&only Ones, forever! Not an
oops, accident or mistake. On purpose being the
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Super female pride with endless desire fire. To
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Opportunity to shine like diamonds. To make history
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Independent contractors female boss ladies. Who are
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Webcam/phone sex businesses to live. Enjoying
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Female players&adult entertainers of the seduction
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live heart beating no can touch it! Secret garden
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American&Overseas nature born female TGL-Models.
Round our world are online married material girls.
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Wolfpack of female TGL-Models Network, worldwide. With
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Unable to date others wild-n-free in a heart beat.
Round our world including super lucky, lucky me!
Just like me we desire financial freedom&liberty!
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When having thy own secret. Money making lover&online
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Secretly! In their dreams round our world. Many of
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A safe-n-naked relationship. With long-term for years
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Physical or financial! Sexual or verbal abuse possible!
Behind their own closed/locked castle doors,24/7!
When least expected they may of minds&hearts ,first!
Discover within the school of life. Sometimes dreams
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Your always friendly Captain of no small measure.
Super lucky me. Roy Fennell-05/14/2018-10:44a.m.
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Together as one no matter the distance of miles.
Of minds and hearts each of thee! Are just like
me. Believe and feel actions and motions. Towards
our dreams and goals in our lives. Speaks louder
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Online married secret wives and unseen queens.
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First&only Ones, forever! Absolutely! Can see themselves
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jungle. Like just got married! Honeymoon bedroom lovers!
Daddy&Mother love together as one doing it, nonstop!
Round the clock 365 days a year. Heads-to-toes depth
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same flames of lava hot! With rhythm bun in the oven.
Secret desire fire of our baby steps game plan creation.
Like nature magic delivery! All night long naked twice.
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Last names to the grave. Which can never be taken or
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hearts. With every heart beat safer than a bank vault!
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Faster than a fighter jet! Can fly high in the sky!
To return to respected Ceres, California U.S.A.!
Without a hint/whisper of guilt or shame! No regrets
no matter the castles. Round our world like cement.
Their eye candy favorite just for us. Expensive sexy
camming&phone sexing hard. Money making hi-heel shoes.
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International moms Internet brides&wives online married.
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Seeing is believing and feeling it, first! Not an oops,
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Relationships! Naughty girls! Secret wives! Secret
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Within our live Book of Love! Of our own mutual.
Internet karma fate destiny. To secret gardens mate.
On purpose not an oops, accident or mistake. Our
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Mothers of our baby steps game plan creation. With
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American&Overseas online married secret wives.
Daddy's gurls diva women amazing female sexual genies.
Happy Mother's and Valentine's day at once. Every day
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Goddesses of seduction new lives. Business women of
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When wanted, needed and hotly! Deeply! Desired most in
thy lives. Just in time without lies, games or strings.
To stomp like a roach! On the kitchen floor all!
Thy what if, stress! From respected what if, job loss.
Fears and what if, potential pink slips tears, daily!
Long lasting for years treatment like legal wives.
King Kong size delivery with love-n-respect, first!
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Unstoppable! AS IS naked online married wives.
Cammimg and phone sexing hard new lives. Is
a wet dreams coming true. Safely! Secretly!
Quickly! Secret gardens mated with their own kind.
Of do them like a wild animal sexual genie man.
Be their own secret money! Making lover&online
husband. Of no small measure. Taking a love tunnel
journey. With rhythm beyond G-spot pops. Sexual souls
deep if, they yes I do! Promise to never tell on us.
For lucky me of big surprise OMG tree! Delivery
they became my own complete package. Whole wedding
cake&icing, too! At once 3 circles/both hands tight!
Secretly! All night long naked twice sweet delights.
Yes, I do promised me! They would never tell it! On
Ten Great Lines Airlines. When flying to-n-from our
Internet address location home. Tengreatlines.com.
While locked on automatic pilot! In the cockpit
with lucky me. They being the only ones of delivery.
Reverse cowgirl joystick riders! Who learned the
benefits! Of using their favorite OMG size. Adult
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G-spot. Powerful OMG pop and pop eruptions excitations!
Not a secret or mystery about us and our kind of lust!
They got 747 Jumbo Jet! Picked up swept off their feet.
By Internet by their own friendly captain! Equal
treatment like legal wives. Side-by-side in the cockpit.
When down on the ground alone in their castles. Not
by text communications. Shamelessly! Instead telephone
lustful conversations! Without any hesitations so I can
hear! In my ear their loud moans and groans. Delivery
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Benefits of how to shout out! Count each and every single!
Big "O" physical orgasm sexual ecstasy. Delivered
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Like live wire heart pounding sex machine queens.
Within their own castle bedrooms for lucky me.
Made me feel like a king. International daddy
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Amazing female genies like nature magic!
Delivered for us our baby. Steps game plan
creation. Sexually! Like queen's demand and
command! Before I was allowed to leave their
beds. To faster than a fighter jet! Can fly
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Ceres, California U.S.A.! Not asked I was told
by phone! To not make the mistake! To be 1 minute
late! Delivery what belonged to them or else!

Safely! Round our world right before thy eyes! Like
looking into a crystal ball. Each of thee can see, now!
How and why in thy own futures. Sooner or later will
be able. To experience priceless peace of mind, daily!
1.When thy camming and phone sexing earned amounts.
Becomes equal/greater than the amounts. Of thy own
respected everyday jobs paychecks, first!
2.Reality not fantasy elimination. Without hesitation
of what if, stress! From jobs loss fears, daily!
3.Bank books facts reality not fantasy elimination.
Without hesitation of what if, unexpectedly!
Without warning pink slip tears, daily! For my soon
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Untamable! Born to be wild-n-free! Unstoppable!
Round our world material girls. What counts to them
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Delivery for their own happy hearts happiness, first!
Delivery for their own financial happiness benefits.
They can see for their own security futures possible.
To never be down on the ground. Under the foot, thumb
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New beginnings&man in their lives. With King Kong size.
Delivery of sexual souls deep love-n-respect, first!
Like nature magic beneath the secret garden umbrellas.
Of my 3 circles/both hands tight amazing sexual genies.
Without a hint/whisper of pain. Safely! To make their
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4.Financially! When having their own world-class assets.
Protection by the above for themselves, first! Is it a
lie! Or the undisputed bank books truth.
5.Zero what if, minds and hearts doubts. If the lucky
ones receiving the nature. Born fruits of their lucky
charms delights.
6.Would back up those powerful naked words delivery.
"I love you" with financial protection. From what if,
jobs loss fears, daily! From what if, potential. Bank
books shock pink slip tears, daily! Their respected
everyday jobs is their financial lives, daily!
7.A relationship is a 2-way street. All about having
each other's backs. For mutual survival daily!
8.Team player mutual benefits. To get ahead to stay in life.
With individual and mutual goals in their lives.
9.Without saying a single word. It does matter to many
women. Round our world with an overload. Of financial
obligations on paper. In their names alone, daily!
10. Like looking into a crystal ball. Each of thee can
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us. Not an illusion or mirage. How thy own soon to be
secret. Money making lover&online husband. Now and later
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thy own castles, daily! Delivery of those powerful naked
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secret gardens reasons between us. To slip away to pull
down. Taking-off thy expensive panties with lust for us.
Lucky me being thy own down below! Hot wet-n- juicy!
Secret reasons for all sudden body jerks at work! When
starting the engines in the parking lots retail or not.
Respected corporate, management, sales or front-end or not!
Thinking about thy own just us expensive favorite.
Camming and phone sexing hard sexy. Money making and
no can touch it! Booty shaking hi-heel shoes. Like
cement near or at the main. Entrance/exit of our
castle doors. On purpose round our world born ready!
Legal get paid twice money making naked! Role
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No! No! Never can ever lick it! Business women of
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Fantasy wet dreams makers of thy secret admirers.

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11.Safe-n-naked unhappy and lonely. Bored out of their
minds, daily! Secretly! Starving and hungry for look
at me! Safe attention with excitement! In their lives
online married. Daddy's gurls diva women as team
players. Unstoppable! With their just us favorite.
Sexy hi-heel shoes like cement. At the main entrance/
exit doors. Of their castles even at their respected
everyday jobs. Can be happy living to enjoy! The
excitations and experience, daily! With a sense of
purpose. Sooner or later like an after work habit!
Born ready to jailbreak! Going over the wall escape!
Their own limited income financial prison! Not an
illusion or mirage. Slowly! Based on the growing
bigger. In size of their bank books. As boss
ladies of their own webcam. Phone sex online live.
Working hours schedules being in the driver's seat.
Control of the desired direction. Of their own
respected lives and futures. Untamable! One baby step
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To become wild-n-free all night long naked twice!
Bucking and sexual souls deep bucked! By their own
secret money. Making lover&online husband. So we
could become the proud. Howing and growling parents!
Of our own just for us. Mutually desired like nature
magic! Bun in the oven with each of thee. Becoming
the only respected Mothers. Of our baby steps game
plan creation. Our red book diary special secret way.
On purpose like no other women on our Planet Earth.
Of our own mutual Internet karma fate destiny. I
knew best not to make the mistake! Of being 1 minute
late! I obeyed my amazing sexual genies. Queen's
commands and demands when for us. Would not be
taking any birth. Control pills at the most ripe-n-juicy!
Ready to receive special specific window. Of time
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To 3 circles/both hands tight complete package.
Come get his own soon to be unseen secret wives.
Queens of his own physical castle in respected
Ceres, California U.S.A.! To help them end their
financial. Struggles to make ends meet, alone!
No matter the nature born sizes of their breasts.
From their heads-to-toes and down below. As the
complete package in their beds. For lucky humble
me became the whole wedding cake&icing at once, too!
It became too late for prince charming&friends.
Ms/Mr.Right who made the mistake. Of not being in a
hurry! To provide and deliver respected engagement.
Wedding rings on their soft fingers, first!
By allowing them to remain for years. Standing and
waiting at the altars. Of their lives all, alone!

Not looking when least expected possible. Needed
most in their lives. In an economy of snap finger!
Quick! Respected what if, everyday jobs loss
fears, daily! What if, potential pink slip
tears, daily! Not their faults wet dreams
coming true. Secretly! Just in time for them.
Their kind of man sexual genie. Popped up
to stay in their lives. Not dip-n-go runaway!
As unhappy sick-n-tired of being broke, daily!
American&Overseas material girls. Would become
their own adult pleasure. Wide-eyed of no small
measure. Castle bedrooms bank book teacher.
Teaching them special lessons. With King Kong
size love-n-respect, first! Without strings
treatment like his own naked legal wives, daily!
Without saying a single word. If, they yes I
do! Promise to never tell it to the grave. Will
be their own secret garden. Reasons 1 hour before
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Shamelessly! To slip away on purpose. To pull
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Lustfully! Even when they be asleep. Being the secret
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sheets including all. Sudden body jerks at work, too!
To the depth of their sexual souls. Secretly! What
be between us is locked within their own minds.
Hearts protected being safer than a bank vault, daily!
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Between us,although non physical sex relationship!
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From the beginning each of you! Minds&hearts benefit being loved&respected like legal wives!

Lucky you! Absolute,no commute! No more indirectly risking your life&safety driving to&from work,without pay! Becoming a virtual employee benefits you,first,not me! Without walking out your door! Enjoy a sexual freedom paradise,daily! Get connected,financially engaged&hitched by Internet! Go to work naked having a part-time or full-time employment future! Begin your new life as a booty shaker,money maker Internet wife&daddys' material girl,today! End your financial struggle and hardships to make ends meet,alone! Do I mean it? Absolutely&Truly I do&care about your,family&friends,too! Roy Fennell{*_*}=01/07/2016=3:27p.m.How soon could you afford a new car? How soon could you afford professional maid cleaning service of your Castle? Weekly like clockwork for a Queen doing no more housework chores? This is only the beginning of what camming for us! Can do for Goddesses of seduction&team-player online wives! Of motions&actions to get it all deep within our money for us,relationship! For sexy&horny women who hunger like female wolves! For a Gangnam Lifestyle Future! Butterfly Love! Financial Freedom Power like they mean to have&seize it! Like legal naked wives,now! In secret,some seductive women dream&have the fantasy of a working girl life! Globally,safely and legally for them when camming heavenly and priceless assets for us! At the end of their regular jobs workshifts! Truly,they could have and enjoy the opportunity to get naked&paid! From their dream and fantasy come true reality! In addition to stomping boredom,routine and non excitement in their lives! Like a roach on the floor! Bosses of their own part-time/full-time webcam girl schedule! Future bosses of their own business Diva Woman Empire website,too! A great financial and happiness future beyond bumper to bumper! 5,10,20,30 or 40 more years of dangerous unpaid to commute traffic and risks,daily! Knowing for a fact their backs in the future is secure and protected! By the size of their bank book balance,not a hope chest of dreams,alone! Without a respected retirement&HR benefits package! At the end of the rainbow a financial thank-you! And reward for labor and free will unpaid commute traffic risks! Risking lives to drive from work back home! Then risking lives to drive from home to work! Labor and free will help serve customers! No matter be natures' weather! Increase profits and shareholder value! Teamwork helping compete with potential unseen competitors worldwide! Before and after work for some respected parents Moms&Dads! Unpaid commuting traffic risks when taking precious children to/from schools! Globally,for some who may become Nationwide and Worldwide! And United Nations shining Star Leaders!


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animated sex position photo:  ValRosesFrule.gif

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Based on their own free will minds&hearts power! Will discover like me we cannot runaway or escape! Our unseen together as one Internet fate! They were born to be/become Ten Great Lines adventure women! International online married team player wives! Who love to get paid naked camming/phone sexing on purpose! Absolutely,their heavenly assets to spoil and pamper themselves,deliriously! To reward themselves for their hard work/labor,daily! Of bed soaked sheets from weak in the knees! From multiple powerful physical orgasm enjoyment! With expensive merchandise being shipped to their respected addresses/Castle doors! Never hearing the word NO,from their online husband! Roy Fennell-06/05/2016-12:29p.m. 

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Hello,my future overseas Internet brides&wives!
Airplane Taking Off
For us,my forever loves! New beginnings&man in your lives! See relationships&TGL-Models pages,today!

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Working thy own individual
seduction power magic!
As legal get paid naked
for us.Goddesses of seduction!
Role playing business women
of fantasy.Online married money
making secret Wives&Queens.
International moms Internet brides.
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Steps game plan has King.Kong size love.
Respect for each of thee.As nature born women,worldwide!
Roy Fennell-08/12/2017-7:57p.m.I promise not a whisper.
Hint of pain all night.Long when I rock thy secret.
Garden boats hold on tight! Not float off thy castle beds.

Hello,my future overseas Internet brides&wives!
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Welcome to our Internet home! Virtual employment! Webcam/phone sex opportunities!(TGL-Models) page1!

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Ever dream it could be possible not impossible? Safely,you could bail out naked in flight? To get connected&online married to your own do you? Naked with rhythm nonstop 24/7? Money Right American man? 3 circles deeply,within our money for us relationship online marriage? Without walking out your Castle doors? To be running wild and free? Unseen with the female wolfpack family? Absolutely,of Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide? Online married team player wives? Legally,who love to get paid? Making their money to bed soak their sheets? Taking-off towards a do as they please life,daily? Love to come fly with me? And be my co-pilot wearing only your favorite? Expensive sexy hi-heel shoes? Roy Fennell-06/13/2016-6:55p.m.

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Illustration: Be my valentine

Every day your hearts beat! Becomes our joyful Valentines' day celebration in life! Not allowing distance of miles! Absolutely,to prevent/stop us from being like bedroom money making lovers! In celebration of our financial honeymoon! Unseen coming together as one! For thy eyes,minds and hearts happiness proof! For us,please,see you&me***I do website page! Roy Fennell-06/13/2016-6:02p.m. Truly,let what you discover become your minds&hearts! True love self motivation pull them down! Take them off reasons for go girl! Unstoppable like a runaway freight train! Webcam/phone sex motions and actions for us! Like get paid naked legal wives! Absolutely/safely without walking out your Castle doors! 06/13/2016-6:24p.m. From the beginning to allow distance of miles! To claim victory the every day! Financial struggle survival battle is already lost! Roy Fennell-06/13/2016-6:37p.m.

Once online married,first! Tightly,wrap/lock your legs around webcam/phone sex employment opportunities! For us,to legally work it! To eliminate/make your limp bank account! Slowly,rise in size towards a financial erection! Absolutely,from get it go girl unstoppable actions and motions! Truly,creating an unseen ocean/sea of get paid bed soaked sheets! Flowing into your deep bank book wells! To enjoy a financially swollen and plump! Wall-to-wall skintight savings,checking and credit card! Bank balance account hard as rock the way! Horny sexy women worldwide love it,deeply! Roy Fennell-06/04/2016-8:36p.m. Always,loyal,faithful,longlasting and up on demand!

The circle of life.What goes around comes around
Red Rose, Spinning
Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Time to minds&hearts love,again!

My International loves between us! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Let it be so website documented written from my mind&heart! Like a true love letter to each of your minds&hearts! Every day each of your hearts beat! Is our valentines' day celebration of never die love! Impossible for me to corral/limit to one day a year! Absolutely,wide-eyed see the minds&hearts joyful truth! On the you&me***I do page for us! Without walking out your Castle doors! Ever dream it could be free will possible! To get connected&online married naked? Except for wearing your favorite expensive sexy hi-heel shoes? Always,being paid,first,when taking care of business for us? As legal get paid money makers/booty shakers? Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide? Truly,online married team player Internet brides&wives? With wild,free and horny girl futures? To go girl seek to reign on top? Of the respected webcam/phone sex Industry? As naked Queens&Goddesses of seduction? Who Individually be squeezing every single drop? Of endless credit card money like a lemon? Between thy naked for us powerful thighs? Your online husband,now&later! Roy Fennell-06/05/2016-12:32p.m.

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Illustration: The Engagement

As being like money making bedroom lovers! Between us it matters not our respected native tongue language! All that minds&hearts matters! We be together as one! Doing each other nonstop round the clock! Based on the universal language of love! In heat on fire desire between a man and a woman! Unstoppable no matter the distance! Of miles nor depth of the oceans/seas! Not even the heights of the mountains between them! For true love has no boundaries,walls,corrals,fences or borders! Roy Fennell-06/05/2016-2:33p.m. Safely,right before your eyes! Each of you can wide-eyed see! What virtual camming/phone sex can do! For your lives,happiness,futures and bank accounts,too! Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Even respected families and friends can benefit,too! On purpose without strings your unseen online husband! Loves and respects each of you! Seen/unseen naked or not like legal wives,period! For not even I as site webmaster can runaway nor escape! My free will chosen by Internet fate! Being lucky having multiple horny sexy online wives worldwide! With each of their happy hearts happiness coming,first! Not mine and as a man and human being! More than a number in a computer chip! Absolutely,i am pleased and honored to serve them like Queens! Being their horny girl reasons for unexpected heavenly pleasure muffin! Body jerks even at work when like secret sexual voyeurs! They can watch themselves being naked! Being served financial seeds of knowledge! From their online husband who provides camming/phone sex! Virtual employment opportunities for their minds&hearts,first! Truly,to believe and feel they are wanted,needed and desired every day! Absolutely,as online married,first,team player wives for years! Not treatment as women being dip-n-go sex objects! Then abandoned without a long term marriage future! Not being the complete package from jumpstreet! Ever wonder like me how many women? Gave their best from the beginning of past relationships? Only to discover the truth later? The same persons legally married other women not them,worldwide? Even today in silent secret how many still feel the neverending minds&hearts pain? Still cry themselves to sleep on tears soaked pillows?

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To end their financial struggles to make ends meet,alone! To begin going in the direction! Of rich/wealthy money making businesswomen bosses futures! Worldwide for the money horny sexy women! Good,bad,naughty,material and daddies girls! Need to get connected financially engaged! Secretly,Internet hitched to their own money making lover! Like magic beginning new lives! As for the money camming/phone sexing for years! Internet brides&wives with minds&hearts,first! Benefits,knowing true love facts banging bodies or not! Each is wanted,needed and bun in the oven! Desired as nature born women! 24/7 365 days a year each day! Their hearts beat excitedly pound above ground! Roy Fennell-07/03/2016-9:06a.m.I believe,feel and say their heavenly assets! Are the priceless goods and within our money! For us relationship online marriage! Have the free will/free professionally trained opportunity! To become our get paid naked! Shining STARS as Goddesses of seduction! Without walking out of their Castle doors! Right before your eyes naked within our Internet home! Who do you see except yourselves! Unidentified,by first,last or stage names! Without guilt or shame 3 circles cybersex! Doing your do you Money Right man! Online husband and secret money making lover! Absolutely,with a legal $1,000,000.00 financial game plan! Opportunity without strings for each of you! Which can be discovered and seen within the website! Pages between Woman-1 and Woman-4!

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Without walking out your Castle doors,worldwide! Zero respected expensive marriage bureau sky high costs! Why,wait on a long list? To become a mail-order bride? Separated from respected family and friends? To be in a strange land? Under the same roof with someone? In control of your financial life,daily? If,unhappy trapped within a relationship? As a legal wife without a source of income? To escape a potential minds&hearts? Physical/emotional abuse/pain situation,alone? With risks of becoming an unwilling adult pleasure sex slave? And unpaid housekeeper/housemaid? Female servant without free will freedom? Within our money for us relationship online marriage! Safely,without walking out your Castle door! Free professional webcam/phone sex training opportunities! No upfront fee&see everything of our online shared website,free! Become financially enabled without leaving your respected Country! To help each of your respected family and friends,too! Safely,enjoying dual benefits of sexual freedom/online shopping naked paradise! As money making business women! Internet married,first,Ten Great Lines adventure women,worldwide! International online married team player wives without physical sex contact,period! Roy Fennell-06/04/2016-7:42p.m.Cowgirl up and jump naked to get connected! Safely,online married to your own show you all the money,first! Upfront,American man,Daddy! Individually,as a horny sexy woman,daily! Who do you see except yourself! Wide-open to stay to recieve financial! Seeds skintight loads of bank book knowledge! Towards a King Kong size! Bank account financial erection! Surprise if you can take it,slowly&deeply! Without pain only monetary gain! Absolutely,from your belong to you online husband,24/7! Going in the direction! Of horny sexy rich/wealthy women futures! Quickly,for us bookmark our website! To come back and horny girl get it all! Deeply,the way you love it,nonstop! See more on Woman-3&Models-6 pages!

I confess! I have King Kong size.
Love and respect for nature born
women.Looking to get cooking
within our safe,24/7! Money for us
relationship online marriage.
Never tell it to our graves.
All night long at the most ripe
time.Each of thee were too busy
doing me.To answer knocks on
thy castle doors.Too busy working
me.To answer phone calls except
emergencies.I was in a naked hurry.
From respected Ceres,california.
To answer thy secret gardens mating
call! To down below put out the roaring fire!

Except for your minds&hearts? Online husband now and later? Is there another man on our Planet Earth? Without physical contact/strings,first? Got your naked backs like respected legal wives,first? Banging bodies or not! In regards to your financial unhappiness struggle/survival,daily? Financial happiness/security and happy hearts future? Absolutely,waiting for each of you to wide-eyed see,free,now? All benefits within our money for us relationship online marriage? Truly,with powerful all natural horny sexy woman/man? Hot bun in thy oven desire for each of 24/7? 365 days a year without walking out your Castle doors? For their happy hearts happiness,first! Good,bad,naughty,material and daddies girls! Round the world who are for the money women,too! Require their own free will belongs to them! Online husband who questions not! Their reasons of excitable shopaholic online shop fever! No matter the price tag of merchandise! Due to the fact they be the ones! Camming/phone sexing their heavenly assets,not me,period! Your online husband now and later! Roy Fennell-06/03/2016-10:03a.m. Between us treatment like full grown horny sexy women,daily! On purpose/free will pull them! Take them off for only us! To make/create a better life for yourselves,first,not me! Be you submissive,dominate or switch women! Not respected little girls not of legal age! To make adult female free will decisions/choices! Even your respected governments can benefit! When by your actions and motions bring tax based revenue! Absolutely,and more spending within their respected economies,too! Without violence or change to their respected beliefs or cultures! See the truth with your own eyes on the (travel) page!

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Hello,my global family! Wow,is that ganga I smell coming from the respected Country of France? Must be a Rasta' party with flowing dreadlocks! Love to hear&enjoy respected Bob Marley&friends? Click-here!(*_*)Roy Fennell_10/28/2014-8:03p.m. Rasta vibrations to all of you!Reggae the French way!

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Are you a woman? Are you a man? One night a year of fright make you unhappy? Have warrior spirits which know not surrender? Looking for a battle? Welcome&enjoy the risks and live or die excitement? Fighting unearthly creatures fiercely without mercy? From the depth of darkest imaginations? Let the games of heroes and adventure begin,now! Click-here!{*_*}06/27/2015(*_*)12:17p.m.


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Chinese proverb:Benefit by doing things that others give up on.

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Chinese proverb:Believe in yourself and others will too.

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